Posted 23 January 2024

American Snacks

Hey everybody, I’ve been on the hunt for Cheetos Crunchy Flamin Hot, any flavour Lays Crisps and any flavour Takis for a while, they was once widely available for me but my usual shops have stopped selling them. Can anybody help with shops that sell them please? Gratefully appreciated, thanks!
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  1. HappyShopper's avatar
    Local Polish shops?
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    I get this sort of stuff from local Kurdish grocery stores/supermarkets. Good pricing as well, none of that 10x imported price nonsense. Like £4 for a can of Cherry Pepsi!

    You average guy doesn't venture into these shops, probably out of some irrational fear! (edited)
  2. mtsk's avatar
    cheetos can be found in costco, lays crisps in any polish shop, not sure about takis
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    Thank you!!
  3. juggler1's avatar
    They have Takis in Aldi. The purple bag and a red one. Volcano I think
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    I heard they did the purple Takis, but I had no idea they did the red ones?! Thank you!
  4. a666andy's avatar
    Takis are widely available, Iceland, amazon for example
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    Amazon prices are crazy! I noticed Iceland stock the purple Takis online so I’ll check my closest store on my next trip. Thank you
  5. djstrobe4real's avatar
    Great taste of USA
  6. LoveMeRight's avatar
    Americanfizz is one, otherwise if you’re on reddit send me a message. (edited)
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