Posted 5 December 2013

Money Saving Expert Deal Finder- Amazon

Find Deals on Amazon using this great tool. I found some mp3 players for 1p including postage using this. Its been posted 3 years ago but that expired and it still works!…les
An Oldie but a Goodie
Amazon often offers 75% and better reductions, yet it directs people to other areas, sending them to higher profit margin products instead.

There's a geeky way to manipulate Amazon's web links to display all heavily-reduced bargains. All you need to do is fiddle with Amazon web addresses to bring up lists of knock-down prices.

The problem is these are a faff to make yourself. So we built the Amazon Hidden Discount Finder tool (above). It creates your own bespoke super-specific sub-department pages in seconds, where you choose the discount and if you want free delivery.
When searching for treasure, don't just look at the first page of bargains, try a few. Don't assume that just because it's discounted, it must be a good buy. Try higher percentage discounts for cheaper, smaller items and lower percentages for niche, expensive ones.

Just because something is listed with a huge discount, it doesn't automatically make it a bargain (or worth buying).

Amazon now has a £10 minimum spend to get free super saver delivery in most categories – see tricks to beat this. To only see items costing a tenner or more, pick £10 in the tool's 'min price' box.

Even when you spend £10, not all items have free delivery, so tick the tool's ‘only show free delivery' box. Only items with free delivery should show, and Marketplace sellers, where delivery usually isn't free, are often excluded from the search.

If an item's labelled 'add-on', Amazon only lets you buy it if you spend £10 on eligible products. Sadly, the tool is unable to exclude these from the results you'll get.

Before you try the tool, here are some popular web addresses we made earlier:…les

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  1. ewwaxo's avatar
    deal hacking ftw
  2. LetoKynes's avatar
    I use this all the time to find cheap gear, really handy (but does need some diligence)!
  3. deleted837732's avatar
    Where is it? There's no link to this finder?
  4. deleted818441's avatar

    Where is it? There's no link to this finder?

    The link got deleted by admins as it drives traffic to a competitor (thanks lads) sor you have to google it
  5. trikidy's avatar
    Interesting...flamedeer? What..
  6. deleted818441's avatar

    Interesting...flamedeer? What..

    Flamedeer, what flamedeer?
  7. DeusVentus's avatar

    Thats what I have found using what you said, but the ones for 1p all have a delivery charge of £1.99 to them.
  8. deleted818441's avatar
    DeusVentus what I have found using what you said, but the ones for 1p all have a delivery charge of £1.99 to them.

    It was a glitch , there all gone now! its a tool to find deals
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