Posted 17 March 2022

Smyths promo code box missing?

Can anyone tell me where the promo/discount code box is when ordering things online from Smyths? I cannot find it anywhere? The Smyths website says its on the shopping basket page but it isn't and its also not on the checkout pages?

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  1. Littlemunckin's avatar
    If you're buying an item which is excluded from promo code use, the box doesn't appear in my experience
  2. 1spoon1's avatar
    lol whats a bot sniffer?

    newgale4032's avatar
    What ever you do, don't Google it
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    1spoon118/03/2022 01:31

    lol whats a bot sniffer?Thanks

    Smiffs has a particularly aggressive bot detector. Many sites will choose to present a captcha-type challenge to bot-like access, unlike Smiffy that doesn't take any prisoners & just sez FO.
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Yeah, basket page, if you can get past the bot sniffer & the code box chooses to display

    "All voucher and discount codes must be entered on the 'Shopping Basket' page before proceeding to the checkout"…ons
  5. GlitchFace's avatar
    Try desktop or mobile and use incognito tab in the browser, see if it appears
  6. tomreames3's avatar
    10 off 50 code claims to have no exclusions but doesnt offer a promo code box anywhere...
  7. 1spoon1's avatar
    Tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge all with incog mode on and off and no joy? So stupid that they make it so hard to apply a promo code or is that their plan anyway?

    Thanks for the help
    harlzter's avatar
    Try using mobile data and turning wifi of on your phone so as you show a different IP address.
  8. Solidus's avatar
    Out of interest, what is the discount code you were looking to use? I hadn't seen a £10 off £50 code for Smyths. (edited)
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    The thread is over a year old.... I doubt the specific promo code is relevant at this point
  9. Chief.Rocks's avatar
    I've bought a ton of stuff from Smyths over the years and have never seen any promo codes, not even on HotUKDeals. I think I bought some lego once that was 20% off in a promotion but that was applied automatically. Are they rare, or only given out by email to certain people? It's also a shame that Smyths do gift cards but I've never seen them sold anywhere else apart from in Smyths stores.
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