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Posted 19 January 2023

Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner / Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner - 2 shots - 250ml - £2.50 each @ Tesco

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Product Description
  • Redex Diesel Syst Cleaner 250Ml

  • Redex Diesel System Cleaner is a fuel additive specially developed to reduce emissions and restore performance in your fuel system. It removes deposits that build up on fuel injectors, and can be used safely in all diesel cars including hybrid.

  • Redex is a leading developer of fuel additives and car fluids, trusted by drivers for decades.

  • Cleans fuel system to restore performance and reduce emissions
  • Improves the life of your engine
  • Suitable for all diesel engines including hybrid

  • Pack size: 250ML

Preparation and Usage
  • 2.5ml Redex per litre of fuel
Tesco More details at Tesco

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    I’ve read it’s not worth it.
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    Thanks Saj
    You are welcome.
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    Doesn't Redex use ethanol to do its cleaning and boosting octane. If so isn't E10 with its 10% ethanol going to give the same results? Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in. (edited)
    It has ethanol to bind with water to stop it from freezing in ur tank , but it uses a nitrogen based cleaner to clean up carbon deposits inside Ur engine. You use it every 3-5000 miles, it's not necessary for Ur engine but it can definitely help look after it
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    Costco have this on offer from next week. 4x500ml for ~£13
    Any idea when this will be?
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    Thanks Sajid, heat. I generally use cheap (Asda) petrol, so use this. I guess if you use the expensive suppliers they have put it in already.

    P.S. wrong picture; but no worries! (edited)
    Thank you
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    it makes a big difference on my car. gives it approximately an extra 20% more range
    Which car and which fuel?
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    This is one of the best for diesel cars (they also do one for petrol).

    Use code: fordclub
    On checkout for 20% off (edited)
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    Snakeoil Alert!

    It's a trillion dollar industry, if this stuff worked, there would be plenty of high quality reproducible evidence and the main manufacturers would be all over it.

    You are buying magic beans, or at best, a placebo.
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    This is great on pasta.