CDWOW - Rubbish or wot?

    CDWOW used to be a pretty good and reliable supplier. Over the last few months I think their service has become appalling. First they transfer to a Cyprus based customer service - good luck in finding someone that can actually understand you. Next the My Orders section of the website goes AWOL for 2 months, so you can't check your orders or order status. Last week they posted saying their was a fault with their customer services phone line - this fault hasn't been rectified, and frankly I don't believe them. They don't answer e-mails and have the cheek to charge your credit card as soon as an order is placed - even if its a preorder. I've had 4 orders outstanding for 8 weeks. These orders just show as Awaiting Despatch. I have no way of cancelling because the phone line is disconnected and they won't respond to my e-mails asking for cancellation. I guess the only way is to contact the Credit card company and place the transactions in dispute. Anyone else had problems with this company recently? I'm going to boycott them in future. Any recommendations for good alternatives??


    Yeah theyre service has def gone down hill, i ordered a scrubs boxset and after waiting 4 weeks i just asked for a refund.
    Maybe they got rid of a lot of staff after that big fine.

    i find that cd wow are pretty poor now,
    one preorder they hadnt sent in a week since release, so i cancelled and pokermon pearl where they kept saying the item will be dispachted on a certain date then it doesnt and they set another date, so that was cancelled too, those were the latest 2 items ordered from them

    dont fancy using them, they were up there with the best but now its simply disappointing



    Yeah theyre service has def gone down hill, i ordered a scrubs boxset and … Yeah theyre service has def gone down hill, i ordered a scrubs boxset and after waiting 4 weeks i just asked for a refund.Maybe they got rid of a lot of staff after that big fine.

    did they get a fine? what for?


    thanks to the both of you

    Have posted this in another thread but basically cd-wow keep trying to take money from my credit card without my permission! They've taken just over £800 in the space of a few days after which I got a call from my credit card company who have changed the card number to stop them taking any more money. I phoned cd-wow and they said they haven't got a record of it on the system so the manager would phone me tomorrow after investigating. The next day came and no phone call so I phoned them, coincedence or what but their phones aren't working anymore! Haven't been working for about a week now. e-mails take about 2-3 days to get replies and all they'll say is they need the order number to look at it. THERE IS NO ORDER NUMBER!!! Why don't they understand that?

    Credit card company reversing the charges but takes 4 weeks apparently.

    Original Poster

    Reckon the reason they can't understand is that they are a collection of underpaid, less than enthusiastic recruits with only a minimal grasp of English, who don't really give a toss about customers or their problems. I actually have doubts that that call centre is in Cyprus, the staff sound distinctly Indian to me. How many Cypriots do you know called Raj or Sanjay? We all know about the frauds committed by call centre staff in India, maybe your credit card problems are linked to this. I'm starting to refuse to deal with any company that has an overseas call centre, not because I'm racist or anything like that, I'm just wary that each time business goes overseas, someone in the company goes on the dole. Hope you get it sorted!


    Doesn't mean that they've called me back as promised! I've phoned them and had to explain the whole situation again and the manager is going to investigate and phone me back! Sounds like I haven't got any further than last week yet, the manager should have already investigated and got back to me so I think they're just trying to waste my time!

    I can't see these surviving much longer. They seem to have really gone downhill fast and the fine must have crippled them.

    Well done Ian at Cd-wow. Just had a call to say all sorted and refunded. Should have money back within a couple of days. My faith has been restored!!!

    EDIT - No offence intended to anyone but Ian was obvioulsy English so maybe that has something to do with it?

    Yes, I am now a CD-Wow hater! After years of using them without problem, the last 5 items I've ordered have all been problematic:

    1) A CD which arrived more than 2 weeks after release date, and where the tracklisting featured on their website did not match the CD I received - result: kept the CD, got 70% refund via voucher.

    2) A CD which they had 'stock problems' with even though I ordered it 5 weeks prior to release - result: cancelled order, refund, and replacement £2 voucher.

    3) A DVD which took over 4 weeks to arrive due to 'stock problems' - result: arrived eventually.

    4) A DVD ordered on 10th June which has still not arrived due to 'stock problems'. It was a region-free version, which was cheaper than the Region 2 version they also had. I have emailed several times and keep getting the same reply. I asked why they couldn't just send the Region 2 version, and they didn't respond - result: still waiting for it.

    5) A CD ordered on 20th june which has still not arrived due to 'stock problems' - result: still waiting for it.

    They now also take about 3 or 4 days to respond to Customer Service emails.

    What fine are you guys talking about?

    The one in post #6! Read the thread! ;-)

    Still waiting for CD ordered on the 4 July. Usual excuse supplier problems.
    I just want to spend my nectar points!

    #4 on my list above finally arrived 2 days ago. Still waiting for #5!
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