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Sony Playstation 4 Slim 500GB PS4 Console + Red Dead Redemption 2 - £194.65 - New & Free Delivery @ AO ebay store - using PLAY15 code.
Found 11 h, 27 m agoFound 11 h, 27 m ago
I think this is a good deal. They've taken an extra 10 off it. Now under £200! Also PS4 Console and Fifa bundle is £203.15

Does anyone know what AO ship in packaging wise? Is it just a label put on the PS4 box or is their an outer box?


Was waiting for this, thanks (y)


Any deals on the pro? The 100£ difference seems a little steep

PS4 Pro - Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle - £50 off with Ebay Code (PLAY15) at Ebay/Shopto £297.49
Found 12 h, 55 m agoFound 12 h, 55 m ago
Brand new PS4 Pro with RDR2 with today's Ebay code (PLAY15) brings the cost down to £299.99 with ShopTo. Also selling from Currys for £299 with the PLAY15 code: https://www.eba… Read more

It was confirmed the PS4 pro red dead bundle always includes the quieter version of the console. "Sony has discretely launched its quietest PlayStation 4 Pro yet with the CUH-7200 that is only available as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2bundle (CUH-7216B). The CUH-7200 brings a revised power supply and better acoustics with almost no cooling system whine or fan noise during gaming"


How do we know this is the new quieter model ?


Thanks purchased! Been on the look out for a PS4 Pro Red Dead Redemption bundle for a while


Yes it is


Is this the new quiet ps4 does anyone know? Thinking of ordering but want to make sure I get the right/best one :/

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 PREOWNED - £20.39 Boomerang Rentals EBAY with Code
Found 15 h, 41 m agoFound 15 h, 41 m ago
Cheapest price for a preowned copy as far as I'm aware. Seems like a good deal for anyone looking to buy something they don't need. Appreciate some people didn't get on with the ga… Read more



Sold out.


PLAY15 isn't working at the checkout for me either




Heaaaaat. Cheers OP

500GB Playstation 4 with Red Dead Redemption 2 + Marvel's Spider-Man + The Last of Us + Ni No Kuni 2 and NOW TV - £259.99 @ GAME
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Seems like a good price for the bundle. Shame its only for 500gb.

Deal changed and out of stock


Great deal, but I think it's gone away already... or, at least, changed. @D_LT maybe update the details? Even without Spider-Man it's a good bundle at a keen price...


No Spiderman now ?? Added to basket no Spiderman game there ?


I'll have to check it out.


No. Amazon "like new" with 20% discount. It was also supposed to come with a game which it didnt, so they gave me like another £40 credit on top. Came to around £200 altogether. The console was spotless and seemingly brand new, apart from the game missing. I'm assuming someone bought it, took the game out, then "returned" it for a refund and the Amazon staff didnt check. Or maybe they forgot to repackage it. Who knows. Had it for 1-1.5 years now, still working fine. Gotten some right bargains from Amazon warehouse when they do a 20% discount offer. Last time I got a XG3240C 32" Curved Gaming Monitor for £270 'like new'. It still had the plastic on. These go for £500 brand new.

Red Dead Redemption 2 £35.99 @ Amazon
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
From the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption The deepest and most complex world Rockstar Games has ever created Covers a huge range of 19th century American la… Read more
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Where is this available cheaper, new?


CEX has for £25. Ok, 2nd hand, but at the rate people are trading it in, might be better not to overspend


Posted here


They have Buy Used on the same link at £31.99 beyond me why anyone would pay £36. My local FB groups are around £20 ????


Steelbook version for £1 more -

Amazon Exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2 with Collectible Steelbook Xbox One / PS4 £36.99 @ Amazon
Refreshed 18th MarRefreshed 18th Mar
Amazon Exclusive - includes collectible steelbook America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not sur… Read more

Doh...was going to use the extra fiver off Amazon to get this today...but expired now


In January I did a bit of work for Hermes, did a week, got under paid, made to switch rounds to areas I hadn't done before almost every shift, wasn't given a handset to scan the parcels so hand to hand write them on a couple of scraps of paper, was made to wait up to an hour every morning whilst the special van couriers filled their vans and then got told off because I had to use some floor space to arrange 60 parcels into any type of a route (typing in postcodes on my phone and trying to figure out which order I should do them in) and now over two months later I still haven't heard back from them for the extra rounds I did and payments I was promised. This is the type of service Amazon Logistics uses. I made myself work a week there but after being underpaid and earning less than £4 an hour before I look at the 50 miles of petrol I used up I don't know how anyone can stomach working for such cowboys. I understand why they treat parcels like wank rags.


