Wifi Authentication Error - Samsung S3 - New Update

Found 31st Dec 2012
So ever since i updated my phone to 4.2.2 yesterday i have been getting the error message Wifi Authentication Error when i try and connect to the home wifi. It also says the password has changed when it hasnt at all, im so annoyed with this... Personally i now find my £400 phone useless now i cant connect to wifi (Signal in my area isnt good enough for a decent 3g). I have tried googling it but im simply overwhelmed with all of the post about it.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to fix it please? I have tried the not letting the wifi 'go to sleep' method but that hasnt changed anything.

Thank you!!
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It must be mullahed.... it's even deleting your posts !
have you tried switching it off/on ?
Try resetting your wireless router (unplug it and wait a few seconds then plug it back in again)
I had the same problem with my nexus 4, knew password was correct etc etc

I downloaded a free wifi fixer from the play store, Blade wifi I think, sorted it out straight away.
I have heard good things about Wifi fixers. They just deleted saved Wifi points and you re enter info.

Also Wifi Analyzer is good to see which channels are free and will give you best connection.
There is a known bug when Updateing to 4.1.2 and some handsets you need to factory reset to fix it. Mine was fine but the Gf's had to be factory reset. Did the trick but, I think the wifi fixer should do the trick
Try going into settings, then wifi. Click your network then forget. Worked for me with a similar problem.
Just had this issue, solved it by following a comment i read on a forum

Basically change your router security, via the router settings to a different type.
Then try to connect the phone wifi to the new security using the wifi password, it should work.

You can then change the security back to the previous settings, and your phone wifi will still work once you re enter the wifi password.
I have tried everything u all said and still not working starting to get annoyed with this phone now. Anymore suggestions would be good thanks.
Hi...i have a samsung S3.....kept getting "no wi fi connection available".....while within 5 metres from my wi fi modem. Googled the problem.....and no clear answer.....as i have spare battery for it.....changed bstteries and BINGO...problem solved.
i have the same problem with my samsung s3 used to surf o good using the company wifi sudenly it started giving the authentication error message please advise on what to do
I have exactly the same problem grantsxulu, any news?
I have also face this problem.Any solution?
I have just had the same problem with both my Galaxy S3 and my wife's S3 mini (both running Android 4.3). After searching the web for a solution and in desperation, I changed the security password on my Netgear DG834 router then tried to connect with my phone, entering the new password - this worked. I then changed the password on the router back to its original value and tried to connect again with my phone, I was prompted to enter a new password when the login failed. I entered the password and, hey-presto, it connected. My wife's phone then also got connected simply by turning the WiFi off and back on again, without re-entering a password. This suggests to me that the problem was with the WiFi router, not the phones.
I do had same problem of authentication error msg which really made me feel irritate...
Well i found a solution... Try this
Go near your wifi router and then try connecting the wifi with the wifi signal displaying full...only den you try connecting wifi
Well my s3 works by dis...
Best of luck
The s3 that I'm using has the same problem. When I try to connect to my wifi it'll just show me "saved, secured' and afterwards 'authentication problem,,," I need help! I've done the reboots, factory reset, changing it to static, turning the wifi router on and off. This problem started when this phone was taken overseas and when it went back it couldn't connect to any networks here. Please help!
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