Posted 23rd Jan 2023
Update 1
Reminders are now available to all Android users (03/02/23)
You’ve all long been able to save threads for later viewing; the save feature helps you remember to return to deals that when you have more free time.

"Remember" is the key word here. As we all know, life gets in the way, and it's all too easy to forget to look into that deal before it's too late.

So, with that in mind, we listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce our brand new "Reminders," which will be available soon on your hotukdeals android app.

Reminder key points:

  • When saving a deal on the android app, you can now also set an (optional) reminder time.
  • You can also set a reminder time for a more convenient time of the day
  • We made it really simple to delete a reminder, you just tap the “save” button for a second time
  • This feature will only be available on the android app.
  • The first release will allow you to be reminded later about your deals.
  • We’ll make further improvements to the feature in early 2023 to make it even more useful.


What else is changing?
  • Nothing, if you loved saving threads then you can continue to do so with or without reminders

And finally..
While these iterations were made based on user feedback, research and testing, we still would love your input so we can continue to improve this feature and the wider platform. This is a beta feature at the moment and there may be teething problems, so please let us know if you come across anything that doesn’t look quite right.

The iOS app is following in the next few weeks / soon

We’re looking forward to your feedback!
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    Not often I say this.

    But that will probably be useful for me. Especially those deals that get posted, saying they start in a week etc
    Yep, I think this is a great addition - especially for deals that start later, as you've said
  2. Avatar
    Great feature definitely useful however in terms of feedback, can a standard clock UI be applied instead of this upside down style?

    I've literally never seen a digital clock/alarm shown in this way
    Androids stock alarm does it this way
    I'd personally rather have it as a 12 hour clock with an am/pm toggle but maybe that's just me

    Edit: My clock is a 12 hour clock so it must go off your phone settings (edited)
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    What happens if I set a reminder and the deal expires before then? Will I still get the reminder at the set time/day?

    I see it doesn't work on currently expired deals (sometimes these may get unexpired).
    Hi, I've checked with the team and unfortunately not at this time. But you can tap the button on the deal to remove a scheduled reminder in that case.
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    Hot 🔥
  5. Avatar
    This is a welcomed end user feature. Thanks
  6. Avatar
    So happy to see this finally released!
  7. Avatar
    1) Reminder feature is fantastic.
    2).... Oh my god, there's already a Save feature I never noticed!! 🙀🤦🏾 (edited)