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Pizza is one of the UK's favourite dishes. The simple but seductive blend of cheese, tomato and baked dough has become a massive industry, with an almost infinite variety of toppings and style to choose from. Whether they need a takeaway pizza or a sit-down feast, pizza nuts can find the food they love at bargain prices by shopping with HotUKDeals. Read more
Any Size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 via App (Min Spend Applies / Select Locations) @ Dominos
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
**ANY SIZE PIZZA £5.99** Only on the Domino’s app. *TODAY ONLY*

Dominos stores in Glasgow do this deal fairly often. If you follow the dominos Glasgow fb page they post when it’s on.


Oh balls (mad)


Great deal if it's available to you,as it is to me in Glasgow,Baillieston. (highfive) . Not such a great deal if it's not available to you though,granted. :( . Some of the snippy comments uncalled for,really. (poo) . Oh by the way thanks OP. (y).


perfect, just delivered, thanks


£8.99 any size where I live. Rubbish deal. Also this “any size pizza” marketing is stupid. We all know it’s a large pizza. It is not like a someone would do this deal and only get a small (lol)

50% off pizzas when you spend £20 + free £10 bitcoin (via Luno) @ Papa John's
23/05/2021Expires on 23/05/2021Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
50% off pizzas (min £20 spend) with code LUNO50OFF20 . Plus similar to the promo last week you will get £10 worth of Bitcoin via Luno (new Luno customers), terms listed below. Run… Read more

done everything above and says the code cant be used more than once on the luno app and website? any help is appreciated


BTC $1 Vs Paper $1. I could say it takes a minimum of $22,500 to make a bitcoin, and less than $2,800 to make $45,000 paper dollars. This looks less clear to me. Paper currency takes up about 10% of circulated money. Lifespan of paper currency is in excess of 5 years, so just on electrical cost it would take 40+ years to come to the same production cost. BTC would remove leveraging and QE, but meh.. I will get a pizza this week sometime :)


Yeah but theres (currently) 45000 dollars in 1 bitcoin, so divide that $0.5 by 45k perhaps if you're looking at a single dollar to dollar comparison ;)


What are you trying to say? If you have 35k worth of junk then it's not junk? Right on. So how about ten pounds worth of that junk and the junk value is plummeting? Lol


"then it must be worthless" Wish I could cash out my worthless stuff for £35k+ lol

ASDA Take Away Stuffed Crust Pizzas - BBQ Chicken & Bacon 458g / Meat Feast 453g / Cheese Feast 433g - £1 each @ Asda
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Good rollback offer on these pizzas. :) £1 each (Typically £1.75) ASDA Take Away BBQ Chicken & Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizz 453g ASDA Take Away Meat Feast Stuffed C… Read more

They seem to have exactly the same ones in their frozen and chilled areas. Different prices for the same thing, but Asdas are a bugger for their pricing.


When I've paid for online Asda items that are on offer in my basket, that is what I get charged - as long as I don't go back and change anything in that basket - even if the price changes after I've checked out. Same goes for substituted Asda + Morrisons items: they are charged at the same price I originally checked out at. Tesco is the rogue supermarket that sneakily charges full price for substitutions and offer items, and so the receipts MUST ALWAYS be checked (mad) And, if any sharp price changes spotted, then Tesco customer services team are quickly called + I insist they honour their widely advertised same-price-substitutions pledge ;)


Bridgend store today not national as you can see


You pay the price on the day of delivery, whether it has gone up or down.


Fair enough. Never seen that before. Unless they somehow have different offers in Wales like Costco do in Scotland?! Doesn't seem very plausible. Very strange.

BBQ Chicken deep pan pizza 90p instore @ Asda Sutton
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th MayLocalLocal

10p used to go places, 10 sweets, 2 bubbulu's, full pack of space raiders, a chomp or even a freddo! In 2021 I really don't care for the saving (cheeky)


Dough isn't exactly expensive though is it, it's probably one of the most inflated fast foods around, from the likes of pizza hut or domino's etc, probably doesn't even cost them a few pound for a large pizza, which they charge £20 Plus these aren't exactly swimming in toppings either, grated cheese, sauce, toppings, again probably doesn't cost them more than 50p to make, it's all done in mass quantities and low low costs.


Wow, what are you lot going to spend your 10p on?


Frozen pizzas cost the same now as they did 20 years ago. God knows what ingredients they use to make these...


Oh 10p. Deal of the century.

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Any size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 via App (Min Spend applies / Select Locations) @ Dominos
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Any size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 when you order for collection or delivery using the Domino’s app - worked at my local store in Bristol. Today only (Monday 10th May).

I had this yesterday <3 <3 <3 BBQ base


Worked in Perth. Thank you for making me spend money on a second dinner for my family! Voted hot, but regretting my decisions!


Worked for me in cornwall


Not Belfast


That is what I usually do with my son in bethnal green. Nice Saturday treat for us

£15 off £30 + £10 worth of Bitcoin (BTC via Luno) @ Papa John's
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
£15 off £30 spend plus Free Bitcoin worth £10. Not sure how difficult it is to redeem the BTC with Luno or fees etc. but still assume this is a deal considering 50% off is usually… Read more

Looks like BEER10 has stopped working, anyone know of any codes that are still working (not referral codes)?


Yeah the garlic dip is grim, but the garlic and herb dip is similar to Domino's.


Yup, same £10 voucher but this time 50% off pizza. I don't like their sides much anyway. You people on here always rave on about the special garlic sauce too, which appears to just be whipped margarine with artificial flavours and colourings - i.e revolting. Their pizza is way better than Domino's around here. But Domino's stays open til 5am so it's good for emergencies. Anyway, great deals!


I tried entering my code and i got the "once per person" error as well - did anyone get it resolved ?


Beer10 no longer works