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  • Where the hell do the posts go to?

    Last night there was a post on here about a onetouch 4 250gb drive at jessops for about £27. I know because I bought one but today there is nothing. It's gone, what the hell is going on? I have spent ... 4 Comments

  • Space Shuttle Deal deleted

    Are any mods out there. Just wondering why my Space Shuttle deal was deleted, did it break the rules. . It was just a bit of festive fun and still the cheapest price around. 6 Comments

  • keep getting booted off after login when trying to submit, anyone else?

    just lately when i go to submit my deal it tells me to log in and I already was. lose everything ive typed and its sooo annoying. does this happen to anyone else or am I doing something wrong?? 6 Comments

  • Are prices at RRP, hot deals?

    Are we renaming this site to NotHotUKDealsButActuallyRRPDealsThatAreInStock.com. . I'm noticing an increasing number of deals for items that are in short supply being posted at RRP prices, the argument... 20 Comments

  • when you Click on a tag you get an error ..

    *Error: Page not found.*. . is this a site problem or has ma boy admin changed it, I prefer it this way 14 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • bit of HUKD history -

    the site has come a long way .............. . Default HotUKDeals forum - Register to win £50. Hi all. . I've started a new Hot Deals site and forum at www.hotukdeals.com. !It's only been up for a week b... 10 Comments

  • Deleting established posts/deals

    A few times now I've posted replies on deals that I've taken a punt on, the latest being a Sandisk Cruzer USB key misprice. Sometimes these topics are deleted after they've been up for a day or two, ... 1 Comment

  • HELP I've stopped getting email alerts for deals

    Happened yesterday too then it was ok and today i have none. Default is set to "all" so dont know what else to do. Help PLEASE lol 2 Comments

  • B&Q search

    Why is it that, if I search for 'B&Q' I get no results - but there are in fact plenty of postings about B&Q deals etc? 9 Comments

  • Why do my deals keep disappearing?

    I've posted several deals recently and they work fine for a minute or two but then just dissappear. How come? My last one was http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/297396/tomb-raider-underworld-the-new-one... 5 Comments

  • Whats the point of rep???

    Hey all, Ive been a member for a while now, But I still havent figured out what the deal with rep is? Ive added rep for people but I dont know how to view mine or anyone elses and what its for?. . Chee... 23 Comments

  • I think there is something wrong with the filters

    I was going to post a deal at home bargains. If I go to deals forum and click on the New tab then filter by the merchant Home Bargains only 2 deals come up (I've included expired). But when I start ... 8 Comments

  • Best way to contact a MOD???

    Someone spammed/expired a deal that I posted, that is still very much active and alive. I have reported this via the traingle button but it still hasn't been reactivated. So, how do you go about react... 1 Comment

  • Help...!

    I've just left negative feedback by mistake! How do i change this? Thanks 2 Comments

  • Another type of feedback on hukd

    hey guys, cant really b signed on for long so ill make a quick question, theres space below peoples avatar for another set of circles/stars or whatever, so maybe people could have a "hot deals" bar...... 27 Comments

  • Competition rules..

    Well done to all the winners of the competition for a xmas card.theres only one small problem is why have rules if hotukdeals does not stick to them i refer to the rule" Once submitted, you cannot edi... 17 Comments

  • FAO Admin

    get rid of rep and post counts they mean nothing and just clutter the screen. . a new system should be formed were you have a sale/trade rating like your feedback numbers inplace of the post count. . and ... 30 Comments

  • Advanced search doesn't even work properly now!

    tried +sony +official to find my for sale thread but didnt find it. . even tried member csiman / for sale section / last 2 weeks and still didnt find it. . No wonder there are so many duplicate deals! 15 Comments

  • Post count

    when a thread gets spammed/removed I have noticed the post-count for users does not decrease, if you not going to put the thread back up, should you not remove added post count from that thread. . . tha... 13 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • Mod!!

    Is there a mod on here that i can speak to?have used the contact us option couple of times but havnt heard back.x 10 Comments

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