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Posted 19 June 2023

Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza £1.25, Mega Meaty, Pepperoni, Four Cheese Pizza 2 x 148 - 157g - £1.25 @ Tesco (Clubcard Price)

£1.25£1.5921% off
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Product Description
  • A deep dish pizza base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, a blend of pepperoni and reformed smoke flavoured ham and fennel sausage.

  • The Best Yet!†
  • †In sensory testing with 105 Frozen Pizza buyers, this new recipe scored significantly higher on 7 out of 11 sensory attributes and 60% of buyers preferred this new recipe.
  • We raise the crust high, add a boatload of our signature tomato sauce, and go full-on with pepperoni, ham, fennel sausage and a loada mozzarella cheese.

  • In Chicago Town, we don't just make pizza, we go to town on it. Just like some downtown genius did way back in '43 when they raised the crusts higher and made history with the Deep Dish Pizza. It's this kind of thinking outside the pizza box that inspires us to bring you a taste of Chicago.
  • Check out our range
  • Chicago Town Tiger Crust Double Pepperoni
  • Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Takeaway Loaded Cheese
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  1. Justintime12's avatar
    Mega meaty = 15g of meat per pizza.....
  2. dale7's avatar
    Great hangover fayre
  3. Rudess's avatar
    This was the normal price until they decided to put it up, now doing 'special offer' to make us feel like it's a deal, when it's not.

    Also, Chicago Town changed the ingredients, their large pizza was really tasty but the cheese they use now doesn't really taste like a cheese. I used to buy them regularly but stopped.
    smudgemobile's avatar
    This unfortunately is the trend or norm now I remember them being 99p/£1.
  4. RLC59's avatar
    farmfoods ham and pineapple is 99p
    smudgemobile's avatar
    Pineapple on Pizza is a whole new debate !
  5. weemee002's avatar
    Worth a quid. No more.
  6. sashforth's avatar
    If you want a laugh, have a look at the current Co-op frozen food deal which includes one of these. They reckon that the normal price is £2.65 (edited)
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