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Posted 18 February 2023

Star Trek - The Original Series, Seasons 1-3 [HD] - £4.99 each to buy/own at Amazon Prime Video

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Good price for each season of the original series in HD of Star Trek. Currently £4.99 at Amazon Prime Video.

Season One - 30 episodes
Season Two - 26 episodes
Season Three - 24 episodes
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  1. Ilikehotdeals1's avatar
    I fell in love with TNG, Voyager etc watching it as it aired growing up. I never watched original Trek as I never got around to it till now and I never seemed to have caught it on rerun. We are Gradually watching it (just started season 2) with my husband. I’m sorry but I think it’s awful. I appreciate nostalgia puts this on a pedestal. I forgive the sets and limited effects etc but the acting is appalling. Some of the plots are just downright creepy.

    We are going to keep going but quite heartbroken about it. Just gimme my tribbles and I’ll leave.
    DrAcula1's avatar
    What got STAR TREK The Original Series that people wanted to see it was the Bloopers that showed the things that went wrong on set, can't remember if it was the 70' or 80's. Stuff like they were about to go through the sliding doors and they would shut on them as they went through.
    Found this :-
  2. janner43's avatar
    Some of these comments make me laugh.
    You are all far too young to really appreciate TOS.

    Back in the day (1969 in the UK) TOS was utterly groundbreaking… Concept, production, scripts, subject matter, cast makeup - nothing like it had ever been tried before.

    It is so good that it spawned every other Trek series, film or other media thereafter.

    To read your critique of the show now from anyone younger than 55 is, quite frankly, ludicrous. Your opinions are yours, of course, but this show is quite simply a TV & cultural icon. It deserves your admiration & applause without reservation.
    painstick's avatar
    Awwwww, shucks! I'm younger than 55 (only just) so I don't get a vote even though I love the original series.

    I'm remember in 1987 and how I was appalled and skeptical at the notion of a new Trek series that didn't include Kirk, Spock and McCoy....how could that possibly work? It very much did though and TNG & DS9 became the best and most successful era of Trek ever, but yes it all stems from ToS and Rodenberry's groundbreaking genius and vision.

    Shame nobody at the helm of modern era Trek like that.
  3. calinn's avatar
    I remember when it used to cost around £10 for a two episode VHS, now you can buy two whole seasons for that in hd.
    Heat from me.
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    The old cic vidro releases back in the late 80s, i am sure i still have a few of them still sitting in a cupboard somewhere.
  4. SlimaB's avatar
    They are the same aside from the re-mastered has different shots for the externals of the ship. The externals are 3d computer models in the remastered. The original used props which some people prefer.

    I recommend the re-mastered as I think the camera for the props wasn't great. The 3d computer model is better in my opinion.
  5. Keith_Moon's avatar
    Seasons 1&2 are classics but then they lost writers & budget, S3 is pretty poor. Love original Trek, it is the true spirit of Star Trek......those dissing it, probably don't understand what Star Trek is all about
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  7. liaketali's avatar
    The remastered versions of seasons 1 - 3 are also available for the same price
    Are these better in quality?
  8. Chewkungfu's avatar
    All three series available on paramount plus, new accounts can get a month free using the code in the deal posted.
  9. WelshTony1's avatar
    Great series but remastered would be better
  10. SirHugo's avatar
    It seems that the OP's deal link is for the REMASTERED version. This also includes the 1st episode 'The Cage' in series 1, which isn't included in the non-remastered series.
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