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Pizza is one of the UK's favourite dishes. The simple but seductive blend of cheese, tomato and baked dough has become a massive industry, with an almost infinite variety of toppings and style to choose from. Whether they need a takeaway pizza or a sit-down feast, pizza nuts can find the food they love at bargain prices by shopping with HotUKDeals. Read more
50% off when you spend £20+ @ Pizza Hut
30/03/2019Expires on 30/03/2019LocalLocalFound 4 h, 43 m agoFound 4 h, 43 m ago
Fancy a pizza or 3. Pizza hut are doing 50% off if you spend £20 or more for the next 5 days. If you go through TCB or Quidco you can also get 4% cashback.
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Does anyone pay more than 50%?


Was trying to be good this week but this has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons.


Yeah just pizza not whole order waste of time pizzas are rubbish taste like goats cheese going off experience


Not at my Pizza Hut.. must only be certain ones. For that I’m out..cold.

RezUK This link still works, which is for 50% off on pizza over £15.

50% off pizza orders over £20 at Papa John's
Found 16 h, 9 m agoFound 16 h, 9 m ago
50% off the price of pizza orders over £20 at Papa John's. This offer is available on Tuesdays only. You can also put your postcode in and check the latest offers to see what i… Read more
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So you're aware this offer is a joke. Adding an XXL pizza to the basket it comes in at £ 22.50 before discount. FOR A SINGLE PIZZA! However the voucher will bring the pizza price down to £11.25. But don't assume you are getting a great deal, calling my local store I get XXL pizzas for £11.99 delivered any day of the week, anytime.

£5 pasta today, £5 Pizza on Tuesday, £5 hot dog & fries Wednesday & £5 Burger & fries Thursday - Vegetarian options too @ Frankie & Bennys
28/03/2019Expires on 28/03/2019Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
Different £5 meal options starting today until Thursday at Frankie and Bennys. Just download the code and show on your phone or print out. Monday 25th - £5 Pasta With this v… Read more

And then on Friday it will be £5 a pack of Rennie's.... :D


About the value in my opinion.


go with your partner and have a couple of their hilariously overpriced drinks each and your £10 bargain meal will be more like £35


tiny portions like thor, not big portions like hulk


This chain must be on the verge of going bust.... selling meals for less than McDonalds in prime locations with high rents. Recipe for disaster. Some decent chains out there which shouldn't have to compete with the microwave, cheap quality crap than F&B's now produce.

Pizza Express Large Sloppy Giuseppe Pizza 560g £3.00 at ASDA
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Large 12" Version of this Pizza - Smaller one (250g) is £4 Large American Hot and Margherita versions also at this price.
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See previous reply with the word "nope" in it. Nope, cold & crap pizza, Try a Lidl speciality sourdough 560g - 600g pizza for £3.29 regular price. Pizza express chilled is a shadow of the freshly cooked & freshly made variant, as per previous posts


Sloppy (y) 🍕


Nicest cheapish pizzas imo are the sainsburys ones from their counters. If memory serves me right a large one cooked is about £6. Compared to other fast food outlets such as mcdonalds or pizza hut sainsburys £6 cooked pizza is great value, again imo


but is it a deal?


Nope! the stodgy base is just another pizza, better off getting a lidl or aldi fresh special for around 50p more (if I recall the price correctly)

2 Pizzas for £7.99 each ( collection & delivery) - £15.98 @ Pizza Hut (location specific)
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Grab two Any size pizzas for 7.99 each ( I usually take 2 large half & half 🤭🤭🤭)
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Still sucks... awful pizzas unless you can eat them there n then in a restaurant.. terrible. Had one while ago took hour to get it and was stone cold


all i was pointing out was that i went on the app, the deal wasn't even on offer in crewe, it just wasnt on the page at all, i then went on there website and the deal was there on the main page, i was under the assumption and logically its makes sense that if the deal comes up its an offer you can have, its even more strange that it didn't come up for me on the app and then pops up on there website. from what your saying even though the offer pops up it still doesn't allow everyone to actually have the offer. which doesn't really make any sense at all unless once you've put your postcode in it then gives you the available deals, i thought that you normally put your postcode in first though i'm still actually none the wiser about how it is set up based on these experiences.


don't get much clearer than that !!


try going through a browser, on my pizza hut app it doesn't come up with anything , when i go to there web page it automatically comes up


Working in Wolverton, Milton Keynes! (y)

Lidl Trattoria Alfredo Deliziosa Margherita Pizza 3 x 300g Pack £1.99 @ Lidl
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Ingredients list: wheat flour, 31.6% crushed tomatoes, 6.5% Mozzarella (milk), 6.5% Edam (milk), water, rapeseed oil, salt, baker's yeast, sugar, whole milk powder, sourdough deh… Read more
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These pizzas do not have enough cheese, I always have to grate extra cheese on top before baking.


Wow! A whopping 39g of cheese per pizza


These have been around for ages in Lidl and have always tasted disgusting! Avoid!


A margherita pizza with any other cheese but mozzarella is not a margherita. At least "four cheese" pizzas know their place.


