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Posted 13 March 2023

Casio Collection Unisex Digital Watch F-91W - only £10.99 @ Amazon

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retro 80’s digital watch - reduced from £17.50

Microlight - A built-in light illuminates the watch face from the side
Stopwatch: Precise measurement of elapsed time with a touch of a button
Alarm function: Daily alarm sounds each day at the time you set
Water resistance: 30 m/3 Bar (splash resistant)
Material: Made from resin
Info added by Rmcstar

From the Manufacturer:

The CASIO Collection - Beautifully retroThe cult following for the shape, function and colour of the first CASIO digital watch from the 1980s is more up-to-date than ever thanks to the watches in the retro Collection. With warm shades of gold, cool stainless steel and black plastic, these timeless design icons can be combined perfectly with today's style. It's good to know that some things never change.

Some Features:

Accurate measurement of of elapsed time with the touch of a button

Daily Alarm
The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set.


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  1. charles_roma's avatar
    Make sure you check its genuine.... Lots of fakes about..

    Google video showing buttons to press etc to get different screens which helps identify authenticity
    anonymouse0's avatar
    The fakes now also have the "authenticity verification" features. One is by holding down bottom right button for 5s. other is holding down all the buttons at once. Recent fakes pass both tests so appear to be genuine but if you open them up and look inside then it's a different story.

    Rule of thumb is genuine ones have Panasonic batteries. (edited)
  2. Pugwash85's avatar
    Lots of these you see priced lower are fake. They have a tag attached, but come in a bag plastic bag instead of a small rectangular box. If you purchased it new online and it says made in Japan on the back it's fake. If the screws on the back of the watch are Philips only and you cannot open it with a small slot head screwdriver is also fake.
    giojo's avatar
    Was about to say that. Bought one from Amazon and lasted a couple of years only. These look real but there are a few tells e.g. when tilting the digits shouldn't be reflected or doubled (almost appearing out of focus).
    I'd recommend buying from Casio official store, it is very similar price.
  3. Chumber's avatar
    heres one of mine (the red 0ne)

    just picked up another from this deal
    to do a nice black and gold case mod

    casio god tier

    Mod one for a cool bad ass watch with additional watch enthusiast kudos points49760716-tSXTZ.jpg

    49760716-UCAdV.jpg (edited)
    andiron87's avatar
  4. Gilgamesh's avatar
    £3 on ebay, new.
    crazyfacedziggler's avatar
    As well as being the most popular watch model sold around the world, apparently it is also the most faked.
  5. in$anity's avatar
    Owned one of these since 2013/2014 (I forget which year I purchased it) - still running on the same battery 10 years later. The strap broke so I replaced it with a £3 strap from eBay. Unfortunately I hit the gym in recent years and so after padding on some muscle / weight, it looks ridiculously small on me now. If you've got smaller wrists and want a cheap watch that'll last literally a decade or more, go for it.
    charles_roma's avatar
    Yup... Battery outlast the strap... A good NATO strap helps
  6. u.reste's avatar
    How resistant are these to water?
    Can I shower or swim with this on?
    engineer42's avatar
    Mine is fine, I've done both for the 3 years I've had it. Original battery and really tough face. Strap is still perfect.

    I have kept a couple of posh watches for going out, sold the rest and use this daily. I love how light it is.

    Timekeeping wise, it's gained just under 4 minutes in 3 years.

    When it eventually dies, I'll buy another without hesitation.
  7. dsharp7th's avatar
    4p more than in 1985
    AD77VK's avatar
    Holding value better than any luxury watch.
  8. pipehippy's avatar
    I had one of these for my 13th birthday, nearly 40 years ago.

    I hope my parents paid more back then
  9. jungleboy123's avatar
    almost perfect as a cheap alternative for my Mr Bean Cosplay.... Cheers
  10. ladapower's avatar
    Although I appreciate the nostalgia factor, the backlight is just pathetic in this one.

