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Posted 21 March 2023

Smart Watch Megathread: Reduced Used, e.g - Ticwatch E - £25 | Huawei Watch GT 2 Brown 46mm £62 | Huawei Band 3E £6 + More @ CeX

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  1. Chris_Sargey's avatar
    Which are the best ones out of these? Looking for a tracker for running and some sports as well as having at least a week's charge... Was looking to spend up to around 90 odd quid. If I can get music on the watch that would also be amazing to save taking my huge phone out for a run!
    Really appreciate any guidance
    Edit: thanks for the great thread btw (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I reckon a garmin or such like would suit you. Great all rounders
  2. hsjluk's avatar
    Best one that has nfc payment and decent battery? I have a mi band 4 atm so used to that kinda battery!
    blake_7's avatar
    Garmin Vivoactive 3 £65 - uk.webuy.com/pro…n=1

    Mine still going strong after 4 years constant use. Get about 5-7 days battery (less if using GPS for running). Garmin Pay works well with Starling card. (edited)
  3. MrSwitch's avatar
    Not entirely sure tbh mate.
    From what I've read it has poor battery life, but then it would being wearos

    Proper full on smart watch though
  4. bigpappa786's avatar
    Any advice on the best android smartwatch to go with my Google pixel phone.
    StudentGrant's avatar
    I've just got pixel watch lte, which is great with my Duo2 and as its a Pixel would be at least as good on Pixel phone. NB. LTE is restricted to eSim only, which are v expensive plans in UK but it works fine just connected to phone
  5. Hotspur's avatar
    What are views on this android smartwatch?

    Ticwatch E3 Smartwatch Wear49843959-Yra12.jpg
    pawleil's avatar
    It's partial unfortunately but it's a decent amount.
  6. craiger082's avatar
    49848065-D9YRm.jpgDunno what the going rate is, but I have a spare one of these, hardly used, great condition
    slipperyid's avatar
    I mean, I'll give you 50 for it but you'll get more literally anywhere else
  7. RegWhelk's avatar
    Great work on the thread. Well done.
  8. grzegorz.szynal's avatar
    I don't feel that currently Huawei is a good choice. To use it you need Huawei Health app, and that's app isn't on Google Play. So you need to install through third party, and that's defienietly less secure.
    Shahid1973's avatar
    Nonsense I have one and it's excellent especially battery life
  9. fozzeh's avatar
    Think I've just had my favourite CeX item.
    Got a smart watch (grade A).

    Received today... and it looks like someone won it new in a raffle, opened it, didn't want it, traded it straight in. All wires unwrapped and stickers still on back sensor.

    Raffle ticket 492 yellow, thanks for my brand new watch!
    Chris_Sargey's avatar
    Which one did you go for buddy? First impression usage wise?
  10. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. Great effort. Excuse my lack of knowledge, but can anyone post which, or if any of these smart watches can make and receive phone calls through them? Rather than just notify you someone is ringing you? ie not with a sim in them, but uses your phone, so you can make and receive hands free calls ?
    And any recommendations which is best? (edited)
  11. macethedon's avatar
    Ordered the ticwatch pro 🔥
    hcc27's avatar
    I was also thinking about this, but after 4 years how do you think the battery would have fared? It's probably the best pound for pound value amongst this lot, awesome features and looks smart too.

    Amazing work as always Switchy.

  12. RegWhelk's avatar
    I've just bought the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS, had some CEX credit so ended up paying around £18. It had very good reviews. Heat.
  13. fozzeh's avatar
    Don't recommend Cex, would use gumtree instead.

    Hahaha haha ha?

