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  • Voucher link should go when used

    Near the top of the screen, where it says Welcome back, there is a voucher link. Can't this be removed after the voucher is used? I used my voucher ages ago, now the link is useless. 1 Comment

  • xxxx_260612_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx xxxx_260613_DEAL_TOP_BAR_xxxx What is this?

    I get it when viewing Misc 7 Comments

  • A TV section maybe

    Hi all. . Im looking for all HD tvs ranging from 40"+. . My problem is, not being able to display all of the TV deals. . What is the most efficient way to display all of the latest tv deals available... 7 Comments

  • TV for £1.27

    Hey, where and why did the TV that I posted for £1.27 go? 18 Comments

  • For Sale/Trade Forum Question

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but .... . You are not allowed to relist items for a period of 7 days on the For Sale/Trade forum, does that mean that items can be relisted on day 7 or day... 9 Comments

  • Uploading Pictures while offering

    Hi,. I am just wondering how can i upload images along with the item Im offering. I can only see the option for the link to the Image, but how can i put the link into that. . Thanks. Win 1 Comment

  • Supermarket/Food Deals - out of control now!

    I know I keep on whinging about this, but it's getting to ridiculous levels now. It's like every 5th 'deal' is about something you can buy in the supermarket for 20p. It's ridiculous! It's not ev... 54 Comments

  • Posted item then moved to misc

    Hi all I posted a recall earlier for an Asda DVD Player. I thought it should go in Deals as this is quite important safety issue and everyone could see, it then moved to Misc. . I could understand if i... 4 Comments

  • Start Date on Vouchers...

    The start date on vouchers is not displayed anywhere... . Could this be added? 2 Comments

  • Honest discussion.....What does constitute "bumping of threads to promote your sale without good reason"

    Well lets hope this is not removed from here as I honestly believe that it should be discussed, as for me and others this rule sits within a very grey area. . I had a for sale thread removed yesterday ... 18 Comments

  • I'm a newbie and I'm stuck?

    Hi everyone, it's my first day today and I already need help. . When I try and post a reply in a thread and include a link to a website my post just vanishes? Why is this and how do I fix it? I posted ... 14 Comments

  • A couple of Rep questions.

    Sorry if these have been asked before. I did a quick search and couldn't find the relevant information. . 1. How much rep can I give out daily. 2. Once out of rep, does a new "allowance" start at midni... 16 Comments

  • Your recent activity

    How about the 'Your Recent Activity' has ones where someone has posted after you in a different colour or something so you can see if there is a post after you. . I'd personally find it pretty handy. 7 Comments

  • Advanced search doesn't work properly

    Tried to locate this thread using advanced search http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/68954...68954&page=205. . I did use advanced search using both. . +anything +quidco. . +everything +quidco. . didnt find it tho... 9 Comments

  • commision junction CJ allfalate account

    hello. . im new to this site. just woundering if i fund deals and posted them on this site, is there a way i can make some commision if i place the link through and allfalte system such as CJ. . . . does... 3 Comments

  • Spamming After A Thread Has Been Previously Spammed

    this may have been brought up before, if it has could someone provide the link if not, a short answer would be great. . Its just something ive noticed recently, if a thread is spammed or expired and a ... 26 Comments

  • Quick question on selling items

    I have a few Xbox 360 games for sale in 2 threads, I now want to sell a PS3 game on a thread, and have a phone on another thread. . I want to just open one big thread or merge the others together but I... 5 Comments


    hi. i am tring to sell some jeans on here but dont know how to upload pics. can anyone help me please?. . thanks 6 Comments

  • KIS 2009 alerting me to someone's avatar

    Is anyone else getting this alert ? I have KIS 2009 and everytime I go to this thread. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/269044/the-steven-seagal-dvd-legacy-8-disc/. . (Steven Segal thread) I get this:. V... 7 Comments

  • how many degrees to hot page

    how hot does the deal need to be before it appears on the hot page thanks 6 Comments

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