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  • Sorry looks like i messed up somewhere.

    I posted a thread in for sale /Trade and i must of messed up somewhere as it won't let me click on the thread even though i can see it. . Really sorry if i have made a mistake with it. I knew i was st... 14 Comments

  • Youtbue vids displaying like Pictures

    for example the IMG code which allows pics to be seen, on other fourms they have the same for youtube with the tags "[youtube]"code here"[/youtube]. . come on get it done 21 Comments

    black gerbil1black gerbil1
  • Help / Advise wanted on correct use of HotUKDeals for Merchants

    Hi Guys. . Hope you can help I am a complete novice to hotukdeals. I had a brief encounter a few weeks ago where a customer posted a special offer of mine on this site. I had a lot of interest as it ... 10 Comments

  • WHY is it?

    i'm not an addict poster more of an observer but I have noticed that the latest two mods (there is another one but don't remeber who) but Col and the girl one used to be regular posters on the board... 15 Comments

  • can someone help!

    i have listed some items for sale and i think because i listed them late at night i havent had any response. I know i cant list them again whilst the listings are still active. can i expire the list... 7 Comments

  • anyone having problems -

    keep getting stuck then hukd goes off. is it just me?? 14 Comments

  • post issues admin on ?

    any admin on ?? 3 Comments

  • Problem with the £2.50 code from HUKD

    Someone bought it off me on here, and they said it doesn't work and that it's already been redeemed. Last night I placed an order with Amazon and tried to use the code but it didn't take it off the or... 5 Comments

  • 'You have received Rep!' popup?

    Just had a nice you have got a 3 matches popup! Very nice - thanks! Just wondered if anyone had thought of an alert type thingy that lets you know when you have got rep? Would it work?... 11 Comments

  • Negative Feedback

    Could a mod plz take a look at my feedback ,as seller mistakingly left negative by mistake. http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/177257/showthread.php?t=177257&page=2 3 Comments

  • expired - do we really need it

    Only asking as it seems more hassle than its worth, when a thread gets expired it mean it cant be spammed off the boards, something i think a few members have latched on too and expiring them themselv... 11 Comments

  • Missing Deal Thread - Was it spammed/deleted?

    A couple weeks ago I posted a deal for a selection of games that you could get from The Game Collection for £6.95 (it was a list of 40+ games, complete with next best price info, etc.). . As this is an ... 7 Comments

  • Hottest this week extended....

    Can we have the "Hottest this week" extended from 5 to 10 . i think 1 to 10 would be ideal instead of just seeing 5 hot deals. 1 Comment

  • Is it a rule or not

    I have now come across this twice and it seems ok to do it, yet thesaint was clearly told he couldnt. . * Selling items on behalf of a third party is not permitted, the item[s] must belong to you and be... 21 Comments

  • threads

    every time i click on a thread loads of random text !!! any one else gettin this 4 Comments

  • Will HDUK do the Amazon vouchers again in the future?

    I really liked the Amazon voucher "reward" mainly because I never win any of the HDUK competitions - so it was very nice to get the voucher. (Thanks). . With all the Amazon voucher begging threads I was... 30 Comments

  • Problem With Logging Out And Cookies

    I realise the chance of this problem causing any kind of security risk is remote, but as it's there, I just thought I'd better mention it. . 1: Load the site using http://hotukdeals.com. Sign in with ... 6 Comments

  • Tag editing/tag abuse

    There seems to be a rash of tag editing going on - some of it not very complimentary - and it appears you can't see who has done the editing (maybe the mods can?). . I think this needs to be fixed so t... 109 Comments

  • red square on reputaion feedback?

    I know the orange ones are for positive feedback and the blue ones are from people who haven't got anough rep to go around but what are the red squares. . I presume this is a negative rep judging by th... 47 Comments

  • why has my avatar changed???

    why have i goit a click to add avatar button. . thanks 32 Comments

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