Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 July 2023.
Posted 26 June 2023

3 Bottles of 7UP Zero 2L £3 @ Amazon

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4156102_1.jpgProduct Description
Tasty twist of lemon and lime flavour, no sugar, low calorie carbonated soft drink. 7UP Free is a crisp, clean and refreshing taste of sparkling lemon and lime. Enjoy great 7UP taste, free of sugar with only 7 calories per can. Ideal to enjoy alongside your favourite meal. Take a moment to refresh and feel good to be free, suitable for when you’re on the go, in good company, or to sit back and relax after a long day. We are 100 percent recyclable. 7UP products are made with the highest-quality ingredients. Contains a source of phenylalanine. Under the Authority of Seven-Up International. 7UP, 7UP Free and 7Up Free logo are Trade Marks of The Concentrate Manufacturing Company of Ireland.

Carbonated Water, Acids (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Natural Lemon And Lime Flavouring, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate), Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K), Potassium Chloride, Stabiliser (Pectin)
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  1. shahidali47's avatar
    Possible to cancel subscription & save after purchase?
    snappokerman888's avatar
    Yes. U can cancel it instantly after you make your order
  2. nazsoftuk's avatar
    Ordered, thanks Op 🙏
    £2.44 for 3 on S&S for me also.
    Sashecuador's avatar
    Sashecuador Author
    You're welcome
  3. Beediebeediebeedie's avatar
    Sponsoring Manchester United next season
    lucashearle's avatar
    Dead joke
  4. IanoliaMarina's avatar
    Ordered for £2.37. Hopefully I will remember to cancell it
    Ash9694's avatar
    Cancel it now because next month chances are it will be £3 a bottle
  5. NS007's avatar
    my wife asked me to go out and pick up 6 bottles of sprite. When I got back from the store I discovered I had picked 7UP.
  6. Paul_K's avatar
    This has got the Aspartame sweetener. Poss cancer risk says WHO.
    rev6's avatar
    Also Bacon... And,

    For example, an adult weighing 60kg would have to drink between 12 and 36 cans of fizzy drinks – depending on the amount of Aspartame in the beverage – every day to be at risk. Its view has been widely shared by national regulators, including in the United States and Europe. (edited)
  7. flamethrower's avatar
    wow, interesting to see how their couriers like Yodel deliver these. (edited)
    rev6's avatar
    Most likely their own courier
  8. barnehurst's avatar
    Good deal
  9. david_perry's avatar
    Great £2.49 bargain
  10. bensbb's avatar
    3 bottles for 2.49, nice
  11. KiNG's avatar
    charging £4.99 delivery on S&S
  12. donkeydavid's avatar
    £2-49 for me too, thanks OP
  13. StAmFoRdLiOn's avatar
    £2.37 Cheers Op
  14. ToeCrusher's avatar
    Nice to have this to make Mint Margarita in this heat wave
    MikeWard1701's avatar
    Diet lemonade in a margarita? really?
  15. toonsquirel's avatar
    Perfect thanks, 7up and tescos own lemon and lime are both the best of the lot and the tesco one is now the same price.
  16. Beano's avatar
    Great find. Ordered 3 on subscribe and save for 2.49. Sad it is cheaper online than in supermarkets.
  17. DJSlime's avatar
    Sweet. I got 3 Pepsi Max for £3.
  18. Bonesy4505's avatar
    Thank you.
  19. scunny's avatar
    £1.13 each on my account
  20. rkl's avatar
    I put in my usual S&S order of 9 bottles for £7.31 (81p each), though they tend to get delivered in a somewhat mangled/split cardboard box because of the weight. Although I set the S&S to 6 months, I cancel it once it's delivered and then start a fresh one up when it inevitably comes up again on HUKD. You're basically getting a better, branded lemon and lime fizzy drink than own brand versions for the same price as the latter. (edited)
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