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  • Heads Up deals...Are they Allowed?

    I thought i had seen a comment from admin somewhere telling ppl that these werent allowed anymore at HUKD. . am i correct or is momma wrong again? (mommas never wrong). . cheers. . acecatcher3 13 Comments

  • Misprices : A Quick Guide

    I'm no legal eagle but as misprices are often posted in the forums I hope this little write up may be helpful. The information is brief and does not cover all areas. If you feel you need more advi... 24 Comments

  • Sites cream crackered...

    unable to click any threads.. 4 Comments

  • Bitter Wallet Blog Link

    Just noticed the new Bitter Wallet Blog link at the top of HUKD page to right of logo. . Just wondered if there was any info on it - background, what it's for etc . . Something new :) 38 Comments

  • Images not loading???

    Has something just happened. . Images currently not loading for basic stuff like avatars and headers. . Using Chrome - if that makes a difference? 3 Comments

  • Block Rep Forever

    This is just a question for the mods, i dont want to explain why to members (i will to mods if they need me to through pm) i would just like to know if its possible to have my rep system removed comp... 57 Comments

  • a mistake to post a deal too early?

    i often wonder if it is wise to post a deal as soon as it is found as it may jeopardise the chances of you getting the deal yourself. do companies always process orders in the order they are received?... 9 Comments

  • Anyway to change the message defaults

    Everytime i send a message unless i remember to unclick every time a copy gets sent to my sent messages folder, is there anyway to pernmantly disable this without remember to untick with every message 8 Comments

  • Deal requests of all kinds - why in misc?

    I've not been on here for a while but have been browsing, loitering if you will. . What i cannot seem to get my head around is the repeated posts in misc for deal requests. Seems to be the COD 5 Beta i... 8 Comments

  • Username change....mods/admin???

    Sent several PMs a few weeks ago over a username change. . none back tho. Can u check the PMs please thanks. . . ps...feedback section feels like a foreign country :P 28 Comments

  • ...


  • Spamming & Expiring

    It seems to be extremely easy to fall foul of the rules relating to this issue, which I have been guilty of today. Though some, like myself, have read the rules, it is not always possible to retain th... 13 Comments

  • Neg selling feedback

    My last bad feedback was due to a misunderstanding, what happened was we agreed a sale, I got the details and said I would do a bank transfer the next day. . Due to the well know problems I had a few we... 21 Comments

  • How to exclude Media/Entertainment deals on HUK ?

    I am not interested and never will be in numerous media deals on this site, as DVDs, Games, XBOX controllers, is there any way to filter them out ? It is a bit annoying to scroll sometimes the whole p... 1 Comment

  • Could there be an INSTORE / ONLINE indicator on the main post?

    This info has to be added when you post, and it would be great if it was on the post details when you open it - perhaps in a little box under 'Go to Deal'. . .. would just make some of the deals a lot c... 8 Comments

  • Just Like to say Thanks and what a good Seller minnie77 is!

    Excellent communications, Delivered as promised and advertised very well packaged (I had so much fun with the bubblewrap) and would recommend this seller to all on HUKD. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/ite... 2 Comments

    bargain surferbargain surfer
  • Cold Trolls?

    Hey, been a member since about this time last year and I think this site is a very valuable resource. However, recently, it seems to be that there appear to be trolls that seem to vote everything cold... 28 Comments

    Film BrainFilm Brain
  • Why not add the price to deal titles

    I browse the site with the small deals thing tuned on (no photo / description just the title showing. . When in this mode you can't see the price of the item unless people remember to put it into the t... 17 Comments

  • Editing Deal Bug? "Link to Image File:" is always blank

    If I edit a deal i have previously submitted, the Link to Image File field shows as blank, even if I had previously entered one. This may be by design, but I find it confusing since I get the feeling... Read more

  • H4te spamming....

    I have noticed for a while that every time I make a thread about 90% it gets spammed, at first I thought maybe my threads were un-appropriate or breaking the rules, but after my latest one got spammed... 32 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
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