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Posted 11 May 2023

SOLIDIGM (SK Hynix/Intel) P41 Plus Series 2TB SSD GEN 4 NVMe 4.0 £92.39 @ Amazon

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This is a new brand for SK Hynix after it purchased Intel SSD and Dalian Nand businesses in December 2021, so you are buying a top rated manufacturer at really competitive prices.

  • 4th Generation PCIe 4.0x4 M.2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive
  • Super fast PCIe 4.0 with read speed up to 4125 MB/s, write speed up to 3325 MB/s
  • M.2 form factor, NVMe verson 1.4 SSD available in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities
  • 800TBW, enhanced with Solidigm Synergy Software, a fast lane for what you use most
  • Thermally optimized to avoid throttling. 5 years warranty



A new custom driver has been released:


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4133756_1.jpgDatasheet: solidigm.com/con…pdf
Drivers and downloads: solidigm.com/sup…tml

Sustained write performance



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  1. KITTYBOTS's avatar
    There is a new performance improving driver for this:

    50157473-sC9C6.jpg50157473-U81Hy.jpg (edited)
    Somersett's avatar
    This product is GARBAGE. Why are you pushing it?

    QUOTE "Thermally optimized to avoid throttling"- then you show graphs where its sustainable write speed is impossibly bad. It may as well be an SSD product- and given the great NVMe drives one can buy for the same amount, this rubbish should be ignored by everyone.
  2. noiren's avatar
    - QLC, no DRAM, and low endurance

    The ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO can be had for cheaper and yes it Gen3 but its not going to make a real differnce as much as it's DRAM and higher endurance.

    Even the 2TB NETAC NV7000 which is Gen4 TLC and DRAM has been been cheaper.

    This is hard sell in the current PC parts market whose prices seem to be falling by the day. (edited)
    GordonFreemanLambdaLabs's avatar
    I don't know why people buy Gen 4. Because unless you get the pro models, Gen 4 speeds quickly drop.
  3. NitrousUK's avatar
    I got excited and thought it was the sk hynix p41 platinum, which is an absolute beast.
    Rumcajs_9's avatar
    P44 Pro is P41 Platinum. (edited)
  4. ifeeltheheat's avatar
    People have no idea what they're voting up..... awful choice of SSD
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    It's not a terrible SSD, just a terrible price for this one, lol.
    There are similar/better drives available for less...but still it gets hot!

    The amount of SSD deals that are posted here you'd think people would have learned a thing or two by now. (edited)
  5. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    £92 for a DRAM-less QLC NAND drive?
    Don't be silly, it's as bad as the P3 Plus deals with all this heat...

    Get a TLC NAND drive for less -
  6. Somersett's avatar
    This is awful- just awful. A truly BOTTOM-OF-THE BARREL NVMe drive. Please, for heaven's sake, just buy the Intel branded one that appears here every few days at around the same cost- it is the only cheap QLC drive that is worth purchasing- having DRAM, much better TBW, and is heavily optimised to be a great windows boot drive.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    I'm guessing it's the 670P you're talking about which is one of the very few QLC drives I'd even consider (and then still not buy, lol).
    Maybe they think DRAM is not needed with HMB support? No idea, but trying to sell this for more than it costs to get a gen4 TLC drive? Just plain silly. (edited)
  7. DealerDo's avatar
    I think its obvious why this is voted hot, same reason Samsung drives get heat, recently everyone and their grandmothers are raving about sk Hynix solidigm drives being the absolute best so people are associating the name with top tier drives, again a la Samsung.

    It's exactly like the Samsung 980 and 980 pro, they are absolute opposites but share the name, same with p41 plus and platinum p41. kind of misleading from the manufacturers, again a la Samsung. (edited)
  8. spxak1's avatar
    Is this any better than the NV2 2TB which sells for £77?
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Both QLC NAND, both DRAM-less.

    Clueless as to why this has so much heat.
    You can get the better Intel 670P elsewhere for £12 less (still QLC and only Gen3, but has DRAM cache so better as an OS/app drive).

    Or the gen4 Integral with more durable TLC NAND for just under £90 -
    amazon.co.uk/Int…1-1 (edited)
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