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Wilko 4L Air Fryer with Removable Basket £35 Free Click & Collect @ Wilko

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Wilko 4L air fryer with removable basket down to £35. Free click and collect, £4.95 home delivery or £2.95 pick up from shop.

2 year guarantee
4 litre capacity
Uses little or no oil for healthier cooking
Make cooking a breeze with the Wilko Airfryer. You'll never have to compromise great-tasting food for the healthy option again! With high- speed air circulation, the airfryer cooks food quickly and evenly to create meals that are far healthier and just as tasty! Having dual-capacity with a non-stick 4 litre pot - ideal for a family of four - and a removable 3 litre basket - perfect for 1 to 2 people - the cooking options are endless. Not only does it fry food and make delicious chips, it can also effectively bake and roast. The non-stick pot is perfect for cooking everything from casseroles and curries to brownies and small cakes. The adjustable 30-minute timer frees up your time in the kitchen as the airfryer will automatically turn itself off when the timer ends, and the adjustable temperature function helps to cook almost anything! And best of all, the non- stick pot means no more spending hours cleaning and scraping the bottom of fryers when you're finished! Full instructions are included - always read before use. 220 - 240V, 50Hz, 1400W.
Brand: Wilko
Capacity: 4L
Type: Air Fryer
Power: 1400W
Pack Qty: 1
Size: 4L
Assembly: No
Height: 31.0CM
Width: 28.5CM
Depth: 33.5CM
Wilko More details at Wilko

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  1. freddyfender's avatar
    Just been and got mine ...thought I'd upgrade from my Asda compact one

    Got a handy slightly smaller basket that comes out for cooking a smaller portion ...and the handy rack which will allow air flow rounf the bottom.

    Been a fan of my £25 compact small one ...which I originally got to try ...this is a better size to be honest without taking up much more space .and for 35 quid got to be worth a punt

    ....not used it yet mind

    49766576-c3mkK.jpg (edited)
    NuffinisFree's avatar
    What is the max temp on it please?
  2. Hotlipz's avatar
    A lot of reviewers are saying that the numbers rub off pretty quickly. Was going to recommend to my Mum. Only solution I could think of would be to put a scratch mark where they are before they rub off.

    Why are good items let down by silly things?! Maybe that why it's on offer though.
    Toneluck's avatar
    Paint clear enamel or nail varnish over the numbers, that will protect them and look better than a scratch mark
  3. adoks4me's avatar
    Wilko looking very shaky at the moment. Just pray that it's not another to fall in the economic climate we are in.
    jezwillmar's avatar
    They closed out branch in grantham. Gutted was a great shop
  4. RainbowBridge's avatar
    Thanks OP!

    Can. I ask those who actually use an air fryer what are the advantages of an air fryer compared to a standard oven?
    Toneluck's avatar
    I've heard they make your house smell like a deep fat fryer, which puts me off the idea a bit. I keep thinking my oven probably only costs £30 - £50 a year to run, so is it worth it as it'd take me a while to see any savings?... (edited)
  5. Alexander.MarinovskyJr.'s avatar
    Any good ?
    NerakC3001's avatar
    I’ve had this one for a couple of years … I’ve found things take a wee bit longer than what’s stated but I’m happy with it 
  6. freddyfender's avatar
    Let you know ...now using it for the first time ...
    With my kitchen lighting ...and my eyes I can't see the the timer setting very well on the shiny chrome ...can see the temp one better
    I find that on a lot of things....don't know why they can't use black dials....like the smaller one in the pic (edited)
    freddyfender's avatar
    ...........I can type what and how I want matey

    What you the full stop police (edited)
  7. sam1970's avatar
    Air Dryer!!
  8. ragsb1's avatar
    Will save a fortune on heating 😄😄
  9. wdh's avatar
    Curious (unique?) bucket-in-drawer design. Good capacity for the price. Should be a good starter model for the sceptics!
  10. skidz73's avatar
  11. g-diddy's avatar
    Brilliant price, since the country went air fryer crazy a few months ago, the price of these things have gone through the roof!
    So good to see this back at a similar to how they were about a year ago and it's a decent size too.
    This will be ideal for my mum, as she doesn't get on with the digital display ones.
  12. Ameer_Ahmed's avatar
    My ninja failed on me, just after the warranty expired. Is this a good shout? Not expecting the fancy functions that came with the ninja.
  13. Dillz_'s avatar
  14. starshinesbright's avatar
    Thank you, bought one. I've been waiting for them to come down in price
  15. totalfuaion's avatar
    Just bought - our old glass bowl halogen thing died recently and been looking around for something to replace it rather than having to fire up the oven for smaller meals. Thanks op!
    totalfuaion's avatar
    They cancelled my order - either wrong stock or an employee eyeballled it this morning :/ (edited)
  16. Yoda85's avatar
    Thank you - picked one up this morning! Have been wanting to get one for a while so perfect price.
's avatar