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[PS4] Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series (PlayStation VR / PSVR) - £10.99 @ PlayStation Store
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Made hot 1st SepMade hot 1st Sep
Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is a cinematic, interactive experience that lets you step inside a galaxy far, far away into the role of a smuggler operating near Mustafar, t… Read more

I take it you mean Alyx?. I'm not a big VR fan, although have a G2 which is grossly under used. For me, after playing Alyx, it really showed what was possible, i found it impossible to play the cheap tacky games after that, so now only use my G2 for: MSFS/DCS/StarCitizen.


You do need a high end pc to play though. My hope is it will be available for psvr2 as I'm dying to play it though, it does look amazing.


After playing Alyx this is so limp wristed, then again, so are 99% of VR games, short and tacky.


Short but fun experience. Standing face to face with Vader is pretty awesome


Better than using the Disney Trilogy sequels!

PlayStation VR Mega Pack with Camera + Headset [PS4] - Used Acceptable £87.79 (£85.37 fee free) @ Amazon Warehouse France (UK Mainland)
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Made hot 26th AugMade hot 26th AugShipping from FranceShipping from France
£87.79 if paying in GBP, otherwise approx £85.37 if paying via fee free card. 30% discount deducted at checkout. Used - Acceptable Condition. Translated: "The screen has aes… Read more

I had my PSVR kit from Amazon Warehouse France (might have been Germany) - classed as having "minor damage" - it was absolutely pristine.


Can get a good condition PSVR on eBay for around £100 and £150 with moves now, with a bit effort. Saying that if this had been UK warehouse I would have jumped at it, sometimes what you get bears little resemblance to the description and sometimes the description relates to the condition of the box itself... I've had pristine boxes with trash inside rated like new and like new stuff in a shredded box rated good. In conclusion lol returns to Amazon abroad are difficult. You have to handle the postage, pay and claim, then wait weeks for the refund.


The person who wrote that description is obviously getting paid by the word. (skeptical) "It's f*cked" would have sufficed.


Wow they just missed out it’s been delivered and returned by hermes hence the state of it


While I have no qualms about buying most of my tech second hand either via eBay or Amazon Warehouse to save money, things that make direct contact with my head/face are exceptions that I will not break. Just not worth the risk from a health/sanitary perspective and I'd have said that before the added worry of covid surface contact we have to consider now too. The discount is amazing but here I think it is very much for a reason. It will be a brave (or crazy) person that buys this headset methinks...

OCULUS Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset & Elite Strap Bundle - 128GB - £319 (Standalone is £294 Using Code) delivered @ Currys & PCWorld
Made hot 25th AugMade hot 25th Aug
Looks like a good price for 128GB with the strap. (usually, 64GB comes around for this price on this bundle) Product features Jump into VR without needing a PC or console Adva… Read more

Great deal thanks (y)


The 2k screen is pretty much just there to reduce the screen-door effect. Most games won't render natively at that resolution. If you use sidequest to run some ADB commands, you can force a higher rendering resolution at the expense of frame rates. It's interesting to try it, just to witness the potential clarity we can expect down the line, but performance definitely tanks.


I thought about this too but I guess it’s 2k magnified right up against your eye so it’s not surprising it’s pixelated. Not to mention that you need a serious PC to get acceptable performance running that resolution native in game VR


No problem, happy to help (y)



Sony Playstation VR CUH-ZVR2 Headset (Used) £85 + £1.95 Delivery @ CeX
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Made hot 11th AugMade hot 11th Aug
Good prices on PSVR units. V1 headsets are starting from £70 and V2 from £85. Reviews on CeX about what you receive are mixed. Majority are saying the units are coming complete wit… Read more

+1 for proper lighting. Make sure the camera can’t see any reflections and make the room as dark as possible. Cables are easily managed if you are able to suspend them from the ceiling. Appreciate not everyone is able to do the above.


Just gotta have the right lighting. Sure, the wires are annoying, but for PlayStation users there's no alternative so..


The tracking is awful and has a tonne of wires, then there is trying to get the stupid camera right


I got one brand new for £175 with 6 games.. then another £85 for Iron Man and two Move controllers brand new. Not really a massive rip off and Sony sent me a PS5 adapter gratis of their good nature. Bare in mind I already owned a PS4 and most of my driving games were compatible.. To get an Oculus and be able to play the majority of my exclusives is impossible. But even to get some games to play on it, do I not need some form of decent bloody expensive PC? :/


"terrible" in what way? Why get an Oculus? Can I play Gran Turismo, Dirt Rally and Rush of Blood on Oculus using my PS4?? Cos that would be well good..

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Oculus VR Daily Deal - Blaston £5.99 @ Oculus
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Made hot 11th AugMade hot 11th Aug
Rating 4.6/5 The world of Blaston just got a whole lot bigger with the Crackdown Update, available now with a new single-player campaign, arena and avatar, bHaptics integrations, … Read more

Thanks for this! I had no idea you could get A Township Tale for free on PC, saved me some cash https://townshiptale.com/download


Great fun, very active game, works up a good sweat when playing if you have the space to move around.


good PVP game


Oh, ATT is free to play on PC! And here's me about to waste free money on it! 💸


It's not even a matter of having to just work things out, the "tutorial" area was actually pretty satisfying and enjoyable However when i went to my own server i was just left to my own devices and had no clue where i was supposed to go and what i was supposed to do..i quickly got bored and played something else It just feels incredibly lazy and it's a shame because the developers on Discord are lovely I think you're right about the headset/VR bit though still i think the game needs more direction / guidance and i have literally never thought that about any other game besides ATT

Free Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2, for Quest 2 Owners @ Oculus
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Made hot 27th JulMade hot 27th Jul
Oculus has recently taken actions in response to a very small percentage of users reporting a generally mild skin irritation where the foam portion of the Quest 2 facial interface … Read more

Mine came yesterday too


Mine arrived today


Aye, received mine a few days back via Yodel


Nope, Had email in August to say problem with order and phone number needs updating. Then another email few weeks later to say address needs updating. Latest email siad should get by end of September suppsodily


So.... 6 weeks later; anyone received theirs yet?