How to buy directly from Xbox Turkey Store at daily currency rates using a Reloadable FUPS or Oldubil Virtual Debit Card - NO VPN REQUIRED

Posted 1st Jul 2023
UPDATE 10/09/23 - Method revised, tidied up, security and app reset help added, along with Q&A.

You will need the following:

  • FUPS iOS or Android app
  • Temporary Turkish mobile no for receiving FUPS activation SMS (PingMe app recommended - see notes below)
  • Reloadable FUPS debit card purchased from Plati.Market
  • Access to a (new or existing) Revolut account for converting GBP funds to TRY and loading these funds on to the FUPS card.
  • Some degree of patience, it is a bit fiddly to set up but once done significant savings can be made in the long term, or until Microsoft block this method.

1) Firstly, download the FUPS app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Both are available to download from the UK variants of the Apple and Google Play stores. FUPS is a virtual prepaid debit card issued in Turkey that allows you to pay anywhere in TRY without verification e.g. the submission of a passport or driving license for KYC puposes, this does however mean that you have a monthly limit of 2750 TRY - this monthly limit is reset on the 1st of each month. Once you have the app installed, the default language may be changed to English by clicking over the 3 dots to the top right of the screen and selecting English language accordingly.

Complete the FUPS registration by entering your first and last name, along with your email address. I have seen people suggest elsewhere that a Turkish name should be used, however I personally used my own, real, legitimate name for consistency across the board. Continue with the registration and enter the 6 digit code that will be sent to your email address.

2) You will now be required to enter a Turkish mobile phone number. Whilst there is an option present here to enter a UK mobile phone number, rest assured this DOES NOT WORK. The best option for obtaining a temporary Turkish mobile phone number is to use the PingMe app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Basically, you need to click “Balance Recharge” and select your chosen payment method, note that 2 coins equates to 1 SMS received. I personally used the Apple store, where 5 credits costs £5.99. Once your coins are topped up, click “Verification” and select “FUPS” as the website to validate, with Turkey as the Country, and click “Next”. A temporary Turkey mobile no will then be displayed on-screen, if the PingMe app gives you an error that no Turkish number is available, simply refresh or try the process again. Copy and paste the provided Turkish mobile phone number into the FUPS app, you’ll then receive a 6 digit SMS code in PingMe that needs to be entered into the FUPS app for verification. Finish the FUPS app set up by setting your personal PIN.

It is advisable that you make a permanent record of the temporary Turkish number allocated to you, and that you keep that number safe for future reference. Importantly, you will need to specify the number used on registering for FUPS should you ever get locked out of the app, change your mobile phone, reinstall the app, or otherwise need to log back into FUPS at some point again.

3) You now need to buy a FUPS reloadable debit card from Plati.Market. CARE - You need to buy the actual card, NOT a top up, so avoid any options that say the words “Top Up”or “Recharge”. There will be quite a few sellers on there, try to look for a seller that accepts payments by PayPal, if that is your preference. Example - I managed to pick up a FUPS card here via PayPal from the seller with great feedback for approx £4. The card purchased has an expiry date of 2026. Note that these are reloadable cards that can be used time and time again, until the card expiry date. After payment you will receive an image of the card with a QR code from the seller. Please keep these card details safe and do not dispose of it, as the card details are not viewable from within the FUPS app. In the FUPS app click on “Cards” and scan the QR code and set up a 4 digit PIN to activate the FUPS card in your app.

IMPORTANT! (credit to & for helpful security tips): Whilst in the FUPS app, it is recommended that you change the following security settings. Remember, once the FUPS Virtual Visa Card is activated in your app, the card does still exist in physical form somewhere in the world. Whilst the risk of someone using the physical card to spend your own funds is relatively small (we are completely reliant on reputable sellers doing the honest thing and destroying the physical card safely following of the sale of the card to you via Plati.Market), the risk is obviously still there, and you can make changes to security settings in the FUPS app to minimise the risk further. It goes without saying that you should not keep your life savings and/or excess funds on these cards, only ever top up the amount of funds needed to buy what you need at any given time, and nothing more.

