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  • Calendar for HUKD reminders...?

    Any chance off being able to add events to our calenders so HUKD can give us a reminder about up coming deals. . Looks like most of the code is already there, and i can set events up to 2006 but cant s... 5 Comments

  • How to you close a FS thread?

    Morning folks, just wanted to know how you close one of your For Sale threads? I want a few of mine closed as I want to relist them again in 7 days. . Rep for any help :) 5 Comments

  • Unresolved Trade User List

    For those of you using the FS forum, please note the following thread-. . http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/337268/unresolved-trade-user-list/. . Any feedback appreciated :) 102 Comments

  • Welcome to col - HUKD's new FS/FT mod

    As several of you know we put out a call for a dedicated FS/FT mod a few weeks ago. We had loads of very good members who expressed interest and honestly it's one of those times when we wish there wer... 33 Comments

  • Extra Bump Allowed To FS/FT

    I am requesting an extra bump allowance for when you expire your own thread. . easiest way i can explain is by using my thread as an example:. . in my "pulsar watch for sale" thread i have used up my two... 26 Comments

  • .


  • hi how do i vote hot or cold

    hi how do i vote hot or cold 6 Comments

  • FS / FT Forum idea

    Mods. . When a user posts a new thread in fs/ft, why not just have a redirect to a page with the rules on before the thread is actually submitted? 4 Comments

  • The search engine...PLEASE!

    This is probably one of my favourite sites at the moment, however it has two major flaws and they're both because of the search engine. 1) When you search it never finds all the deals posted about wh... 7 Comments

  • Deal going "hot" too early imo

    theres so many more users now, gone are the days where 50degrees was classed as a hot deal. . the change from a normal deal to a "hot" deal is about 50degrees isnt it. . think it should be lifted to aro... 9 Comments

  • Think its time for stickys back on the forum

    just been looking through the FS/FT and there seems to be loads of new members who by the looks of some of the posts are not following the rules, is there a way to add a sticky to each and every post ... 6 Comments

  • Site name in pic looks a little silly??

    Is it just me, (probably is lol) but doesnt the T in hotukdeals look like it's had a bad paintshop job done on it?. . If not, why did the site staff choose a weird T?. . Quirkeyness?? lol 8 Comments

  • can i sell these? Mod response please x

    i have a couple of gameboy cartridges that have like 100 games on them, dont know where we got them from, but would i be able to sell them on here 11 Comments

  • HUK login system keeps on logging me out.... that and the pages are playing up a bit

    Anybody else experiencing these problems in the last 5 mins. . TIm 3 Comments

  • Post keeps disappearing

    Have posted a deal for the Sainburys Easter Eggs 3 times now, and each time it disappears with no explanation. . Please could a mod explain. . http://hotukdeals.com/item/340750/easter-eggs-only-1-at-sai... 7 Comments

  • Ban on selling free SIM cards?

    Hey. . I'd like to suggest an addition to the FS/FT boards, that SIM cards with no credit on cannot be resold. . They are readily available FOC on the internet, why should people try and sell them on? (... 13 Comments

  • New Members Selling

    when members are selling items is it possible to get them to fill in a form before they are allowed to sell for example with their details that the mods can keep hold of as recently there are more and... 17 Comments

  • Has the sites favicon file just disappeared?

    Doesn't seem to be loading at all and www.hotukdeals.com/favicon.ico doesn't seem to be working. . Thoughts. . EDIT - Seems to have resolved itself now. 4 Comments

  • Username Change

    Could the Staff please change my username to B Wadey. . Thank you. 5 Comments

  • Contact Us @ Bottom of page

    Who does this go to? Is it all mods and admin? Or just admin? 8 Comments

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