Unfortunately, this deal has expired 19 August 2023.
Posted 13 August 2023

20 x Twix White Chocolate 46g Standard Bars - Minimum Best Before 03/09/2023 (£25 minimum order value applies)

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  • 20 x Twix White Chocolate 46g Standard Bars
  • Caramel and biscuit covered in white chocolate
  • Perfect for a treat at work, home or on the go
  • Box of 20 x 46g Two Finger Bars
  • Each bar weighs 46g (Total 20 Bars / 920g)
  • Minimum Best Before 03/09/2023
  • Please note maximum 1 box per customer (20 bars)
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  1. BodisBest's avatar
    Does it come with a free blood sugar testing kit?
    Retro89's avatar
    What if i told you that you didn't need to eat them all in one go. Would that shock you?
  2. ooogemaflip's avatar
    Lost 50lb in 9 weeks have loads more to lose. 10 weeks ago I would have bought these and ate the lot in 1 sitting. So get thee behind me Satan
    Satan_666's avatar
    Go on. 
    You know you want to. 
  3. XiaofengXiaofeng_Xiaofeng's avatar
    After seeing this I'm thinking of going to a twix only diet. What are the health benefits of twix?
    beaversrus's avatar
    Slender fingers
  4. clairebearb's avatar
    Great deal but they remind me of white dog poo
    vuittion's avatar
    Remind me never to go around yours for dinner. (edited)
  5. btagent8922's avatar
    Sites rocketing down hill lately, nothing decent in, £25 minimum spend and its imposibble to get too without buying crap, shame as under yankee bundles id spend about £30 a month
    jamie915's avatar
    It's never been good
  6. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    You'll never see an old man eating these , I guarantee it
    RiceeChrispies's avatar
    Or a maaaaaaaars bar bar bar
  7. Tatwamasi's avatar
    Good deal, can't find enough things I want to buy to make an order up to £25 though!
    Mat-d-Rat's avatar
    Snap, up to 11.49 I give up
  8. mani1's avatar
    Good deal but they need to drop their minimum spend!
  9. steve_hn's avatar
    Also struggling to get the basket up to £25 for the free delivery so I also give up!
  10. richardh's avatar
    Have to agree with others about the £25 minimum spend. It just does not work when they have so little to buy in the first place

    When I first heard about Yankee Bundles there was no minimum spend then they increased it to £5....then £10....then £15. Id argue at this point it was still fairly easy to make up the minimum spend but then they upped it to £20 and now £25. With so little to buy I can't get anywhere near that amount so I won't place an order at all and no amount of 1p items is going to change that

    I get why they have had to put in minimum spends but they are shooting themselves in the foot with their current stock selection. I used to purchase large boxes of crisps which would be easy to get to £15. I looked tonight and I'm struggling to get excited by anything. Almost all of the bulk buy items have gone unless you want 10kg of twix bites for £60.....and as much as I like a twix having purchased a bulk box of 25 double twix from discount dragon in the last 12 weeks I don't want another 10kg of them (edited)
  11. smushs88's avatar
    When and why did this minimum spend nonsense come in?

    Used to always purchase when it was Yankee Bundles but this is just a pointless endeavour these days.
    duncanb1973's avatar
    Why, because it is a loss leader, selling something cheap in the understanding they make money with you buying something else. Discount dragon RIP just like Yankee Bundles. Your not cheap, you generally sell short coded stock at prices you would reject at the supermarket. RIP
  12. beaversrus's avatar
    They have hardly any stock of anything at the minute so they have slapped £1 onto some prices of items that I bought a few months ago.
  13. Lee3211's avatar
    Managed, god knows how last week to get a order done with a total of £25.08 therefore saving me postage of £5.99. However it was sent the next day ! all items ok with one or two very slightly out of date but I did order a packet of mis-shap biscuits that arrived with 50% very broken or dust.
    RAE_'s avatar
  14. Matt_Richards's avatar
    These are amazing.
  15. cricky12's avatar
    This company sells stuff like this as a loss leader
  16. plsnoimmoist's avatar
    £25 minimum spend and half the time the deals aren't even deals. Their soft drink prices in particular are more expensive than Amazon, Tesco, etc. yet have closer expiry dates.

    Also some of their deals with bulk purchases are pretty terrible. 250g of Jaffa Cakes for £1.99 sounds like a good deal until you realize a regular box of non-brand Jaffa Cakes 280g is usually £1.30.

    You've got to be really careful with them. Yankee Bundles was definitely a better deal. Also make sure you photograph everything in the box when you get it, as they'll demand photos if anything is missing.
    beaversrus's avatar
    Hard to photograph something that doesn't exist though
's avatar