Fups App > Cards > Disable "Contactless Transactions"
Fups App > Cards > Settings > Disable "Shopping by Phone or Mail"
Fups App > Cards > Settings > Disable "ATM Usage"

Whilst you are in settings, check the following two options are enabled to ensure the correct functioning of your card on the Xbox store:

Fups App > Cards > Settings > Enable "Online Shopping"
Fups App > Cards > Settings > Enable "International Use"

4) There are very few ways to actually top-up the FUPS card, but Revolut works like a treat, in an instant. Firstly load up your Revolut account with the required funds and click “Exchange” in the Revolut app to convert the amount to TRY and complete the conversion of your funds. Then click “Transfer”, then “New” at the top right of the screen and select “Card recipient”, then fill in the required data i.e. your FUPS debit card number and the amount of TRY currency that you wish to transfer over. Note that Revolut will apply a very small charge here for doing so. The sent funds should reach the FUPS card pretty much instantly.

Be aware that FUPS will apply a 5% transaction fee to your purchase on the Xbox Store, please therefore account for this transaction fee when loading Turkish Lira to your FUPS card to ensure there are sufficient funds available for your purchase to go through successfully.

Note that you can also purchase directly from the Turkish Xbox store using an Oldubil card. Whilst technically much easier to set up, via their iOS or Android app with a regular UK mobile phone number, actually loading funds on to the Oldubil card is another matter. This can be facilitated via an International IBAN bank transfer, however users of MyDealz report missing bank transfer payments and the like. You can however top up the Oldubil virtual card (displayed directly in app after signing up) instantly with a Turkish debit card, which is where the FUPS virtual card comes in. Whilst not at all needed if you plan to use FUPS only, this does present a backup payment option should you run into difficulty using FUPS. You can also avoid the 5% transaction charge altogether by paying for your games using the Oldubil card.

5) You can then purchase your required games directly on the Turkish Xbox store via a web browser, without the use of a VPN. I personally used Chrome, without incognito mode, however that is something you may wish to try. You DO NOT need to formally change your account or console region, leave it as it is. Simply go to any game you wish to purchase on the Xbox store and change en-GB to tr-TR in the website URL, the store currency will change to TRY accordingly. You can use Google translate, however the Xbox store functions exactly how it does on the GB storefront. Click the green buy button and opt to add a new card, here you should enter details of your FUPS / Oldubil card. Proceed with the purchase and you should get a notification in the FUPS / Oldubil app advising the payment was successful. Any game you purchase should be in your regular console library to download.



1) Does this method work with Xbox pre-orders?

Yes, but only if the game is within 10 days of its release date.

2) Does this method work with Xbox Live and Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions on the Turkey Store?


3) Oh no! I've been locked out of FUPS / changed mobile phone / re-installed the FUPS app / cannot access my FUPS account / otherwise need to log back into the FUPS app.... what do I do?

Guide credit to

You will need the FUPS Card and CVC numbers, the PIN number you assigned to it during setup, and the details of the temporary Turkish phone number originally used to set up the FUPS app.

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE - To see the Turkish phone number used in the FUPS app, click the "My Profile" icon in the top right corner, and click into "Personal Information". The Turkish phone number starting with +90 is recorded there. As discussed earlier, it is worth saving all this information in a secure location for future reference.

To recover your FUPS account or add to a new phone etc., install the app, change the language to English from the 3 dots in the top right corner.

1 - After opening the app in English select - "Registered, let's go".
2 - Click "I forgot my password".
3 - Enter the Turkish +90 number for the account.
4 - Press "Continue" and enter last 4 numbers of the FUPS card and the CVC number.
5 - Enter your 4 digit card PIN that you setup during the initial registration.
6 - Select "Continue" and set a new six digit number password.
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