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Posted 3 January 2023

Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water 24x500ml £4.50 @ Amazon

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No.1 British natural mineral water
Naturally rising from the land of the Peak District
A 24x500ml pack of sparkling natural mineral water, perfect for when you're on the go to help you staying hydrated
All Buxton bottles are made from other bottles. We're taking action on all fronts to make sure our plastic bottles are recognised as a valuable resource that can be used again and again. They are not waste!
100% Recyclable, Please Recycle after use
Amazon More details at Amazon
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BUXTON Natural Mineral Water: naturally rising to the topThe journey of our mineral water began 5,000 years ago. From the rain that fell upon the rolling hills of the Derbyshire Peak District.

And found its way through a mile of ancient rock. Gradually transformed by the minerals absorbed on its path.

To eventually rush to the surface again. Finally emerging as the pure, natural British mineral water enjoyed today: Buxton Water

Buxton Natural Mineral Water has achieved its 2019 commitment to not only have recyclable packaging but to help close the recycling loop by making its full range of bottles with recycled PET1 plastic (rPET), excluding caps and labels. The bottles are made with high-quality food grade rPET that keeps Buxton’s natural mineral water pure, crisp, refreshing, safe, and conveniently available.


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    Neither bottled or tap water is 'pure'. Both have solutes in them. None of these things are harmful to health.

    However, tap water does have a very tightly controlled bacterial count, which can not be guaranteed in bottled water. This is why bottled water is not recommended for babies and infants. I would also not recommend bottled water for this group because some can have a high sodium content.

    Filtering only really removes the chloride. Nothing much more. Some people feel that less chloride impacts positively on taste.

    Definitely however, in the UK, tap water is safe to drink. (edited)
    Depends on the filter. Not all filters are equal.
  2. Avatar
    COLD. Forget the sugar tax or plastic bag charge these things should be taxed to the hill, after all pallets and pallets of this stuff is been shipped round the country taking up road space, burning carbon etc. It’s not even a luxury item. 
  3. Avatar
    lol. Buying bottled water in the UK...Madness.
    When I'm in the car and want a swig of water, I can never find the tap.......

    Can always find the cool bottle of water in my cupholder though !
  4. Avatar
    Tap water is fine. It has added flouride and estrogen so is healthy.
    Everyman's dream. Extra estrogen for that extra aesthetic gyno
  5. Avatar
    No issue with the deal but it's things like this that are adding to the environmental problems we're having all over the world!
  6. Avatar
    Costco sale 40×500 g for 3£
    Yes going to load up tomorrow and save a fiver but spend £95 on stuff I don't need lol
  7. Avatar
    Interesting approach to sustainability: if you just *declare* your plastic bottles aren't waste, then they aren't and everything is fine.

    Please recycle responsibily. We won't help in any way, but, by 'eck, we'll try to take the credit for it if you do. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Sorry but voting cold as I do not think bulk buying of such a product should be encouraged. Buy a reusable bottle and fill up from the tap. The amount of excess carbon that transporting this stuff produces is ridiculous.
    You want people to drink tap water that's disgusting 🤮
  9. Avatar
    Lol, why pay for water
    You already paying to your water company
  10. Avatar
    Put some reverse osmosis water filters in then you will see all the crap come out of tap water.
    You'll see 'crap' come out of bottled water that isn't distilled too. It's not harmful.
  11. Avatar
    works out 3.75ppl. I buy around 3.2ppl max so no purchase for me
    U mean 37.5p
  12. Avatar
    Not a bad deal because I can't find the same thing cheaper elsewhere in this specific size. But if you want to drink bottled mineral water and reduce the cost as much as possible, I have a tip.

    First I think it's necessary to explain labelling laws for bottled water here. In order to be labelled as mineral water, it must meet a minimum content of actual minerals. Water that is not labelled as mineral water (I.E. spring water or still water) only needs to meet the same criteria as tap water, and that's often exactly what it is (Peckham springs comes to mind).

