Hi There... Has Anyone Got Any 'Man Of The Match' 2007-2008 Match Attax

    hi there
    my 8 yr old son is trying to complete the old
    match attax book
    he needs about 17 man of the match
    please could you have a look for him...
    thanks all


    Original Poster

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]btw we go on hols tomorro
    we will be back on weds
    so if you have any please pm me
    and i will get back to you when we get back
    thanks jo-jo[/COLOR]

    If this is the old lot ( with the red backs ) you can send away for them at [url][/url], can appreciate you have loads that you would rather swap with. You can send for more than one lot as long as you have different email addresses

    are you still bneeding some i got loads
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