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Posted 16 April 2023

5 Cadbury creme eggs for 50p @ Tesco Danestone, Aberdeen

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Boxes of 5 reduced to 50p Tesco danestone, Aberdeen today. Restricted myself to 4 boxes. Also many large chocolate eggs with huge reductions.

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  1. TeslaSat's avatar
    I don't buy these on principle anymore, the moment they only put 5 in the box was a deal breaker.
  2. huw8565's avatar
    It nationwide now at all Tesco's plenty stock Bangor North Wales
  3. tiawillis10's avatar
    My son just rang n he was in tesco n all easter stuff 75% off , mini egg bars 31p lindt eggs 15p so he has stocked his choc stash up lol
  4. Roygroyg's avatar
    Thanks op - my Local had no crème eggs but alerted me to get a load of other Easter chocolate at 75% off.

    Got about 20 Lindt and other single eggs for 15p each and a few other items for next to nowt.
  5. jerrysimon's avatar
    Oh no, please no more chocolate 😳
  6. samtheman's avatar
    An eggcellent deal!
  7. Cleanrug's avatar
    ☹️250 miles round trip. Don’t think I’ll bother
    Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    That’s EGGxctly what I was thinking EGGbout
  8. Wammer's avatar
    You have more self control than I have. I would have been tempted to clear the shelf! Maybe just as well my nearest Tesco is 17 miles away (edited)
    500miles's avatar
    I live less than a mile from a 24hr Tesco so plenty of time to go back.
  9. TheDongMaster's avatar
    they seem to have massively underestimated the caramel ones........
  10. Peter_R's avatar
    Good price. My Tesco has none. Local Lidl has a stack of them but still charging £1.99.
  11. rauca's avatar
    The pack I got from Sainsbury's short changed me! The eggs are smaller than the individually sold ones.
  12. Dusty2014's avatar
    Plenty in stock in my local Tesco .. even after i got a 'few' packs!!!
  13. Blahblahblahlol's avatar
    How do you eat your's lol
  14. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    Oh that’s going straight to my diabetes!
  15. ryan.english's avatar
    St Helens Road express Swansea got loads
  16. andypandy698's avatar
    Thanks OP, great deal.
  17. quinno1977's avatar
    Loads in Newry store, bought quite a lot as I love my chocolate....
  18. CaptainMBE's avatar
    Damn, paid a £1 last week.

    Went again today and picked up some more, quite a few 5 packs lefts, including the mixed pack, salted caramel pack, Oreo pack and various small bags!
  19. trickydickygolf's avatar
    Thanks OP......picked up 4 packs in the Broch.
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