    So with that in mind, the cheapest mineral water I have found is in Lidl. I think it's called Saskia. 2L bottles used to be 19p when they first had stock, but I think the price is more like 35p or 40p now. They come in crates of six, so you're looking at about £2.40 for six bottles/12 litres. Then you can just use a refillable bottle to have on-the-go. By far the cheapest way to buy your mineral water if you consume a lot, and it tastes as clean as the big brands like evian and Buxton. Of course, filtering your tap water is ultimately the cheapest way to go about it if you don't like drinking straight from the tap, but different folks, different strokes. (edited)
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    Tap water is fine. Voting cold. Sorry.
    I personally don’t drink tap water not for any other reason other than it makes me gag.
    Can’t tell you why just never drank it since I was a child
  14. Avatar
    People on here saying bottled water is cleaner than tap water, yet happy for everyone to breathe the polution pumped into the air during transport and delivery of their 'clean' water.
  15. Avatar
    Actually disgustingly wasteful that people bulk buy 500ml bottles of water for everyday use and get it delivered by Amazon. A deal as cold as Buxton itself usually is!
  16. Avatar
    Owned by Nestle who are one of the most environmentally damaging companies in the world. Use tap water.
    Or use another brand not owned by Nestle.
  17. Avatar
    No worries there will be plenty of other hot voters
    And people wonder why we have global warming....
  18. Avatar
    What can be more damaging for the environment than bottled water? Bottled water delivered to your door.
  19. Avatar
    Damn it this again

    When are they going to sell Evian water for a reasonable price
    Hijacking your comment - Buxton is owned by Nestle. Should be enough reason not to buy them if you can avoid it!
  20. Avatar
    Dispatch in 5 weeks.
    Luckily got a tap to keep me going. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Drive to Buxton and get your own! Beautiful part of the world.
  22. Avatar
    Highland Spring Sparkling is the only water worth paying for IMO.
    Peckham spring water is a close second
  23. Avatar
    I prefer Peckham Spring as it's refillable at home
    You know it makes sense Rodders!
  24. Avatar
    You can actually get it from the place yourself for free I believe

    You can actually get it from the place yourself for free I believe (edited)
    You can actually get it from the place yourself for free I believe
  25. Avatar
    Cold Aldi 12 for £1.59
  26. Avatar
    People talk about health, but then drink water in plastic….. 
  27. Avatar
    I've ordered 10 packs, single pack delivery each day to increase CO2 footprint, these people voting cold are boiling hot now !!!
  28. Avatar
    Posting only so I get updates, water deals always bring out the best.
  29. Avatar
    I will get this. Just moved here from Germany and the UK tap water tastes like garbage compared to home...
    It actually does, however highland spring water is the best tasting. As others have pointed out Nestle own Buxton so I would avoid.
  30. Avatar
    Water that's sat in plastic for who knows how long, and under what temperature conditions. I'll pass.
  31. Avatar
    Great price. Thanks.
  32. Avatar
    Also available in some Iceland stores or online, although another brand iceland.co.uk/p/w…tml £3.75
    The last two times I bought White Rock from Iceland they both tasted funny and had to throw them out. Wouldn't recommend. Tesco sell a nice "Ice Valley" 24 pack.
  33. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered 10. The food warehouse (iceland) usually had them at £3, then £3.50 now they're £4.50 in store. Stock varies so went ahead with Amazon. Have to wait nearly a month for these to turn up :/
  34. Avatar
    Find a local spring and take as many containers as you like
    We have one in Buxton where people do that, there was a scandal when nestle moved in though https://steemit.com/news/@gwb235/the-buxton-water-scandal
  35. Avatar
    Delivery in 2-5 weeks I will just go to the shops and get 3x8 packs at the shops at £1.75 each and pay he extra 75p and get them today but thanks for the effort
  36. Avatar
    Asda selling £3.49
  37. Avatar
    How is this hot you paying for something which you can get from your tap. With so much plastic not good for the environment . So I'm not voting either way  
    Let me translate that: waaaa waaaa waaa
  38. Avatar
    If u want bottled water just go costco, kirkland is under £3 each for 40
  39. Avatar
    I would say that it is very necessary otherwise you'd have a very soggy cardboard box delivered to your door.