100+ Free IBM Training Courses: Includes IBM’s Cloud & Watson Platforms, plus IBM Professional Development - Free @ IBM

100+ Free IBM Training Courses: Includes IBM’s Cloud & Watson Platforms, plus IBM Professional Development - Free @ IBM

Posted 24th May
Free Training to Update Skills from IBM

As the world health situation continues to evolve, we know this is top of mind for our clients. At this time, many companies have advised or encouraged employees to work from home. IBM has taken action to provide our clients and partners with resources to protect their employees and businesses while operating under adjusted schedules and circumstances.

I’ve directed the IBM Training & Skills organisation to publish a list of free online training courses which will allow you to use any down time you may experience to develop your skills, whether you are in the office or working remotely. These courses are designed to build valuable skills and improve your organisation's productivity and capabilities. They include foundational soft skills programs as well as technical training. Many courses offer free digital credentials to build your eminence. In addition, our global training providers have expanded their online instructor-led training options to allow you to meet your training needs an a safe environment.

IBM has helped its clients successfully manage through many global crises over its 109-year history. We are committed to your success and are here to assist you and your organization. Please take care of yourselves, your clients, your family and your friends.

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-----===== IBM Cloud =====-----

DL69106G learn.ibm.com/cou…619
Cloud Foundry Migration Tool

DL09006G learn.ibm.com/cou…801
Using Agile Service Manager to Understand and Prevent Service Problems

DL09200G learn.ibm.com/cou…295
DataPower on Docker: A quick introduction

DL10001G learn.ibm.com/cou…184
Viewing Analytics in IBM API Connect

DL09689G learn.ibm.com/cou…925
Prepare for IBM Certification Exam – IBM Cloud Application Development v3

DL09698G learn.ibm.com/cou…160
Java EE Application Modernization

DL09151G learn.ibm.com/cou…280
IBM App Connect Enterprise and REST APIs

DL12003G learn.ibm.com/cou…844
Getting Started with IBM Cloud Event Management

DL09000G learn.ibm.com/cou…134
JVM Problem Determination, Garbage Collection and Tools

DL09001G learn.ibm.com/cou…136
IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit V9

DL09002G learn.ibm.com/cou…200

DL09002: Out of Memory Problem Determination

DL09013G learn.ibm.com/cou…223
How To: Share volumes between containers (DL09013G)

DL09014G learn.ibm.com/cou…431
How To: Docker #5 – Mapping container ports

DL09015G learn.ibm.com/cou…432
How To: Docker #6 – Mapping container ports to specific host ports

DL09300G learn.ibm.com/cou…313
IBM Cloud Private Foundation Technology Series:
Containers and Docker

DL09301G learn.ibm.com/cou…314
IBM Cloud Private Foundation Technology Series:
Kubernetes and Helm

DL09302G learn.ibm.com/cou…312
IBM Cloud Private Foundation Technology Series:
Twelve-factor, Microservices, and Istio

DL09303G learn.ibm.com/cou…311
IBM Cloud Private Foundation Technology Series:
Cloud Foundry

DL09304G learn.ibm.com/cou…620
IBM Cloud Private Infrastructure and Architecture Series:
Adopting Cloud technologies

DL09305G learn.ibm.com/cou…621
IBM Cloud Private Infrastructure and Architecture Series:
Introduction to concepts, infrastructure, and architecture

DL09306G learn.ibm.com/cou…622
IBM Cloud Private Infrastructure and Architecture Series:
IBM Cloud Professional Services

DL09307G learn.ibm.com/cou…855
IBM Cloud Private Installation and Configuration Series:
Installation and configuration

DL09308G learn.ibm.com/cou…858
IBM Cloud Private Installation and Configuration Series:
Cloud Native

DL09309G learn.ibm.com/cou…859
IBM Cloud Private Installation and Configuration Series:
IBM Cloud Private Services

DL09310G learn.ibm.com/cou…860
IBM Cloud Private Installation and Configuration Series:
High availability

DL09311G learn.ibm.com/cou…868
IBM Cloud Private Continuing Education Series:
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Pipelines

DL09500G learn.ibm.com/cou…481
Containers and Kubernetes: Fundamentals

DL09501G learn.ibm.com/cou…482
Helm Fundamentals

DL09152G learn.ibm.com/cou…262
IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Essentials

