Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 August 2023.
Posted 23 July 2023

5 x Super Soaker Nerf Piranha Water Blasters multi pack

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Seems a fantastic price at just over £2 each for 5 super soaker water blasters . When they can sell for over £5 each .

  • INCLUDES 5 NERF SUPER SOAKER BLASTERS: This Amazon exclusive multipack includes 5 Nerf Super Soaker Piranha water blasters so you and 4 others can launch into a wild water battle
  • EXCLUSIVE COLOR STYLES: Each blaster is a different color, and 4 of the blasters feature colors available only in this Amazon exclusive set! Soak into a spectrum of fun with this colorful pack
  • STEALTHY SOAKAGE AND 1-HANDED DESIGN: These 5 compact blasters are a great size for fast-moving fun and stealthy soakage. The 1-handed design lets you stay mobile as you blast
  • EASY FILL-AND-BLAST DESIGN:. Fill the tank and pull the trigger to soak opponents. Each tank holds up to 6 fluid ounces (177 milliliters)
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Ships in simple, recyclable packaging that’s easy to open and frustration free
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This Amazon exclusive multipack includes 5 Nerf Super Soaker Piranha water blasters so you and 4 others can fire a deluge of fun! Each blaster is a different color -- 4 of the blasters feature colors available only with the Amazon exclusive set, so soak into a spectrum of water-streaming fun! Fill each tank with up to 6 fluid ounces (177 milliliters) of water, take aim, and pull the trigger to start soaking. The blasters are optimized for 1-handed blasting and have a compact size, so you can stay mobile as you strike with stealth to soak the competition! Perfect for gift giving and parties. With Nerf Super Soaker water blasters, anytime is a great time to pour on the fun! The leader in innovative water-blasting fun since 1989, the Nerf Super Soaker brand continues to be the brand of choice for water-blasting mayhem! Head outdoors for extreme soakage with Nerf Super Soaker, the authentic brand of water blasters. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.
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  1. Nujol's avatar
    Just a reminder from the previous deal, these are 5 x small water pistols with super soaker branding. It is not 5 ‘normal size’ super soakers.
    Rebootxxx's avatar
    Not bad for kids party bags maybe
  2. kenzo's avatar
    Do these break after 10 minutes like a lot of them? If not..we actually need a summer in the first place to be able to use them do we not?
    tickttoride's avatar
    No, we've had them from the past deal. The kids have put them through a lot and they're all still properly working. They're not the type that break easily.
  3. bloodshoteyes's avatar
    Ordered cheers op
    Rebootxxx's avatar
    Hopefully the nice weather will return soon , so you can use them 😁
  4. jimel's avatar
    Would an adult be able to use it or is it too small? Planning on waging a relentless war on my kids, no mercy, no prisoners.
    tickttoride's avatar
    It's pretty tame! It's not so much of a soaker but there is some pressure! It's fun and definitely worth the money to get a pack of five. Otherwise I'd recommend larger ones if you want to really go for it!
  5. Chewkungfu's avatar
    50p off meh
    tickttoride's avatar
    There's nothing else of this quality at this price? Only pound shop ones which break basically after one use (edited)
  6. axolotl's avatar
    Amazon reduced the price even further: Now -22% £8.91.
  7. james_jew's avatar
    Rip super soaker.
  8. CoachPhysio's avatar
    Got these last time they were on offer. They are much sturdier than most others at this price, but are a bit naff. Kids much prefer the bigger pump and spray soakers.
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