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  • A little confused!! - trying to add Heat to Deals

    When i try to add heat to deals nothing happens, the degrees sign just disappears! Is this because Im a new member? 16 Comments

  • tesco clubcard vouchers

    Thanks for posting in the other thread sigma, but you sorta only answered half the question i asked - lol. . If these have been converted already can they then be sold, although i suppose if they have b... 8 Comments

  • Direct link URL problems

    I tried to add a competition linked to the www.tooledup.com site. I added the URL from my browser address bar to the direct link field on the submit page, however when you use the "goto deal" link it ... 2 Comments

  • Tags

    OK so there are certain members on this site that I have noticed starting to add tags that are completely unnecessary. Is this not against forum rules? am I right to report these posts? Is this not co... 44 Comments

  • Keep getting logged out

    This site is driving me absolutely crazy. Every few minutes, I will go to a different page, and find I've been logged out. I emailed staff about this a week ago, but got no reply. Any body else gettin... 4 Comments

    Biffo the BearBiffo the Bear
  • Quick suggestion for For Sale forum

    Any chance of adding to the 'Please read the FS/FT rules before submitting a sale or trade item. ' message when submitting a thread to include a message advising that all freebie/giveaways should be p... 3 Comments

  • Threads expired and spammed

    Noticed alot of deals getting expired and spammed for no reason tonight can we have some moderator feedback on why this is happening. . It discourages people from contributing can we have some feedback... 1 Comment

  • Guidance in 'banners'

    I wanted really to add this thought to this thread:. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/266594/leaving-the-lunatics-to-run-the-asy/?p=3328321#post3328321. but feared it would be subsumed. I think that guid... 6 Comments

  • Leaving the lunatics to run the Asylum?

    Is there any actual point to this part of the forum. . It seems that we just answer our own questions on here now between the select few of us who regularly peruse Feedback or rarely get an answer to q... 19 Comments

  • What Happened to bingsy?

    As title really, he hasnt had "super - moderator" under his name for a few days now... . hope he didnt quit because he thought i was asked to b a mod before him...... . i was only joking. . or was i. . on... 16 Comments

  • Gear4 Ipod Docking station thread deletion

    Hi. . Just would like to know why was the WHOLE thread deleted, instead of being marked as expired? 20 Comments

  • Vouchers Blacklisted

    Hi, I have just been advised by one of my customers that they posted a voucher deal on this site but unfortunately this got blacklisted as spam!! Why does this happen - she is annoyed as it seems to ... 8 Comments

  • Posting links of a 'mature' nature

    Is it possible to have some feedback or guidelines on what is and isn't acceptable as a link when it comes to posting links of a 'post-watershed' nature. Are we allowed to, for example, post links to... 11 Comments

  • happy birrthday

    jus read the congrats thread getting too long and reminded me of number of birthday threads on misc as well...surely this should be posted in the cograts thread...think i did report once but nothing c... 6 Comments

  • Tags on the congratulations thread

    Anyone else think it's getting out of hand? looks messy. 16 Comments

  • Expiring of Posts

    I guess a lot of members who have placed posts have had them expired by another member often without reason nor explanation. Would other members agree with me that the person who expires the post shou... 17 Comments

  • how do i find a thread

    Hi i cannot find a thread , i brought an item from someone and i cant find the thread it has since been locked , please can someone help i have looked all over the site !!! 6 Comments

  • Pirating Discussions...

    It adds nothing to the site when you enter a deal only to read "Fable 2 for £30, I just pirate my games for £1.50 each lol i'm a pirate lol". . Whilst you may be thinking, at least this pirate is obviou... 15 Comments

  • new layout

    emma says report probs here! 73 Comments

  • Cold votes

    I know this has never been discussed on here(!). My point is; when a 'deal' is posted by the op and its a repost, why vote cold. Why dont people just put that its already posted and spam it as it could... 51 Comments

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