DL09400G learn.ibm.com/cou…910
Getting Started with IBM Decision Composer

DL12004G learn.ibm.com/cou…908
Customizing IBM Netcool Operations Insight on IBM Cloud Private

DLP45G learn.ibm.com/cou…=43
Bluemix Public Networking

DLP48G learn.ibm.com/cou…=42
Cloud Service Management

DL09725G learn.ibm.com/cou…051
IBM Cloud Pak for Applications – Self-Paced Technical Exploration

-----===== IBM Watson =====-----

DL25350G learn.ibm.com/cou…095
IBM Sterling Order Management Getting Your On Cloud Developer Learning Environment

DL25351G learn.ibm.com/cou…944
IBM Sterling Order Management On Cloud Developer

DL25400G learn.ibm.com/cou…073
IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights With Watson:
Getting Your Learning Environment

DL25401G learn.ibm.com/cou…000
IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights With Watson:
Deployment and Data Configuration

DL25300G learn.ibm.com/cou…089
IBM Sterling Order Management:
Getting Your On-Premise Developer Learning Environment

DL25301G learn.ibm.com/cou…899
IBM Sterling Order Management:
On-Premise Developer

DL25360G learn.ibm.com/cou…360
Getting Your IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility Tenant

DL25361G learn.ibm.com/cou…359
Practical Implementation of IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

DL25402G learn.ibm.com/cou…150
IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights With Watson:
Developing an Embedded Business Agent

DL25010G learn.ibm.com/cou…166
IBM Sterling Order Management:
Getting Your User Learning Environment

DL25011G learn.ibm.com/cou…172
IBM Sterling Order Management Fundamentals

DL25012G learn.ibm.com/cou…154
IBM Sterling Order Management: Participant Modeling

DL25013G learn.ibm.com/cou…138
IBM Sterling Order Management User Security

DL25014G learn.ibm.com/cou…165
IBM Sterling Order Management Process Modeling

DL25352G learn.ibm.com/cou…632
IBM Sterling Order Management Cloud Deployment Specialist

DL25420G learn.ibm.com/cou…720
IBM Sterling Control Center Director: Getting Your Learning Environment

DL25421G learn.ibm.com/cou…719
IBM Sterling Control Center Director with IBM Sterling Connect:
Direct Deployment Specialist

DL25015G learn.ibm.com/cou…169
IBM Sterling Order Management Catalogs, Items, and Pricing

DL25362G learn.ibm.com/cou…574
IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility Getting Your OMS Environment

DL25363G learn.ibm.com/cou…367
Implementing IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility with IBM Sterling Order Management

DL25101G learn.ibm.com/cou…406
IBM Supply Chain Business Assistant: Developing an AI Agent

DL67009G learn.ibm.com/cou…443
Watson OpenScale Foundations

DL67010G learn.ibm.com/cou…480
Data Refinery Essentials

DL67011G learn.ibm.com/cou…481
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Essentials

DL67012G learn.ibm.com/cou…482
IBM Watson Machine Learning Essentials

DL67013G learn.ibm.com/cou…483
IBM Watson Studio Dashboard Essentials

DL67014G learn.ibm.com/cou…484
IBM Watson Studio Streams Flows Essentials

DL67015G learn.ibm.com/cou…485
IBM Watson Studio Visual Recognition Essentials

DL67016G learn.ibm.com/cou…726
Watson Discovery Foundations

DL67002G learn.ibm.com/cou…300
Introduction to IBM Cloud for Developers

DL67003G learn.ibm.com/cou…303
Watson Studio Essentials

DL67006G learn.ibm.com/cou…346
Introduction to Text Analytics

DL25030G learn.ibm.com/cou…982
Getting Your IBM Sterling SCBN Mapping Learning Environment

DL25031G learn.ibm.com/cou…818
Creating Maps Using IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network Best Practices

-----===== IBM Watson IoT =====-----

DL42003G learn.ibm.com/cou…165
IBM Kenexa Lead Manager on Cloud Course

DL42011G learn.ibm.com/cou…128
IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud Administrator Tools