    I bought an F-105W instead which looks very similar but it has a nice illuminator backlight. It was £13 on Amazon about 2 years ago.
  11. uF0n's avatar
    Does this one have a countdown timer?
    bobcat123's avatar
    When these are used in bombs they use the alarm function and not a countdown timer
  12. alanstrange5's avatar
    Was lucky enough to pick up a couple of these for £5 each some years back. Brilliant wee watches.
    telf's avatar
    I picked 2 up for £13.50 5 years ago ,best watches Ive had for work ,wished I'd known I could have got spare straps ,now have a amazfit neo for work I got on a deal from here
  13. ryshaz's avatar
    God Tier
    BeefyMcWhatNow's avatar
    How? I thought God Tier was meant for the likes of items that are grail items, not easy to obtain, and maybe the pinnacle of their respective subject, not something any kid with some pocket money can go out and buy and then throw away again
  14. yeababyyea's avatar
    Can't beat the 90s special:)

    expandingmaan's avatar
    I've been wanting for of these for a while. They keep fetching £150 approx
  15. Rmcstar's avatar
    Currently wearing one of these
    smk77's avatar
    Hi Dad.
  16. Mendoza's avatar
    no calculator, I’m out
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Having a calculator would be a big… plus

    Pun intended
  17. RAZE's avatar
    What a classic!
  18. furbars's avatar
    Better deals on eBay I bought two new ones for £12 just before Christmas.
    lazyfatboy's avatar
    Many many fakes on eBay. 
  19. expandingmaan's avatar
    They always been this price. Not a deal...
  20. Zilina's avatar
    Same price at Argos... a few months ago they were selling them at £7.99 so I grabbed one.
    pikachu545's avatar
    Oh how times have changed
  21. Rachael.Simmons's avatar
    An 80s classic
  22. aimeek3's avatar
    I paid £9.99 back in January from Amazon.
    Chumber's avatar
    but we are now living in dark/er times unfortunately
  23. Chumber's avatar
    heat great deal thankyou - the iconic f91w - what a beauty
  24. jsumner82's avatar
    I have 2 dollars and a....

    silvernhs's avatar
    You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes ya feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah. You're right. I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you, but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well, you think what you want about me. I'm not changin'. I like me. My kids like me. My friends like me. 'Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get.
  25. sazzopardi1971's avatar
  26. mad_design_man's avatar
    Forget Rolex or Omega! This is the worlds best watch 🙌
  27. naz9236's avatar
    Water resistance, how can you go wrong
    IbbyS's avatar
    By taking it deep see diving
  28. Fuzzarr's avatar
    Design classic
  29. webbo2's avatar
    Whilst the F-91w is a classic and represents great value, I've come to prefer spending just a little extra on the Casio W-86 for it's slightly bigger size and better illuminator.
  30. Baldricky's avatar
    @crazyfacedziggler As you say, the F-91W is somewhat remarkably widely faked. Do we know if the authenticity check (hold down the bottom right button until "CASIo" appears) is still a valid method of verification?

    49762951_1.jpg (edited)
    TwistedNerve's avatar
    mentioned above in the comments

    the fakes pass this test now too x
  31. alasrati's avatar
    £6.97 in 2015 and £7.88 in 2018.
  32. dabear11's avatar
    Legendary watch, also known as the Al K.... watch, as worn by their leader.
  33. Frank30uk's avatar
  34. La_Dispatcher's avatar
    I like the disco ball pic at the end.
  35. bornagainst's avatar
    Can't go wrong. Battery lasts forever. Strap is easily replaced. Only watch I've worn in 20 years...
    Kam-s's avatar
    I need a new strap, but they cost half the value of the watch.
  36. Forreslad's avatar
    Great Watch. Got it for my Son. His first and loves it
  37. loofer's avatar
    Cheaper to buy it from Tosha Khana
  38. AD77VK's avatar
    What time is it?
    Chumber's avatar
    its time to buy a f-91w
's avatar