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Posted 10th Feb 2014
Free Coin sorting at Metro Bank

Magic Money Machine
Count your saved coins with Metro Bank's Magic Money Machine's
Our Magic Money Machines are for adults and children alike.
You’ll find one in each of our stores ready to count your saved coins. They’re free to use and great fun if you want to guess the value of your coins with our interactive game – you could even win a prize!

But that’s not the best bit! Our machines sort the coins for you so you don’t need to AND there’s no limit to the value of coins you can bring in – a great excuse to save more.…ne/
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    That's what I thought, but you don't have to have an account with them, you just take the receipt to the counter and ask for cash.
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    The last time I took coins to one of these counting machines (at my bank) it took about half an hour. Probably longer. And it didn't count all the money, I had to get a member of staff to deposit the rest in my bank. Nightmare X)

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    I deposited £66 no problems at all, and the kids liked the interactive display on the machine.
    Definitely took far less time to use the machine, than counting all the penny's.
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    I am glad to see that banks are FINALLY are getting coin sorters!

    Its only taken until now for them to realise they need to count money!

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