Posted 14 April 2024

1M USB-C Male to Male 60w and 10GBPS £2.99 @ Amazon (Keple FBA)

Good quality USB 3.1 spec cables are usually 3x this price.…E3L

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  1. EndlessWaves's avatar
    £2.99 isn't particularly cheap, kenable offers one for £2.41 for example:…tml

    Both excluding delivery and kenable is usually cheaper delivery. Although obviously there's more chance you may be getting free delivery from amazon, either through bundling with another order or a subscription.
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    It is always cheaper to buy leads at Kenable for not much more than the junk that is continuously posted on HUKDs but you need to buy a couple or more at a time to offset postage. I just replaced all my HDMIs to 8K & USBs to 100W & 10GBs & a USB4.

    But as a single cable the one that DaWoodster posted is a good deal

    However, standard price like Kenables. Which is odd for a deals site because even though they are better deals they cant be posted. (edited)
  2. DaWoodster's avatar
    This was auto rejected as a deal because it’s a standard price?
    does it have to be fake listed higher then discounted 50% to be a ‘deal’?
    this cable is a BARGAIN at that price!
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Unfortunately that is an issue with HUKDs.

    In theory this is a better cable than 95% of the USB C cables posted on HUKDs unless you want to power a laptop.