Posted 25 December 2023

Spending Boots Advantage Points

Tried to buy an item in Boots the other day and thought I would use my advantage card to make a partial payment and the rest by card
I was not allowed to. The cashier said either I need to buy an item to the value of my points or to pay for my purchase in full using my card. What a farce. Can't they do like other loyalty cards?
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  1. Gollywood's avatar
    Boots Advantage Card is rubbish.

    That's all I wanted to say.
  2. CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    No it's always been like this, you can't do a partial payment. Boots is rubbish
  3. sydney871's avatar
    The thing that really got was that I have to either do a transaction or use my points by the end of the month.
    Nikita_Percival's avatar
    A transaction could simply be a simple packet of paracetamol that would keep your card active for a further 12 months and regarding partial payments boots have never allowed partial payment it’s always the amount or under
  4. t3r4's avatar
    Irritating scheme, but need it because pretty sure you get a discount on own brand products now...

    Best way to keep my membership active these days is keep an eagle eye on cashback apps, buy something there whenever it comes up to keep my account going...
    Nikita_Percival's avatar
    Yes 10% off own brands with some exclusions
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