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Highland Spring Still Spring Water, 6 x 1.5L only £2.50 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
254° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Our still water is here to make sure you can feel good and give it your all every day. Every drop of Highland Spring is lovingly drawn from organic land. Feel refreshed with wate… Read more



Good point also bottled water not that great laying down 2 ,3 years before being sold and contain pieces of plastic




this is what low t looks like


15? I can see 6 for £1.99 but out of stock: homebargains.co.uk/products/13876-highland-still-spring-water-6-x-15l-bottles.aspx

White Rock Still Spring Water 24 x 500ml - £3 @ Iceland
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
24 pack White Rock water In store and Online Good offer in this hot weather

Cheaper at Aldi , £1.45 for 12


Always this price. Buy it all the time


How is this a deal? Cheaper and a standard price for ages


Don’t think you can beat the 40 bottles for £3.20 at Costco


Still £2.79 at The Food Warehouse.

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Highland Spring Kids Eco Bottle Still Water, 6 x 330 ml Sports Cap £1.25 (£4.49 p&p non prime) @ Amazon
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Easy to carry in your handbag or pocket, and perfect for when you or the kids are on the go and a daily must in lunchboxes Now in our Eco Bottle format, made from 100% recycled pla… Read more

What are you whittering on about? I was minding my own business, buying some bargain bottles of water, made from recycled material, which I fully intended to recycle once reused a few times, and then, only used, when a refillable container wasn't readily available or particularly convenient... Until you came along and decided you know best!


mind your own business, Take some of your own directions Good day to you.


"Fill and take your own bottle" is a thought is it? This is a deal website, with consumption at its very core, and its tedious that for every fresh salmon, disposable mask, bottled water or whatever deal, we have to get bombarded with patronising thoughts and views, by some "activist"...


It wasn’t an order, and I am neither a person in authority or bully. I passed my thoughts on companies who try to greenwash customers.


"Fill and take your own bottle………." That's the problem, you issued an edict, because you think you know best, and didn't even realise! It's incredible patronising, we all know when to use a bottle and what's best, and anyone who doesn't, isn't going to pay attention to your nannying, so your comment and views are hopelessly pointless at best, and pathetically hectoring at worse...

Actiph Alkaline Ionised Water 1 Litre £1 clubcard price @ Tesco
-24° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/promotions/78301149 Only £1 with TESCO CLUB CARD. Purified Spring Water + Unique Blend of Electrolytes + Ionised to a High pH 9.0+ No sugar, calories, c… Read more

This helps to maintain Acid level in stomach. I use it for my acid reflux problem.


Makes no difference at all if it is alkaline once it is consumed. Silly marketing .


I am more than happy to vote it hot……..if I understood what it does better than the stuff that comes out of my tap. I may be missing on the deal of a century if it made my hair grow back or helped me to understand modern society better.


Interesting, this is going cold. This is the best price I found for Alkaline water. I hope people not comparing this with normal still water.


Not sure if you drink it or top your car battery up with it (confused)