Why do so many things have garlic now? Yuck!

Choice of any Starter and a Classic or Leggera pizza, Salad, or Al Forno dish for two at PizzaExpress £24.95 (£12.48pp) @ Groupon
29/03/2019Expires on 29/03/2019Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Thought this was a tasty little offer if you frequent Pizza Express! Duos can enjoy authentic fresh Italian cuisine, with a wide choice of starters such as calamari and mains such … Read more

Garlic again.... Where can one get garlic free?

Tescos Sweet chilli chicken Stonebaked Pizza 38p @ Tesco Royston
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
plenty left when I was there - just being put out at midday.

none at royston last night


£1.50 Purley


Yeh I confused the job seekers woman and the fat fighters woman (fierce)


I mean, wrong show but ok.



ALDI Frozen Pizza - Cheese and tomato / Pepperoni 69p in store
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
New range of frozen pizza from Aldi, cheese and tomato or pepperoni for 69p each.
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recommend making your own thin and crispy, use a tortilla, some pasatta and mozzarella! Well tasty...


'Everyday essentials' Well, they got that part right.


If these are anything like the old Tesco Value pizzas, these are best treated as pizza bases. Add whatever toppings you have in the fridge and grate on a small amount of a stronger tasting cheese. You can obviously end up spending as much as a 'premium' frozen pizza if you go out and buy toppings but it's a handy use of leftover lunch meat or last lumps of cheese that would otherwise go off/hard/


Very true, the main point (for me anyway) is to try and punish them even slightly though. It's nauseating that they do this, the person responsible is in no way a journalist and the paper (the Mail is worse) is showing arrogance and contempt for their readers. Even an intern should be finding their own stories or quitting.


Just a note, as the box art is a prominent aspect of the picture, Aldi would then be within their rights to claim royalties from the OP if they found their art was effectively being resold. As the OP would also be using their art as a whole product and not just an incidental aspect of a larger original whole he would have less mitigating factors.

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Mega Week, Any Size Pizza £5.99, Collection Only, Monday 18th March Til Sunday 24th March @ High Street, Glasgow, (City Centre), Domino's
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Just got this leaflet through the door. High Street, Glasgow G1 1LX (Open 10am-3am, 7 days a week). Perfect for those working in the city centre (bit late for lunch today!) or hea… Read more
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Last day to get a "pizza the action" tomorrow! :D


Amazing and yummy 🤤 thank u :D


Premium crusts and bases charged as extra per the OP.


Double decadence?


Definitely not at my local...but heat added for a good deal...

Chicago Town Large Stuffed Crust Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza @ Lidl £2.49
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Loaded cheese 630g Loaded pepperoni 645g

pizza hut have all varieties


Still hot bro ;)


£2 in heron


1p more ;)


£2.50 in Tesco and they've got the chicken and bacon classic crust same price :p :p 🍕🍕

Aldi Extra Thin & Crispy Pizza American Hot / Sweet Chilli Chicken / Spinach Mushroom & Ricotta £1.05 @ Aldi
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Aldi's Carlos brand. 350-370g.
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Thanks,love rice pudding,that's all going on my list


No, you can get it in a jar from Aldi. BTW Those Sweet Chilli chicken pizzas are really nice. The clotted cream rice pudding, and the bread and butter pudding are both really nice.


Thanks does the coconut oil come with that pack ?


Chicken tikka meal in the meat section. Korma Curry sauce (with the spice packet on the lid). Coconut oil. Pilau rice. Follow the instructions for the Chicken Tikka meal, fry using the coconut oil, but add the Korma spice before adding the sauce packet that comes with the meal kit. Then finally add the Korma sauce and leave to simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes. Serve on pilau rice.


Best food ever.

Aldi Carlos Deep Pan Pizza 3 Cheese / Pepperoni / Meat Feast 79p each @ Aldi
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
3 Cheese 405g Pepperoni 400g Meat Feast 380g
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Keep your eyes peels folks as Aldi has changed the packaging on these, they've reduced them in size. Old Pepperoni was 400g, now 375g I think. Can someone confirm that when they're out & about?


Cereals are fine. Wines good. Crisps fine. Fruit and veg ok but they dont tend to have a good shelf life. Steak is fine. The only thing I really tend to avoid are the cooked meats


Thanks it's new to me,I'm a carer at home so I haven't got much time out of the house,so thanks for the tips


The things I buy from. Aldi are usually the mixed peppers 700g , if you can find the biggest Bananas they are 13p each so you get them cheaper than the standard 72p per kg in other supermarkets and there margarine blend 1kg for 1.25 is cheapest apart from the one in farmfoods but that's no good as it doesn't melt. And there chips are good prices aswell.


Has anyone got any tips regarding good stuff at Aldi,ready meals or anything else that you rate?

