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18 x 100g Milk Chocolate Love Heart Coin delivered w/ code (BBE Nov 2023)

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23/09 - Price reduced further 18 x 100g now £7.99 (previously £9.99) - credit for the spot. Free delivery with code FPCHOC
Clearance deal on 18 x 100g Milk Chocolate Love Heart Coin reduced to £9.99 £7.99 working out at 56p 45p each per 100g chocolate coin. Total weight 2.18kg (Inc packaging). Get free delivery using code FPCHOC , which would usually cost £3.70. Please note the best before date is November 2023. Decent clearance price given one single 100g coin is selling on Amazon for £2.99. Suitable for vegetarians.



18 x 100g Milk Chocolate Love Heart Coin £9.99 £7.99 delivered w/code

  • Indulge in pure chocolate bliss with our delectable Love Hearts-inspired treats!
  • 18 large, chunky, chocolate coins
  • Best before end November 2023
  • Weight 2.18kg (Inc. immediate wrappings)
  • Suitable for vegetarians Yes
  • Suitable for vegans No
  • Gluten free No
  • Artificial colours No
  • Contains nuts Yes

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  1. Going_Digital's avatar
    A good deal, but I can understand why they are on clearance. It just kind of misses the point of the love hearts, the way you get a random selection in a packet of sweets, that you have to decide if you are going to eat it yourself or offer it to someone else. Not to mention of course, the delicious crumbly texture and fizzy flavour of real love hearts.
  2. stamfordblue's avatar
    Never had any Swizzels chocolate, so no idea if it's any good or not!
    Heat for price. (edited)
    chopstick's avatar
    Not the best thb - bit like cheap advent calendar chocolate.
  3. JohnTrent's avatar
    Price has been reduced to £7.99😁
  4. memyselfmash's avatar
    This one going out to all my playas out there
  5. Gawjus_G's avatar
    Bargain, expiry date valentines gifts sorted. If they complain, I'll blame the cost of living crisis

    I've ordered a 2nd box. Really good deal ty OP. (edited)
  6. gemmaind's avatar
    Top cash back and Quidco as well
  7. Rugrat's avatar
    Nice! Just ordered - Thank you
  8. Falman's avatar
    Swizzels Love Hearts Chocolate Coin - Delicious Chocolate Coins with the Classic Love Hearts Design…cUw

    Amazon reviews for info.
  9. bananabandana's avatar
    We almost at the point where chocolate is cheaper than broccoli.
  10. Brummie2020's avatar
    What are the chances of it being actually nice chocolate, or more likely to be sickly fake candy style so you end up with 17 you just don't want to eat?
    lee-lfc's avatar
    Aren’t you a brummie ? Home of sickly fake cadburys ??? 😁
  11. Zek's avatar
    Trying to think of something fun you could make with it if you melt it all down!
  12. 123cat123cat's avatar
    I can't believe I've just bought this:) pre-booking my taxi to A&E for after it arrives.
  13. quincemeister's avatar
    Link not working?
  14. TECHSPEC's avatar
    Ordered cheers. Was gonna put em in Xmas pressies but will be out of date. So will just have to eat em 😋
  15. ph1981's avatar
    cheers, will probably eat one and use the rest in some form of baking, brownies etc
  16. Lez60's avatar
    Good value for the money
    Average chocolate but if you eat it straight from the fridge it always tastes better.
    very thick chocolate so difficult to break a small piece off.
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