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Return flight Birmingham to Barbados (hand luggage only) 9th Apr to 23rd Apr inc free Food and Drinks £276 @ Tui

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Hold luggage extra, see screenshots.

Incl complimentary food and drinks

Price differs slightly depending on how I Access the TUI site.. So £276 max..at time of posting

Edit: Accomodation within walking distance of the beaches is hugely expensive in Barbados imo and the cheapest are on a room only basis. Not only that, but eating out is dear as well..This ain't a cheap holiday!..even though it is idyllic!

The below is a link to TUI holidays, on these dates, 2 people, that include these particular flights and accomodation. Cheapest, about £1500 pp... If it were me, I'd go for the Accra Beach Hotel, at £1505 pp


Spotted another one that I won't bother posting separately, from Manchester 12th to 26th March. £271.39

TUI More details at TUI
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  1. h0ll0w's avatar
    Why leave Barbadingham for the Barbados though
  2. Zaheen_X's avatar
    JoShmo's avatar
    We all would let's be honest.
  3. tikibeach's avatar
    Do airlines really have to advertise food and drink is provided on a long haul flight?? Surely this is pretty standard and an expectation, not a perk!
    bozo007's avatar
    Aimed to attract the Ryan Air crowd who rarely travel long haul.
  4. v5535's avatar
    That's a bargain shame about dates
    jinkssick's avatar
    whats wrong with dates? do you know something we dont?
  5. dan_is_the_man01's avatar
    Heat added for being a Bluenose KRO
    wooden.top's avatar
  6. MrsZebra's avatar
    Good find op
  7. Jef_B's avatar
    Sleep on the beach, it'll save you a fortune in extortionate Barbadians hotel prices.
    ART12's avatar
    We did think of sleeping on the beach.  We did have other options between £180 - £250 upwards for apartments for the 3 days but I wanted to stay at a hotel with a pool, bar and restaurant!
  8. CurvedSlightly's avatar
    Hand luggage? All I'll need is my mankini, baby.
    rprp's avatar
    Wear it on the plane and leave the bag at home.
  9. ART12's avatar
    Flying out on Sunday 12th to 26th Manchester to Barbados £279 each, but only staying in Barbados for 1night then flying to Dominica for 11 days then back to Barbados for 3 nights.  We have booked an 2 bed apartment for the first night thro Booking.com £85 including free airport pick up and drop off.

    on the return visit booking a 3 star hotel B & B for £400 for the two of us with the usual mod cons.
    M_Davy's avatar
    Yeah but being in Marigot for 11 days
  10. 7day's avatar
    Any ideas on rooms
    Unsane's avatar
    What rooms? Flight only.
  11. Reena7's avatar
    Can any Caribbean frequenters confirm Barbados is one of the best islands to go to. If not, which ones are?
    PaulHawkins's avatar
    Tobago for what now overcrowded Barbados used to be like 50 years ago
  12. jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    Are there any uk airlines that don't provide food on a long haul flight?
    pingusdead's avatar
    Probably not 😁,sorry about that. I should have just put the free drinks
  13. Reena7's avatar
    What is the seat config? 3-4-3?
    AndyE_79's avatar
  14. toptom007's avatar
    More expensive than the Carling Deal. Voted Cold.
  15. krom12's avatar
    Did you look for air bnb for accommodation
  16. randomtask64's avatar
    Did this in September last year and if you are going to have a car it's better than flying into MCO.

    Heres a tip on the Hire do a 24 hour car hire from MLB to drop at MCO and then MCO for rest of your trip to drop at MLB and it was much cheaper. Recommend Alamo too as you can pick your vehicle at MCO.
    pingusdead's avatar
    I'm lost This is a flight to Barbados.. think you're replying on the wrong deal
  17. Block19Row40's avatar
    Great Deal but I'd miss the mighty Blues Promotion push!!! (sorry I meant relegation scrap) and anyway who would really prefer Barbados to Bordesley Green? KRO SOTV
    Unsane's avatar
    I've fond memories of Birmingham.

    My 1977 Birmingham Bags was the fashion highlight of my childhood. I loved them and I'm not joking.
  18. jack201's avatar
's avatar