did anybody get £1 wowcher deal

    has anybody got this voucher? i got this message:

    It is with regret that I have to inform you that we are unable to source the
    Sex and the City 2 cinema tickets. Prior to offering the tickets we had, we
    believed, found a supplier of as many tickets as might be required. The offer
    of supply has been withdrawn for various legal reasons. Despite our best
    efforts to find an alternative supplier we have been unable to do so. I know
    you must be very disappointed and to try and cheer you up we are giving
    everybody who requested tickets a free £3 voucher to use towards any other
    offers at



    got the same message and the same voucher code

    got the same also

    yup same message, as did the wife, as did guy in work.
    Bizzarely his missus got a ticket (ordered at same time as all the others I should point out).

    Hardly a first come first served basis as that was the last one ordered.

    yeh I got the same message, I certainly wont be using wowcher again. I was lucky enough to get one of the 50000 kgb tickets tho.


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