Was my Christmas present from my wife. Spent about 10-15 hours on it. Used PSN credit on AC Odyssey at New Year and put 80 hours into it since. Enough said really.


Fully agree. Bought it for £25 pre-owned after all the hype, infact its the reason I bought a PS4 over Xmas (1tb slim - £100, Facebook marketplace) and RDR2 was a huge disappointment for me. Lent it to my neighbour. Don’t care if he doesn’t give it back. My work colleagues rave about it but it’s just too big of a game to even get into for me. It looks great when played but got boring quickly.


I once received a spray mop worth £9.99 instead of an Xbox one S... They don't even remotely weigh the same (lol)

Red Dead Redemption 2 XBox One £23.60 / PS4 £25.18 delivered (used) @ Music magpie ebay
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)

I received my copy today and it doesn't have the 2nd disc. Stuck and can't play.


Now they just need to stop sabotaging the online to make players pay for gold bars


There was a token bonus horse DLC but nothing else. Can't say it made any difference in my experience. You get the full game on disc.


It's a great game but by the point they are coming back from "that place" on the ship and Dutch started speaking, I said to myself if he says that phrase one more time I'm going to start skipping any cutscenes that he is in.... The gameplay was fantastic, all the systems were amazing and obviously, the world they crafted was incredibly well realised but the story really lacked effective pacing, it had some really good "set piece" moments but it felt pretty padded out IMO


That’s a good plan for everyone (lol)


has anyone got there money back yet'm


Us cheap'os got it hard, eh? ;)


Me too, bought one from music magpie turned out to be a dog, the scam from this eBay seller , finally got one from Argos eBay outlet


Once I get my money back it'll be the third XB1X i'll be buying in 2 months xD


Nice one, mate. Making the claim now.

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Wild Guns Reloaded for PS4. Super Nintendo remaster! Wild West Steampunk - £4.99 @ PSN
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Wild Guns is a 1994 space western shooting gallery video game developed by Natsume for the Super Nintendo. An enhanced remaster titled Wild Guns Reloaded was released in 2016 for P… Read more

the same that alerted the Nintendo Switch keyword


Great game but not for the 'casuals'. Still, get a friend and it's an even better co-op. Highly recommended at this price.


This or Blood Bros? Very similar games.


got this on the Switch and is a fun little game.


It's worth checking out at this price it's a very difficult game but fun. I love the dog Bullet the Dachshund with a Drone.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 XBOX ONE - PRE OWNED - £20.00 + £2.00 Delivery @ Cash Converters
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 XBOX ONE £20.00 + £2.00 Delivery @ Cash Converters. * DISC IN GOOD CONDITION Few others at this Price as well across the site, just search through. Seems… Read more
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This took me awhile to get into it and for awhile I kept thinking the original RDR was better. However as I played more I got more and more into it and by the end I thought it's probably the best game in the world. A worthy 10 out of 10 rating. Each to their own of course.


This is so spot on. Visuals are stunning like assassins creed origins.


That's a mixed review lol


I havent played it but my brother bought it just as it came out, was excited to play it, but i asked him last week if i should pick it up(noticed the price was falling) and he told me to pass on it. He says its pretty boring once you get past the stunning visuals. Its plays exactly like gta missions(linear and cinematic but no real challenge and has no problem solving just follow the map etc ) and the story is decent but it feels pretty empty apart from a few amazing moments.


Online is a fail. Dlc no thanks. Sold

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) Console with Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle- Used: Very Good (Amazon Warehouse) - £324.57
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Condition and notes: Used - Very Good Small cosmetic imperfection on top, front or sides of item. Missing manual. Digital code content may be missing. Item will come in original pa… Read more
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I've got no problem with this deal going cold. Thanks for all the information and alternative deals :)

sup_aa Best bundles available, brand new, and includes the newest version of ps4 pro which runs quieter Also has rdr2 bundle plus 2 more games and now tv. Brand new for 359 (y)


At least it is the new, quieter model. Managed to get one on ebay a few week ago for £240 and they are much quieter.


no but still a good price for a new ps4 pro


Is the FIFA 18 bundle the latest model of the Pro?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre Owned (PS4) £19.99 @ Cash Converters
Refreshed 8th MarRefreshed 8th MarLocalLocal
Spotted Red Dead Redemption 2 in my local cash converters for £19.99 not sure if nationwide :/ From the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption The deepest… Read more
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I loved the immersion and pacing of the game. I was almost disappointed when it finally.came to a close. I guess it's a different strokes for different blokes type thing, but the sheer volume if things to do and the different ways you could do them really appealed to my sensibilities as a gamer. Plus the story and characters were consistently engaging to the point where I was genuinely invested in their arcs, which is more than I can say for most games.


