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On that ass shorts

Hi All

Got shorts delivered which wasn’t ordered? Searched site and its some kind of subscription- first pair free but didn’t sign up for anything like this  
   thought I’d ask on here- if  anyone else has experienced this?  Thanks in adv for any help/advice
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    Someone near you has used your address for ordering free boxers! 100%.

    My neighbours do this all the time because their address will only be allowed (1) one pair of boxers for free. The last time my amazing neighbours did this, half the street received free boxer shorts all addressed with my neighbours name but sent to different addresses on the street!

    For the record, I also have a few pairs of their boxers and they're great. I didn't send them to my neighbours though they are all paid for. (edited)
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    First priority is check if a Direct Debit has somehow been set up on any of your accounts, and if it has then cancel it immediately.
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    Thanks yes have checked, could it be through Paypal?
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    Hi.did they have your bank details? If they did email them asap..... as I had similar problems and they kept sending me shorts and charging me... they aren't exactly q8 to reply and the help they gave wasn't great.
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    Thanks for reply, I didn’t sign up for anything I didn’t even know this company even existed..was v surprised when it came through the post had someone else’s name on though with my address  
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    Simple. Contact the company they will advise next step.

    Probably tell you not to worry and enjoy your free shorts.

    If they don’t reply you have done all what you can so don’t worry about it. (edited)
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    Thanks no phone number, sent message no reply yet…just wandering how they could’ve got add and thought I’d ask here and if anyone else also had the same experience 
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    So if it's got someone else's name but your address, it's probably a neighbour typed in their address wrong.

    Contacting the company was the right move, then they can sort it out (edited)
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    yep. exactly this. im amazed the op didnt come to this conclusion themselves before posting on here
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    Not as bad as someone signing me up for a bank account; i had never heard of them, but they are legit. I had been signed up with everything correct, except the birth date.
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    I was checking out on CDKeys, and they show up as one of the free offers on there to add to your basket. Says after you complete your order, they'll send a voucher for you to get a free pair of boxers.

    These were the T&C's
    New customers get one pair of boxers completely free. Customers are auto-enrolled onto a subscription @ £9.99 a month that they can cancel anytime after a 14 day cooling period. Full terms will be sent via email once you complete your order

    Imagine it's just wrong address as suggested (edited)
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    Thanks for all the responses, it’s a ladies name on the label as well, nobody of that name in the neighbourhood 
     strange one..was more worried about any sort of subscription and payments to start and I have not signed up for anything 
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    Don't some companies do this sort of thing so that they can then write a positive review in your name?
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