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Posted 13 June 2023

Regal Original Cake Rusks 18 Pieces - £1.99 @ Tesco

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Good price currently for these these Regal Cake Rusks in a pack of 18.

Offer will be available Instore & Online.

Regal Cake Rusk is a delicious double baked cake bar with a delectable crunchy and crisp taste, Traditionally eaten dipped in tea, coffee or milk.

Can be a perfect start to the day as a quick breakfast, a speciality for teatime or for entertaining guests at any time.

  • Double baked delight
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Halal

Allergy Information
May contain traces of Nuts and Soya

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.(For Best Before See Wrapper)

Useful Links & Info

Tesco More details at

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  1. samwants2save's avatar
    For all those hankering after KCB cake rusks (yes, definitely the tastiest and most 'solid' with the right crunch factor and ability to hold itself up once take for an elongated dip in a cup'tea)

    They've now rebranded as HUMI'S.

    Thank me later.... (edited)
    khang365's avatar
    have you tried them?
    taste the same?
  2. mwa's avatar
    Tried the Humi's and yes they are a lot better than these regal ones but still not a patch on the KCB originals. Those used to literally turn into a lovely sponge texture after a prolongued excursion in my tea they had a very long immersion tolerance but still had to be careful not to overdo it or they ended up melting in your tea instead of your mouth as you intended. The Humis seem to be a midway compromise between the terrible Regal ones and the KCB ones.

    Or is it the case that with inflation recipes have been cheapened across the board so we will never be able to get a similar product again. (edited)
  3. fuzed's avatar
    amazing with a cup of Chai! (edited)
  4. khang365's avatar
    I preferred KCB

    Shame they not around anymore
    mr_cheapskate's avatar
    Read KGB there 👀
  5. mwa's avatar
    These are rubbish....mostly air compared to the classic KCB ones (which are sorely missed) and fall apart if they are dipped/dunked for anything longer than a couple of seconds. Plus these original ones won't be as nice as the fennel ones anyway.

    Need to find a brand that does decent ones as the KCB ones won't be back (edited)
    Uthman's avatar
    try Humi's
  6. o's avatar
    Never seen so much lust for a rusk.
  7. ImyR85's avatar
    Can we please admit that we're in a KCB crisis?

    Only affected people understand how serious this is.
  8. mwa's avatar
    I was at a distant cousins house and singlehandely polished off the entire plate of KCBs rusks that had been put out alongside other nibbles and cups of tea.....her daughter who was around 5 years my junior commented on it to her parents and I was always a little self conscious of what I ate when round their's subsequently.
    Waqar_Hussain's avatar
    The words aap ka ghar hai or apnah khar hai spring to mind
  9. 7abs8's avatar
    Also available in Aldi for the same price, but in their food special buys.
  10. PlanetG's avatar
    Also available at ASDA for £2
  11. mwa's avatar
    Right I've done a test using the Humi ones. Takes 30 seconds of immersion for them to approach the softness of the old KCB ones which I'm sure would've needed around 20 seconds max. Also they seem far less absorbent the tea level in the cup hasn't discernibly changed after dunking and consuming two whole rusks. The old KCB ones would have resulted in a decrement of around 5-10mm at least. Didn't have any Regal ones to hand but am sure they would perform much worse from experience of a recent purchase.
  12. ashraf86uk's avatar
    Bought the 28 pack today was surprised at the size they gone smaller, one broke after a quick 1 second dunk. Not impressed the kcb ones were the one (edited)
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