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Posted 20 March 2023

Daewoo SDA1032RD 17L Halogen Air Fryer - Black £39.99 with code + Free collection / £4.95 UK Mainland Delivery@ Robert Dyas

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This Daewoo 17L Halogen Air Fryer Low Fat Oven offers a revolutionary way to cook whole meals quickly, easily, and healthily with less fat. It has both a carbon heating bulb and a built-in fan to circulate the air evenly, so you're guaranteed to get perfectly cooked, succulent food - and it'll be cooked far quicker than in a conventional oven.

Got guests coming over? Not to worry, with a 12L capacity and a further 5L extender ring, you can make the most of this unit's very large 17L net capacity. Choose the most efficient temperature to get your food cooking between 60 to 250°.

For ultimate convenience, This impressive fryer includes an oil spray (for lighter, healthier cooking), and two heating racks for cooking different foods at the same time, without the need for extra pots and pans. Plus, the 60 minute timer allows you to accurately choose the perfect length and you'll be further equipped to stick to it, so you wont have anymore undercooked or burnt meals, all while using less effort.

What's more, it has a self-cleaning function, you can't get more convenient than that! Simply fill with warm, soapy water, turn on the self-clean function, and just like that it will soon be ready to use again! Now you can spend more time relaxing with family/friends, while the deviced does all the hard work for you.
Robert Dyas More details at Robert Dyas

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  1. Likesadeal20's avatar
    Got one of these couple months back, it's not great.
  2. xlxaiwa55xlx's avatar
    We had a couple at one stage. They did great for a while but were a nightmare to get food out a lot of the time. You're left with something incredibly hot on the counter so you've got to be extra careful. We got rid of the other after the lid of our main one exploded for no apparent reason. Went to the kitchen to dish up tea to find it covered in glass and the element had dropped down in to it. Better with a standard air fryer.
  3. Patr100's avatar
    Lamps usually non replaceable with this brand so when they go, the whole thing ends in in landfill.
    I bought an Andrew James about 4 years ago (with free spare lamp) but it's still going strong with original lamp. (edited)
  4. DobbyWantsSock's avatar
    It has an interesting design but it is just ewaste, gimmick for me.
    Patr100's avatar
    The design is not new, they've been around for years, even before recent air fryers became all the rage.
    They are not strictly "air" fryers , but really halogen fan ovens, as usually originally marketed, about as efficient as a proper air fryer but larger capacity if you need it and you can see it cooking . (edited)
  5. xenole's avatar
    I assume it's supposed to look like a pug?
  6. hellop4nda's avatar
    Have had this for years and it just works. Maybe I'm not the most fussy user.
    debschillen0704's avatar
  7. Cepultura's avatar
    Handy for the odd use, but they take an age to cook stuff like sweet potatoes etc

    Good for baking or cooking small quick items i'd say.
    jdbigguy's avatar
    I have never tried cooking sweet potatoes, but everything else I cook in my little ovens, cooks significantly faster than in my normal built in oven. On 2 of my "air fryer" ovens, I discovered the temperature settings were way off and had to turn them up by as much as 20c to do the job.
  8. jocksteeluk's avatar
    Good price but once the bulb goes its done unless you want to chance replacing the bulb, Aldi has both types available for £40 for the philips type and an idential to this branded ambiano for 29.99 but it is stock in store availability.
  9. rav4cas's avatar
    At least it's got a 2 year guarantee with it. On our second one now, first one the lamp blew after the guarantee ran out.
  10. wixxx's avatar
    Was just about to take ours to the charity shop when I saw the price.Used once a few tears back but then got a George Forman.
  11. T0nyM0ntana's avatar
    Bidi bidi bidi bidi.....is it just me or does the lid look a bit like Twiki?49805908-x9UF2.jpg
  12. loubury1's avatar
    Had one years ago and ended up throwing it away as it was useless. Better off buying a proper airfryer.
  13. bonzobanana's avatar
    MIne was quite good but the metal parts became very tarnished quickly and looked tatty very quickly then the bowl just cracked I guess from all the hot/cold cycles. The fan also became very noisy, annoyingly so. Apart from being beige it looked extremely similar to this one. It cooked well though and was brilliant for pizzas.
    Patr100's avatar
    If the fan gets noisy the screws holding it in just need tightening. I had that on mine and that fixed it.
  14. matthew80's avatar
    A lot of criticism on here. Sure it's not perfect. I have this and use it more than the air fryer because it fits more in. (edited)
    debschillen0704's avatar
    I've had mine for years n use it every week. I hardly use my main oven. I don't have an air fryer though
  15. Zaphod9642's avatar
    Had one whe it stopped working I got a proper air fryer would never go back
's avatar