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ON THAT ASS is giving FREE boxer shorts for a limited time! Choose the free boxer shorts yourself and this will be shipped to you directly. No hidden charges or delivery costs and for your free pair, you can choose from loads of different designs from previous months.

Just pick your size, whether you’d like to opt for the Originals designs with print or the One Collection without print. Next sit back and relax whilst they deliver them! They even have both men’s and boy's sizes available.

How does it work?

After registration your 14 day trial period starts and you will receive your free boxer shorts within 10 working days. Within your 14 day trial period, no money will be deducted from your account. No obligations! Are you still convinced and you never want anything else? Great! We debit your account around the 27th and deliver from the 17th of the following month.
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    Maybe something you should add to the description. It looks like this is some sort of subscription service, where you pay for a pair of boxers each month, but get the first pair free. It does say you can cancel at any time, however it's not a case of ordering a free pair of boxers and that is that. Payment details are required and looks as though from the information you need to cancel within 14 days.

    Heat added anyway, it is free with very little work required to cancel.

    Edit: HKUD's right in on it and already edited the post and changed to a discussion :/ (edited)
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    Good quality and feel nice, I subscribed for a year then cancelled, only so many pairs of trunks a single middle aged man needs 😁
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    Did this a few months ago, got the free pair then went to cancel and they offered 50% the second pair. I went for it because they were comfy and good quality. They then sent a third pair for free and then I cancelled, so three pairs for a total of £4.99 can't complain
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    For those in the know, I can sign up to the subscription service with payment details, wait for free first pair to be delivered within 10 days, straight after that cancel subscription before the 14 day trial ends, and no further payment taken - is that correct?
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    Ordered thanks
    Commenting for future updates
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    thanks OP
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    Got my free pair couple of days ago, these are actually quite nice boxers and really comfortable
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    48502766-xiXht.jpgThey are demanding payment even after you cancel. They have a month notice before cancelling apparently.
    Read their reviews on trust pilots
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    It clearly states that on their website though

    Within your trial period, you can cancel your membership 7 days after signing up. You then have 7 days to immediately stop your account within the trial period.
    After 14 days we use a month's notice.
    Canceling your membership at ON THAT ASS is always free of charge.
    9 days and 6 days
    Just checked
    Both are asking for payment
    I'll be ignoring them based on the advice of redditors
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    Terrible, terrible company. I cancelled within the time period but they still sent my second pair. Even though they accepted it was their fault it still took 3 months of nagging them for them to give me a refund.
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    DO NOT SIGN UP. You have to pay the fee if you get a free pair and cancel before making the first payment.
    Just ignore them
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