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Posted 3 March 2024

COD MW3 “CLUTCH" operator skin w/code

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Use code to redeem via link for the "CLUTCH" OPERATOR SKIN

Activision More details at
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  1. VivianDooshley's avatar
    Cheers OP. To equip Clutch, they can be found as a skin for Specgru's BBQ.
  2. Crumbz's avatar
    I was able to use the code it but can't find the skin in my operators?
    Turret-Buddy's avatar
    BBQ - guy with a beard, alt skin for him
  3. grahamchalker's avatar
    Cheers pal, will be able to tell who the HUKDeals players are now.
    bruce287's avatar
    Team gun game?
  4. b1g1an's avatar
    Isn't this the one from a few weeks ago that you just had to log into your Activision account to automatically get? (edited)
    Forgottenshopper's avatar
    This Call of Duty account has already received this bonus content using another code
  5. picklejarbaron's avatar
    What's that? A skin for game I've never played or will play? I MUST HAVE IT!
  6. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Thanks OP
  7. Scarylobster's avatar
    Thank you
  8. SH3LLT's avatar
    Thank you!!
  9. rooikat's avatar
    Thanks OP!
  10. Neggy's avatar
  11. Jay_Patel6cq's avatar
  12. Rocksteady's avatar
    Thanks OP! (edited)
  13. aLV426's avatar
    This Call of Duty account has already received this bonus content using another code.
  14. broke_with_expensivetaste's avatar
  15. Mellor's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up just added it to
  16. brad_bishop's avatar
    Is this available in WZ? I can't see it in WZ.
    Kornelius's avatar
    maybe you dont have the clutch operator unlocked
  17. grahamchalker's avatar
    Which operator is this for.
    NIgelK's avatar
  18. mdubs's avatar
    Just a heads up, if you do redeem it successfully then you dont get any notification in game, it's available under operators, then BBQ (SpecGru).
    NIgelK's avatar
    Yeah it’s a pity that tbh, if I remember correctly on older COD’s if you redeemed something on the website etc it flashed up next time you booted up the game.
  19. v1nc3's avatar
  20. dini2k2's avatar
    Shame this isnt available in dmz 😔
  21. Nick_Honey's avatar
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