Sainsbury's 2 pack grey school trousers - were £8 but scanned thru at 75p.

Sainsbury's 2 pack grey school trousers - were £8 but scanned thru at 75p.

Found 15th Aug 2017
Was out buying school uniform taking advantage of the 25% off!

This 2pk grey school boys trouser were £8 scanned thru at £1 taking off 25% bargain at 75p!

They were the darker grey ones not then lighter grey in aged 7

Hope someone else manages to grab it for this price too!

Got it in Sainsbury's Straiton, Edinburgh

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Any big sizes?
I need some for my son.

He's the headmaster.
Well they won't fit me and I don't have kids but at that price I guess I can't resist buying some just in case
They were this price in age 16 earlier too in the Portsmouth store
Great find op. Unfotunatelly full price in my local
OP .. "were £8 but scanned thru at 75p".

And you didn't feel the need to back track on yourself to get loadddds more? (I blatantly would have). :-(

If your kid's go through certain School Uniform item's like I sometimes used too when I was rather the wee one?, then ... lol.

Just a thought though?. :-)
I got some by chance too, only noticed when I got to till. Went back to look for more for my other son and I had randomly picked up the only pair left. They say Charcoal on tag, the full price ones say grey.
You will never find any thing in my big store... the staff take it for themselves! Even in my big asda, the staff take the sale items or even if they see there's a glitch on any item they don't fix it but rather take it for themselves!
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