Chicago town 8pk deep dish pizza (pepperoni or four cheese) at Iceland Food Warehouse for £3.89
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Chicago town 8pk deep dish pizza for £3.89 in Iceland Food warehouse. 2pk at £1. A saving of 11p if you bought 4x 2pks for £1 each
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They go crunchy but that doesn't change the filling... the filling is miles worse in the oven too... all dry and minging. Microwave is moist and juicy but still nothing like the pic


everyone microwaves them. But do them in the oven and you get a crisp base


Ive had 100s of these and not one has looked like the pic. Its a layer of cheese on top of bread no deep filling what so ever. Nice still but if they actually looked like the pic theyd be amazing


Isn't that just a quiche?


Mmmm, mouth blisters. (horror)

Three-course set menu on Mother’s Day - £18.95 (plus free drink for mother) @ Pizza Express
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
1. Just let your waiter know you'd like to dine on our Mother’s Day Set Menu and they'll give you the menu. 2. What do you get with it? Enjoy a starter, main and dessert from £18… Read more
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I got sent this code for free Prosecco / drink expires 09.04.2019 if you want to use that


Who even goes here its turd...


Which voucher code?


£14.95 any other day with voucher code so why is this a deal?


Two wrongs do not make a right!

2 x Any Size Pizza + 2 x Sumptuous Size + 1.25 L Drink for £19.99 @ Dominos COLLETION ONLY
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
I know domino's isn't everyone's cup of tea and the quality of them definitely depends on the store, but for people that do enjoy their dominos, in addition to the £5.99 lunchtime… Read more

checked a couple of my local stores, they all have it. Checked a random manchester store and it didn't. Great deal for any who do have it. It's not on any menu's though, just on the website only under the collection tab in deals


Pretty sure this is specific to your local.


If you’re interested in the welfare of chickens so much, you’d stop going to KFC. Judging from your profile, that ain’t gonna happen. I feel your pain, they look so cute yet taste so heavenly!


U dumb? Halal they chop their heads off without being knocked out or anything so they still flapping about without their heads and bleed out...


Non-halal chickens are always given a cuddle before they are, errr, slaughtered. Makes the whole thing so much more civilised. Even the chickens appreciate it. Ask them if you don’t believe me.

Large Pizza with 1 Topping £5.99 @ Dominos Mon-Fri Until 5pm COLLETION ONLY
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
I know domino's isn't everyone's cup of tea and the quality of them definitely depends on the store, but for people that do enjoy their dominos, I've seen this in a few stores now … Read more

Don't tell me it's nothing to do with B*%$!t..


Thanks, Edited to make it more clear that it's not in every location.


You don't mention, but this deal is location specific!


There is also a £19.99 Collection deal for 2 x Any Size Pizza + 2 x Sumptuous Size + 1.25 L Drink for £19.99 in some stores.


Don't worry, with 1 topping you don't just get 1 piece of the topping, you get a full pizza's worth ;)

Any Pizza for £9.99 at Pizza Hut Delivery with code GE1119
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Terms & Conditions: 1. Price shown is for Italian, Pan or Gluten-free, extra charges apply for Stuffed Crust and Cheesy Bites. 2. Valid on delivery and collection service onl… Read more
Read More

Thanks ordered! Still very expensive though, but sometimes you have to celebrate!


I think its likely to work out better using the 50% off code that’s going around


well its not any pizza if its doesn’t include stuff crust pizza COLD


Good find, showing as minimum order £12.49 for free delivery however so be aware !


Updated it now, thanks :)

Bella Italia £5 -pasta-or-pizza-on-tuesdays
TODAYTODAYFound 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Pasta or pizza for £5 via the website for code, until 26/3/19
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Yes, but I don't think they will offer free anymore. (annoyed)


Used to be free! :S


£5 too much!! I only go when it's £3!! :D


On the Wuntu app for £3 this week


This is on every day through Wuntu, £5 is about the right price as that's what they're worth

Chicago Town Takeaway Large Stuffed Pepperoni / Cheese Pizza + Chicago Town Pizza Tray = £3 @ Iceland
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Bundle offer on Chicago town takeaway large pizza (stuffed pepperoni or stuffed cheese) and a Chicago Town Pizza tray for a total of £3. The pizza tray looks good quality. Offer sh… Read more
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If anyone's serious about their pizza, then I recommend getting a Pizza Stone to cook it on instead of all these trays and parchment paper and all that. You get a much more even bake and the stone is great to just leave in the oven. All you need is a dash of oil or some cornflour and the pizza won't stick. I've had mine for years now and its developed a nice seasoning that means nothing ever sticks to it. It's not just for pizza, I bake bread and everything on it. It just stays in the oven. Best £10 I've ever spent for the kitchen. Note: Don't put frozen pizza on a hot pizza stone (thermal shock will crack it) but it's perfectly fine to pop it on a cold stone if you cook your frozen pizza from a cold oven (Like these Chicago Town pizzas suggest)


Nice one chanchi (highfive)


Great offer. Thanks!!


Going to get a couple, the trays come in handy for other things as well, cheers chichi (y) ...and it's no takeaway price, it's a throwaway price :{


Cooked both our pizzas tonight using the trays, didn't stick at all just slid straight off (y)

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