Charlie Brooker's Dawn of the Dumb and Screen Burn (books) £3 each INSTORE @ HMV
Charlie Brooker's Dawn of the Dumb and Screen Burn (books) £3 each INSTORE @ HMV

Charlie Brooker's Dawn of the Dumb and Screen Burn (books) £3 each INSTORE @ HMV

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Just purchased Charlie Brooker's Dawn of the Dumb and Screen Burn for £3 each, instore @ HMV. Great prices for these books, as I don't belive they've never been on supermarket shelves, thus have never been so cheap.

Best online prices for these titles are :-
£5.00 for Dawn of the Dumb
£5.99 for Screen Burn


Super deal :thumbsup:

Recommend both of these

Looks Hot.
His TV work and newspaper articles are very clever and brilliant.

I got one for £2.50 from Zavvi about 3 weeks ago with their 50% off books discount.

Well spotted, thanks for posting. Saw "Dawn" book in Zavvi before Xmas but didn't realise they'd been doing such a deep discount on books since or I'd have been back in for it, not sure if the Falkirk branch is open anymore but there's a HMV practically across the road from it, I'll be popping in tonight.
His review show is hilariously biting (as well as Dead Set, no pun intended ho ho), hope his books are as good...

hot will take a look tomorrow

Recently bought the first one after enjoying "Dawn". I figured I wouldn't get much out of it as I wasn't in the country at the time a lot of the shows he's discussing were aired, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Even if you don't know much about the shows he's reviewing he still makes them easy to picture with his acerbic comparisons! Great toilet reading. In a good way.

Picked up both about 2 weeks ago in HMV Glasgow Fort which used to be Zavvi. Got about half way through the first one so far and it's had me in stitches. Well worth a purchase.

Charlie's an old pal - cracking fella - even funnier in conversation!!

Great book i'd definitely recommend it!

Buy buy buy! I have his guardian pages bookmarked, both books are brilliant.

Good post, I'll definitely have to be checking out my local HMV for these. I first became aware of Mr Brooker when I saw his top 10 countdown of annoying people in adverts on screenwipe. If these books are anywhere near half as funny as his tv stuff I'll be more than happy!

Heat + rep for the deal :thumbsup:

Thanks - picked up both today. I didn't realise that TV Go Home is also his - I've had that one for years.


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