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Posted 29 August 2023

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon (Nintendo Switch)

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Update 1
Price Drop £29.03 - 13/09

UPDATE: £5 off code brings this to a lower £24.03 Not sure if this should be a new deal or better to update here?
UPDATE: Price dropped by a few pence, now under £30

Not as low as it has been when some places are clearing it out. But cheapest around, and with quick delivery.

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Features & details

  • Once upon a time, there was a young witch named Cereza
  • Long before this trainee of the dark arts would come to be called Bayonetta, she took a fateful journey into the forbidden Avalon Forest. Alongside her was Cheshire, her very first demon, possessing Cereza’s stuffed toy. Play as both Cereza and Cheshire and search through the treacherous forest to look for the power to save Cereza’s mother
  • Any good story has a lesson about teamwork, no, In this tale, Cereza and Cheshire coordinate their efforts to fight faeries and solve puzzles. Use the Left Joy-Con controller to move Cereza and bind enemies with her magic. With the Right Joy-Con controller, move Cheshire to slash and chomp foes
  • Turn the pages of Cereza’s story as you explore the enchanting, storybook-inspired Avalon Forest. Avalon Forest is just as beautiful as it is beastly. Each new area looks like it has been painted carefully by hand. Fully-narrated story scenes are told through the vibrantly-illustrated pages of a storybook. Be sure to stop and smell the roses in this whimsical world, but don’t tarry too long – the forest
  • has a taste for lost witches

Product Details

Rated: Ages 12 and Over
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 17 x 10.5 x 1.1 cm; 50 Grams
Release date: 17 Mar. 2023
Manufacturer reference: Switch-BayonettaCereza-EU
Country of origin: Japan
Developer: PlatinumGames
Publisher: Sega, Nintendo
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Linear
Number of players: No Online Multiplayer
Cheats: On GameFAQs
Rating: T

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  1. Ginxie's avatar
    Miffed I missed the £20 one from Smyths and Amazon never matched them
    StolenDiagram's avatar
    Amazon don't price match when it can't be ordered online and fewer than 3 stores nationwide sell the thing sadly.
  2. Dwelleviere's avatar
    This is price-matching Monster-Shop: monster-shop.co.uk/pro…ch/

    £29.99 there FYI for people who prefer supporting smaller UK retailers
    Ginxie's avatar
    Isn't the seller on Amazon a 3rd party called NXGEN? Wouldn't it be supporting them not Jeff Bezos?
  3. sneakyduck's avatar
    keep going
  4. Twitdoof's avatar
    £25 and I'll bite
  5. prankster101's avatar
    Buy now or regret later?
    MrAkagi's avatar
    Will definitely appreciate in price eventually but I don't think it's gonna happen any time soon.
  6. supermetroid's avatar
    Is the game any good?
    Teabag28's avatar
    Try the demo and find out 😁
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