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Posted 20 January 2023

Watchdogs Legion PS5 - £11.98 at Amazon

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In the near future, London is facing its downfall. After devastating terror attacks rock the city, an all-seeing authoritarian state has oppressed the people, a corrupt private military Corporation controls the streets, and a powerful crime Syndicate is preying on the vulnerable.

The fate of London lies with you, and your ability to recruit a resistance and fight back. Watch dogs: legion delivers a never-before-seen gameplay innovation that allows you to recruit and play as anyone you see in the iconic city of London. Every single character in the open world is playable, and everyone has a backstory, personality, and skill set that will help you personalise your own unique team. Recruit your friends and join the fight in online multiplayer to take back London in four-player co-op missions, end-game challenges, special game modes and events. Welcome to the Resistance!

  • Open-world London, explore a massive urban open-world where you can visit London's many famous landmarks
  • Play as anyone, experience a never-seen-before gameplay Innovation. Anyone you see can join your team complete with a unique backstory, personality, and skill set
  • Weaponise London's Tech infrastructure. Hijack armed combat drones, deploy stealthy spider-bots, covertly take down enemies using an augmented reality cloak, and much more
  • Bring your team online and join forces with up to three friends and explore the world together or take on entirely new co-op missions

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Number of Players: Single Player (8 Player Online)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Release Date: 12th Nov 2020
  • Feature Support: 60FPS
  • PEGI Rating: 18
  • Metacritic Reviews: 66%

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  1. adamguest1985's avatar
    Didn't review wonderfully, but that's a lot of game for the money.
    MantisToboggan's avatar
    IMO this was more to do with just how good Watch Dogs 2 was, which heightened expecations. I put off playing Legion for a long time due to the mixed reviews.. I eventually picked it up and had an absolute blast with it. Not as good as 2 but a solid game nonetheless.
  2. jco83's avatar
    £57.99 can't be the next best price. I can see Argos have it for £16.99
  3. bristolGem's avatar
    That's tidy, thanks I'll take a look
  4. kyeung's avatar
    Most places selling this price. RRP is rubbish
  5. tr0r's avatar
    Legion definitely benefits from buying the Bloodline DLC which lets you play as Aiden and Wrench form the previous games.
    Just having characters with set personalities and traits, rather than the dice roll randoms you have to play as definitely helps you connect to the plot a bit more.
  6. mcgavs1974's avatar
    It's not even worth &11.98 IMO. If anyone's tempted.
    DelboyDave's avatar
    Really - Was tempted.
's avatar