eBay photo ID request to sell items

Posted 12th Nov 2021

Is it just me or is every eBay seller being asked for a photo ID?

I signed up to their managed payments scheme. I then sold some items in which the buyers paid. However, eBay won't release the funds until I provide a photo ID (driving licence or passport).

I don't wish for eBay to have any photo ID of me. I've uploaded the paper-copy part of my driving licence and a utility bill but eBay are not accepting it.

I'm not happy that they allow me to sell items and THEN request this photo ID. if I had known this in advanced then I would've listed any items.

Does anyone know if I will received my finds of I don't provide a photo ID?

eBay customer service keep providing me with the same text, clearly a precreated text, which is not moving this on for me.

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