    Good 2 year guarantee on Gumtree
    Adrenaline_02's avatar
    24 hours guarantee you meant?
  14. saf_khan's avatar
    Heat for the effort
  15. eldresso's avatar
    I'm happy with my Huawei smartwatch, but heat for the effort
    sa555's avatar
    Which one do you have? Looking at getting one
  16. davidturner99's avatar
    We have 2 Huawei GT watch 2 pro's in the family and whilst they are solid with good battery life they have a flaw in the bluetooth implementation. When the phone is paired with the watch and a car hands free kit at the same time the watch always wants to take preference on the call handling this makes it impossible to use the car hands free. There is a workaround where if you disable the watches phone profile in the bluetooth settings it will fix the issue at the expense of being able to make and recieve calls on the watch. However for some reason the bluetooth phone profile gets reactivated after a while for no apparent reason and you are back to square one.
    Masterofone's avatar
    Yep its really annoying on my GT2, thought it was just me experiencing it !
  17. EN1GMA's avatar
    I've been rocking the OG amazfit watch since it came out. Been meaning to upgrade to a updated version but I don't see anything offered which is a big step up from the OG amazfit.
  18. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    any of these take a nano sim?
  19. jonrobertson's avatar
    The Huawei ones - are there issues with the Google operating systems? I have a Huawei phone and would like a smartwatch that I can use for basic things like reading messages and controlling Spotify / BBC Sounds
    MrSwitch's avatar
    No issues, you would need to download Huawei app gallery onto your phone to use the Huawei health app, but all works fine and dandy
  20. alexdriver's avatar
    Anyone got any advice on smart watches with golf range finders built in? I tried Huawei but couldn't find any supporting apps to provide the golf data
    SteveHall-0cde5.59776's avatar
    Garmin Connect app with a suitable Garmin watch. I have a Fenix 5 which does the basics well, yardage to pin, keep score, etc. I also have a Garmin Approach S60, this is more specialised for golf. The Fenix will last a good 7 or 8 days on normal use. The Approach chews battery on GPS when on the course.
  21. Adrenaline_02's avatar
    Don't recommend Cex, would use gumtree instead.
    lungwun's avatar
    Not sure if serious. 
  22. Vistrix's avatar
    Any of the nfc watches actually work with Google pay? I know the huawei watch I bought with nfc is completely useless in the uk
    niks_b's avatar
    I still use Huawei watch 2 for NFC payments. Have been using amex, visa and MasterCard all of them. No issues.
  23. antmoss3's avatar
    I'm looking for a smart watch that can also double up as a GPS tracker/watch when playing golf or vice versa. Any suggestions?
  24. AdamT93's avatar
    Does anyone know which of these would be best for tracking activity during a game of football?
  25. Sonic_Rahman's avatar
    Any of these watches have Google maps and NFC pay?
  26. fozzeh's avatar

    Which one did you go for buddy? First impression usage wise?

    I picked up a Mi Smart Watch.
    I got one new in their recent sale in blue, as that's all the had in, but didn't use it (as wanted black ideally) so it has gone back.
    It's light, functional and looks smart. Not all singing and dancing but does what I need it to do. Which is more than enough.

    Weight and backing were key to me. I tried a GT2 Pro before and that was 20g heavier (70%) than this but it was the sensor that was ssoooo cold on the wrist. Plus the casing it quite bulky and I have skinny wrists!

    So yeh, will give it a full play later.
  27. GlitchFace's avatar
  28. AdamT93's avatar
    Is the Apple Watch SE not a better buy than the Series 4?
    JasSingh93's avatar
    Depends. If you mean the 1st gen SE, they’re close. SE is only slightly newer but lacks the ECG feature and always on display.

    The newer 2022 SE is much more powerful and newer, but again lacks ECG and always on display. So depends what features you want really.

    This may help you decide. apple.com/uk/watch/compare/ > compare all models. (edited)
  29. Hotspur's avatar
    Although my Sony Xperia 1 ii is Android. My next upgrade will likely be a Sony. I'm looking for a compatible mostly notification based Smart watch which displays full notification and calls rather than some. Any suggestions at a reasonable price between £100-£200 (edited)
  30. KizKaylz's avatar
    I've got a gear 3 and i'm looking to upgrade. Is there a trade in system anywhere for smart watches?
  31. NaomiEvans's avatar
    Does anyone know why the Samsung 5 watches come with no strap if bought online?
  32. sharif76's avatar
    I'm on samsung is there a good watch I can answer calls and make calls please?
  33. Sonic_Rahman's avatar
    Good prices unfortunately the one I just got seems to have a battery close to death as the charge only lasts 5 hours.
    KamalinO's avatar
    You got it from CeX?
  34. barnehurst's avatar
    None of my fitbits have lasted more than 12 months. Anyone recommend a durable brand?
    tucka20's avatar
    I've had two fitbits that have ended up with failed speakers. I'm tempted by ticwatch but put off by WearOS 3 silence.
  35. psubrit's avatar
    Anyone know where to get decent watch straps for Garmin venu 2?
  36. WelshTony1's avatar
    Been looking for a smart watch, what one of these (not the apple watches though) would people recommend. They are all affordable
    Hotspur's avatar
    Samsung Galaxy watches are great
  37. nameskhan's avatar
    Does nfc payments work on any of the Honor or Huawei watches?

    Anyone good experience with a round face smartwatch that supports NFC? (edited)
's avatar