DL42001G learn.ibm.com/cou…130
IBM Kenexa Onboard Manager Course

DL42002G learn.ibm.com/cou…149
IBM Kenexa Onboard On Cloud Configuration Course

DL42017G learn.ibm.com/cou…707
Talent Management Solutions Admin App Course

DL42024G learn.ibm.com/cou…820
IBM Watson Talent Agency Manager for Agencies

DL42025G learn.ibm.com/cou…830
BrassRing on Cloud: Data Insight Tool

DL42019G learn.ibm.com/cou…570
IBM Talent Assessments Sales Foundation for Business Partners

DL42020G learn.ibm.com/cou…659
Watson Talent Frameworks Sales Foundation for Business Partners

DL42018G learn.ibm.com/cou…138
Watson Talent Portfolio Sales Foundation

DL42026G learn.ibm.com/cou…821
BrassRing on Cloud: Workbench New

DL42021G learn.ibm.com/cou…775
IBM Talent Acquisition Suite Sales Foundation for Business Partners

DL42022G learn.ibm.com/cou…822
Acoustic Campaign for use with Lead Manager

DL42023G learn.ibm.com/cou…881
IBM Lead Manager: Workbench Configuration

DL92015G learn.ibm.com/cou…028
IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights – 03.10.2020 Update – New release technical enablement

-----===== IBM Systems =====-----

DL00501G learn.ibm.com/cou…532
IBM Z Skills Employer Resource Center

DL00701G learn.ibm.com/cou…529
Networking on z/OS – Foundations

DL37001G learn.ibm.com/cou…450
Introduction to IBM Spectrum Protect

DL08007G learn.ibm.com/cou…309
What’s New with IBM Spectrum Protect version 8.1.5

DL08015G learn.ibm.com/cou…498
Introduction to IBM Storage and Cloud

DL08016G learn.ibm.com/cou…712
NVM Express over Fabrics Introduction

DL08012G learn.ibm.com/cou…352
Introduction to Storage Performance

DL08013G learn.ibm.com/cou…353
NVM Express Base Introduction

DL08017G learn.ibm.com/cou…985
Introduction to IBM Elastic Storage Server

DL00702G learn.ibm.com/cou…572
z/OS TCP/IP Configuration with Network Configuration Assistant

DL00665G learn.ibm.com/cou…146
Mainframe build in a DevOps pipeline with IBM Dependency Based Build

DL37002G learn.ibm.com/cou…018
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.5 Quick Start

DL37003G learn.ibm.com/cou…936
Protecting SAP HANA with IBM Spectrum Storage

DL37004G learn.ibm.com/cou…014
Sizing IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

DL00655G learn.ibm.com/cou…403
IBM Developer for z/OS(IDz) basics

----==== Professional Skills ====----

DL65001G learn.ibm.com/cou…972
Professional Skills: Collaborate Effectively

DL65002G learn.ibm.com/cou…980
Professional Skills: Present with Purpose

DL65003G learn.ibm.com/cou…981
Professional Skills: Delivering Quality Work with Agility

DL65004G learn.ibm.com/cou…982
Professional Skills: Solving Problems with Critical and Creative Thinking

W61001T learn.ibm.com/cou…332
Watson & Cloud Foundations

W63001T learn.ibm.com/cou…288
Natural Language Processing 201

W65003T learn.ibm.com/cou…294
Designing Conversational Solutions

W65014T learn.ibm.com/cou…329
Watson Assistant Foundations

W67002T learn.ibm.com/cou…320
Watson Knowledge Studio Foundations & Methodology

W68002T learn.ibm.com/cou…312
Watson data identification, collection, and curation

W68003T learn.ibm.com/cou…327
Artificial Intelligence Concepts

----==== IBM Finance & Operations====----

DL55515G learn.ibm.com/cou…720
Using the IBM Support Community

----==== IBM Watson Health ====----

9D75G ibm.com/ser…75G
Introduction to IBM Cúram Social Program Management 7.X:
Functional Overview
Community Updates


Nice one heat.

There was a story when IBM got rid of their older engineers.

The clients hired the engineers directly and didnt need IBM services anymore.

And for the others, they had nowhere else to go. Turns out the IBM courses they went to were not used anywhere else.
Already listed
How much were these courses or have they always been free?
Too much too late.
Brilliant find, heat added, although not a great fan of IBM But some courses are really good.
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