As someone who loves games but gets easily overwhelmed by constant action and fast paced combat, I’m quite enjoying how leisurely this game is. I generally play turn based games and RPGs of one sort or another so it seems pretty well paced to me. Once you’ve played some jRPG where the first five hours are effectively the tutorial/intro, this one doesn’t seem that slow :D


Didn’t play RDR1 but personally found it to be one of the best if not the best single player games I’ve ever played. So much to do and the story is amazing. Just my opinion but not surprised this deal has been rated so high


It does, cause there's too much running around and obstacles which throw you off your horse so easily. I prefer Spiderman tbh. Constant action, albeit a bit repetitive. EDIT: If you're someone who loses patience/focus easily (like me) then you'll probably play RDR2 for a while then leave it incomplete.


Gonna wait for £4.99 on this one. I've not heard good things, but still wanna give it a go.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One/ PS4 Pre-Owned @ CEX £25 in-store or £26.50 delivered
Refreshed 3rd MarRefreshed 3rd Mar
Bargain price for imo one of the greatest games ever made (y) Lots of stock at nearly every branch, but I'd say hurry as they love bumping the price up when they see it on HUKD (s… Read more
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I enjoyed the story (and completed it) but I then tried playing online and didn't enjoy the online experience at all. I haven't played the game since. Unless Rockstar alter the online mode then if/when i play again it'll probably be a case of replaying the story rather than playing online. I played GTA online for years, so I really don't know why Rockstar got it so wrong this time. & the comments on the controls are right... simple things like picking up items becomes farcical at times. Credit where it's due though, they clearly put a lot of time into making the game, it just needs some quality updates to iron out the issues with the game.


- Awful controls that are slow, laborious and feel rigid - Terrible aiming system that rewards unlock and lock on meaning you just spam ADS. It punishes actual aiming because of the sway, so combat is simply "aim in the general area, press ADS, press shoot, repeat". Genuinely awful. - Every interaction takes a ridiculous amount of time and, whilst realistic, not appropriate for a game. Looting, skinning, taking guns off the horse, cleaning the gun, setting up camp...all of it is painfully slow. And no, saying "it's realistic" is not justification for this. You can't just say "but realism" when it suits when you play the game accepting it is incredibly UNREALISTIC in many ways i.e. you can tank several bullets to the face then eat a piece of turkey to be able to tank more bullets to the face. Realism is no justification for anything in a game like this. Many interactions and animations are absolutely unnecessary. - Terrible bounty system. You are eternally punished for simple crimes and the only way to stop it is to spend money on a bounty. You can't EARN your freedom, you have to GRIND for it. - Missions are incredibly repetitive. Go to a location, follow the on screen instructions, go back to the person who gave you the mission. Repeat for 60 hours. - The epilogue is dire. 6 hours of putting up fences, rounding up cattle and mashing buttons to build a house with a few combat missions. This is not fun. - I'm going to put it out there; the story isn't THAT great and for me is many, many hours of Dutch literally coming up with hair brained ideas with no explanation, simply parroting "You gotta have faith!". Then the story comes to a head when Dutch decides Arthur is questioning him a bit TOO much. I wasn't that invested. - And finally, to counter your point, saying there is no fast travel is a PERFECTLY valid criticism. Do you like travelling for 5 minutes doing nothing on a horse? Fine. But can you honestly not understand why people don't like literally commuting to their mission before they have fun? You REALLY can't see why that is something people don't enjoy? It was OK at first but once you're 20 hours into the game you start to realise you are literally spending HOURS riding around doing nothing. It's an absolute chore.


Voice acting, presentation, graphics...yes, all very nice, but these are the kind of details I expect in a film. A game has to be fun to PLAY. RDR2 was not fun to play for me.


Had £14 cex voucher waiting to spend. Thank you!



Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/Xbox One) £24.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) £24.99 Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One) £24.99 10 available. May help some... America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen … Read more

The difference is that the disk and manual / map etc have been handled by a large number of people, even though it's been cleaned and tested you just don't know where it's been and all the different PS4 machines it's been run in. Don't see it a problem if you cannot afford to buy new but for a saving of a few quid buying new is the safer / cleaner choice.


Once you open it what’s really the difference?


No need to apologise, it was all my fault - I have added anger management courses to my keyword alerts! I’m looking for an Xbox One so deals like this will always appear until the functionality of adding subtract searches in the keywords is added (and I can’t imagine it ever will). Keep up the good work, it’s a good price for the game.


I also apologise if this deal has caused any inconvenience for you. I’d try to put red dead in description from now on so you’d get less alerts on it. Apologise if I gone berserk yesterday. :D


Deleted my previous comments as my frustrations are with the limitations of the keyword alerts feature and not this or previous deals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) £25.99 / (Xbox One) £27.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Refreshed 1st MarRefreshed 1st Mar
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) £25.99 Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One) £27.99 FIFA 19 (Xbox One) £23.99 Darksiders III (PS4) £19.99 WWE 2K19 (PS4) £14.99 Mon… Read more

Looks like I eBay'd my copy at just the right time if it's plummeting in price like this. Each to their own but I found it very dull.


I'm still enjoying it and love wondering aimlessly around. More chilled out than Call of Duty! Great price




Anyone else sick of this frequent post in which theres never stock left?


Strauss: "It's a miracle you don't fall over more."

500GB PS4 Console + Red Dead Redemption 2 (or Fifa 19), The Last of Us, The Division, South Park + 2 MONTHS NOW TV £259.99 @ GAME
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Main contents: 500GB PS Console, Blu-ray Disc copy of Red Dead Redemption 2, one DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, HDMI cable, USB cable, Mono headset, AC power cord, in-game conten… Read more

When you add up the cost of those games it makes it quite an expensive console.


Came here to say what others have, the games are low value apart from RDR2. It's an OK deal right now because nothing else is out there, not cold but not hot for me either.


because it's the vanilla PS4 and no one cares. it's all about PS4 Pro at this point which comes with 1TB standard. so PS5 will come with 1TB at least.


Why on earth are new 500gb consoles even bundled, your pretty much guarantee d to need an external 1tb within few months if not a week. I'm 99% sure the ps5 will launch with a 500gb at this rate..


There just aren’t any good deals around at the moment, it seems

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) (VGC) @ Music Magpie Ebay Store £25.18
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Used - very good condition. Price inc free delivery. I've used Music Magpie loads and always had a good experience with them. Currently 5 in stock at the time of posting - be qui… Read more

They went quick....I'll expire it now.


OOS despite what music magpie's hilarious placeholder image says.




Music Magpie's pricing is very frustrating. It changes several times a day on their website quite often. They must have some sort of algorythem going on with supply and demand.


Purchased this last week from MM (via eBay) for £24.51 (duck knows why there prices keep changing so often) have to say despite numerous fingerprints on disc one (easly sorted) and a little shelf wear to the case everything else was minty fresh, even came with an unused download code. MM

Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 500GB + Red Dead Redemption 2 £249 @ Currys
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Only the 500GB model. 1% Topcashback, and many (like me) might get Currys vouchers at a further discount through employer schemes.
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The fact that this is still £250 is ridiculous considering the price of the XB1.


Any deals on winter coats could be bought including in this deal ?


A deal based on the "possibility" you might be able to buy vouchers with a discount? Nope, far too specific, cold one I'm afraid.


Very discount specific and not even correct item. This needs removing


The Pro has a Vampire HDD. This doesn't. Are you sure it is a Pro?

RED DEAD REDEMPTION II 2 - PS4 game - BRAND NEW & SEALED - £33.95 @ mhagames/ebay
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
A brand new sealed version of the game from a reputable seller, beats prices from currys, shopto, argos, Amazon

Maybe because it’s now £38.95 XD


Unless I’m mistaken, this is the best price we’ve seen for a new version of the game. WHY WOULD YOU VOTE COLD?


Good to see fair minded comments, well done guys


i get that, but this is a brand new sealed item, the one on boomerang is used, and major retailers selling for much higher price such as currys £39.99, Amazon £39, GAME £39.99, Shopto £39.85


did not actually vote either way, just stating that this was only £26 @ boomerang yesterday, will be £25 soon, just stating that doing a deal for £34 a day after is not a deal sadly

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