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Arctic P12 PWM - 120 mm Case Fan with PWM 200-1800 RPM - £5.22 sold by Artic @ Amazon

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Highly rated Arctic 120mm fans, good price if you need a few.

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OPTIMISED FOR STATIC PRESSURE: During the development of the new P12 PWM, special emphasis was placed on a focused airstream and thus a high static pressure
200 TO 1800 RPM REGULATED VIA PWM: Thanks to 4-pin connector, the RPM can be regulated in a broad spectrum via PWM, noise is kept at a minimum while maximum cooling performance is given when needed
EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: The motor is powered by a latest generation PWM IC, achieving higher efficiency and saving energy without compromising performance
EXTENDED LIFE SPAN: A 10 °C lower motor temperature roughly doubles the life span of a fan, the new ARCTIC motor has a four times longer service life through its low coil temperature
TECHNICAL DATA: Fan speed: 200–1800 RPM, Airflow: 56.3 CFM/95.65 m³/h (@ 1800 RPM), Noise Level: 0.3 Sone (@ 1800 RPM), Pin: 4-pin
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    Best value for money fans on the market 8 out of 11 total fans in my case are all Arctic
    Do your cats like them?
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    I have these 2 kit spare and an rgb one as well. My new case(Torrent) filled with great fans so can't use them..
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    Good fans although I paid £3.98 for them yesterday morning @ Amazon. I'm not sure why they increased the price lets hope they will drop again?

    49603492_1.jpg (edited)
    Yeah I've seen these posted here and a couple of other sites as a deal and was thinking 'but the usual price is under £4!', bought some 2 weeks ago from Amazon at £3.98 and a couple months ago at £3.80 from (BANNED RETAILER NAME apparently, rhymes with plan) ... these are the best performing fans for the price and £5.22 is a good price if you need them right now but they're more expensive (albeit only slightly) than usual!
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    Got a few of these in one of my pcs they are very quiet
    Average looking but work well and seem a well made product (edited)
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    Great fans at a great price, when I'm a millionaire I'll upgrade to those fancy Lian Li fans...

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    No rgb?
    Thankfully no.
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    I replaced all 16 of my expensive noctua fans after a few started faulting, they're dead quiet on low rpm. No vibration either.
    Only replaced with these due to low cost and current financial sitch. (edited)
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    Any really good airflow but quiet 140/120mm fans out there? I dont need rgb/fancy looking ones btw, just quiet but powerful, please
    Equivalent of these but the 140mm version
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    As others said, fantastic value. Check optimum tech's review vs noctua on YouTube but they are unbeatable on value
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    These reviewed well even against fans that were several times the price.

    I have these fitted to a 240mm radiator (Corsair H100i) and barely hear any noise from them. PWM means they only spin up faster when needed. At idle I can hear the pump more than the fans, and under load my GPU is the noisiest part, so while these aren't actually silent, I can't distinguish noise from these over nearby components.
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    I am lucky enough to have 4 of these and they are great!
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    You can get these in 5 packs as well.
    I bought the 140mm 5 pack last June for about £31.
    I put 3 in the front of my case, 1 in the back and 1 spare.
    My Arctic AIO CPU cooler in the top of the case also has an identical pair of these 140mm fans.

    I bought the PST versions which are the same as the normal version but have a daisy chain on the cable. I could daisy chain the front three fans and just use one header on the motherboard.
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    I have a few of these in my case and they do the job just fine. They are average like the other person said but cheap and cheerful.
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    Good price but I go for noctua fans and coolers . Its worth paying the extra money.
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    Great fans i replaced my coolermaster ones with these just over a year ago.
    Fans are still quiet i'd defo recommend.
    If you can afford noctua then do so but for the price these are fantastic!
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    Just replaced one in my son's PC. Two of the blades snapped. Bought Dec 2020 so just over 2 years old.
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    Easily the best fans overall considering perfomance/ price ,only piece of advice is to try and keep them on 40% or 60%+, avoid running them on 50%ish because mine produce a strange noise and I think it's a known "defect"
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    Have three of these on an Artic 360 AIO. They're audibly very well mannered and incredible value.
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    I have 3 of these and 2 of them hum/buzz at 700-1100 rpm, not ideal for a quiet desktop SFF pc that sits on my desk. I ended up replacing them with the Thermaltake TUF fans as they are Noctua copys at half the price if not more
    You just had to keep them either at 40% or 60%+
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    Amazing fans
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    best fans eva 2k23
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    I just put 3 of these the pst version in my rig and set them to 800rpm and pretty quiet and push some airflow. I paid for 3 and still the price of one noctua fan.
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