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Posted 30 August 2023

24 XL Mozzarella Sticks (national)

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24 XL Mozzarella Sticks - £1.99 @ Farmfoods
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  1. Adzy.Padzy's avatar
    Got these last week, and they taste very good.
    They are decent oven cooked, though definitely better deep/ air fried.
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    Agreed, air fry is the way to go
  2. Dona3853's avatar
    Any tips on cooking them (other than deep frying) where they don't split and spill out? Happens every time in oven or air fryer.
    phuqfaze's avatar
    if it happens in air fryer, your cooking at too high temperature or cooking to long, we have cooked these in 2 brands of air fryer and they are perfect
  3. stec77's avatar
    What are they like cold, uncooked? Thanks in advance.
    Munkee's avatar
  4. lassy's avatar
    Cross your fingersu may be lucky to get some, my experience over the last couple months is nothing short of terrible, their stock is the worst i have seen and has become a joke. Waste of fuel unless your passing (edited)
    Munkee's avatar
    Tbf I agree on certain stock but these are plentiful in my locals . Occasionally OOS but next visit they get restocked 
  5. hot4459's avatar
    They are good
  6. JPS's avatar
    Really delicious. Not sure how many more bags to buy
  7. jungleboy123's avatar
    i keep forgetting to get these.
  8. Wazz2013's avatar
    Are these similar to the ones you get at Odeon?
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