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Robert Dyas is the online store selling a wide range of products for the home and office including electrical appliances, garden products, glassware, power tools, home office products, kitchen ware and more. Visit any of the 95 stores located all over south England or the online store to browse the range. Find out more about ingenious new products and get advice about how they can be useful to you or opt for daily necessities from brands such as Brita, Kenwood, Morphy Richards and others. And shoppers can stock up for less when they redeem the Robert Dyas voucher code offers at hotukdeals. How to redeem Robert Dyas vouchers
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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off a £25 spend, using discount code @ Robert Dyas
Enter code at basket. Some exclusions apply, you usually see these on said item pages but always worth checking :) Unsure re expiry! Some quick links below + Free Click & … Read more

Yup, it does :) Those under £40 do benefit with 5 off 25, for click and collect. Good option for free delivery over £40, so thanks for that, it alll helps!


You can only use one code at a time, so if You planned on using the free delivery over £40 code, (FREEDEL40) You won't be able to. By using this You do save another 5p. Or effectively free delivery over £25 . I hope that makes sense !

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 Off With a £25 Spend on Any Item @ Robert Dyas
Might help a few folks, so posting to save some a few pennies Update as voucher now valid until 28/4

WTF is a straight-friendly christmas tree? Go ahead and explain it to me, I'll wait...


Love their range of Gay-friendly and Straight-friendly christmas trees and that. (unicorn)


Okay thanks didn't realise - have just collected a C & C item at Dyas this week


Very odd. Had the opposite experience but then I did click and collect. 3 orders, 3 collects.


Great if they would actually dispatch the order and not cancel it. Ordered from them 3x now and everytime the order was cancelled after a few days.

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off when you spend £25 or more online with code - Robert Dyas
£5 off when you spend £25 or more online with code - Robert Dyas EC20DD

That’s grand. Thanks very much all :) much appreciated (y)


I have a leaflet containing the voucher. It came inside a newspaper or magazine, I don't know where you could pick one up. The T&Cs have a few exclusions.


Might sound funny but if the item you want isn't on the website, could you not buy something else which is on the site, the same price, then get the £5 off, and click & collect that to your shop, then take that back and exchange it for the thing you want?


Hi Doug do you have the same voucher for in store or do you know where I can get it to redeem the £5 off over £25 until 24th December in store. The item I’m after is only available in store. ManyThanks


Thanks for taking the time to post this, worked out well for me (y)

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off of £25 spend at Robert Dyas Online (Min £50 online spend to order items + £4.95 P&P))
Found in a magazine. Hope it helps. Online only.

Thanks op (y)


Been disappointed by dyas codes chicanery before. Just loses them potential customers


TBH it's usually good! With the min spend of £50, no matter what you order and no C&C atm, the delivery charge wipes out any potential saving. Hopefully once restrictions are lifted, the code will still be valid. Thank you for taking time to post :)


Thanks for correcting me :) Not such a good deal at all now haha.


Doesnt work

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5.00 off £25.00 spend in-store and online Robert Dyas
£5.00 off £25.00 spend instore and online

Thanks op. Over £50 needed for free postage (seems to be 5-10 days also)


Green Army!


Heat added for this (cheeky) 🔥


Voucher posts are always ignored where it will be used in most of the deals. Thank you and heat added. (y)

Best Robert Dyas deals from our community

Charles Bentley 3 x 3m Pop Up Gazebo with Sides - Green £99.99 delivered with code @ Robert Dyas
Posted 13 h, 12 m agoPosted 13 h, 12 m ago
Want free delivery? Enter code FREEDEL50 This foldable 3m x 3m gazebo can be easily assembled in minutes by simply opening out and extending the legs. The gazebo can be folded awa… Read more

Dont know the difference in quality but I was looking at this the other day:

Smart Garden Timber GroZone Max £99.99 delivered with code at Robert Dyas (UK Mainland)
Posted 20 h, 47 m agoPosted 20 h, 47 m ago
The Smart Garden Timber GroZone Max comes with polycarbonate windows provide excellent frost insulation and a consistent temperature making it ideal for extending your growing seas… Read more

Seems expensive for the size


Not 4 or 5ft no. Maybe 3 ft with all the shelves removed - certainly enough to have two fruit bearing plants in if you kept them trim


Is it suitable for two or three cherry tomato plants approx 4/5ft if you take the shelves out?


This is exactly the same one as the one my mrs bought from Aldi a few months back for £60. I had to put the thing together and it seemed alright. It came with a three year warranty and I'd be amazed if it last that long as the winters in Cornwall are brutal on timber structures. I had a milk frother from Aldi that didn't last the three years, got my money back. So imagine my mrs will do the same with this.


Yeah...until you get one with missing / broken parts, odd sized panels and broken wood / polycarbonate panels. (skeptical)

Hozelock Hose Box with 20m Hose (Free click & collect available or £4.95 p&p) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
This hose box provides a compact storage space for the included 20m garden hose. It prevents messy tangles and kinks and features a quick wind handle, so you can tidy away in no ti… Read more

This is true, but i got good results with two wall hooks for the handle, then i clipped the bottom of the reel with two brackets and its spot on, i needed the compact feature and this worked really well. if you're a budding DIY'er then queue up the A Team music and give it a go, this is a great price for this.


Nope. That's a separate, more expensive model. This is meant to be plonked on the ground / carried.


Will this attach to the wall

Pyrex 1.5L Oval Pie Dish £3.96 Free click & collect @ Robert Dyas
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
You can practise your cooking skills in this great Pyrex 1.5L Oval Pie Dish! It’s made of thermal, scratch resistant borosilicate glass which makes it durable and long lasting for … Read more

I'm straight, but this would be a good dish to cook for my gay friends. (source before I get a stroppy message from the mods... again)



Globes by Ryman Illuminated 25cm Political World Globe for £14.99 at Robert Dyas ( click & collect)
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Illuminated 25cm Political World Globe for £14.99 at Robert Dyas ( click n collect) This modern design worl… Read more

I’d buy it if it doesn’t have Israel on it


The world is flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Joke)!


Does it have Palestine on it?


Heat for the late night deal

Tower T22008 CeraGlide 2-in-1 Cord and Cordless 2400W Steam Iron £19.99 (Free click & collect or £4.95 p&p) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Currently £23.00 on Amazon too Enjoy complete freedom of movement when ironing your clothes with this innovative 2-in-1 Cord & Cordless Steam. CeraGlide multi layered cer… Read more

I bought the exact same one on Amazon 2.5 years ago. We use it about twice a week for a small few items so take this with a pinch of salt. It replaced an expensive (>£150) Tefal steam generating iron that had eventually died after 6 years of service. Personally, I find it great. It heats up quite quickly, the steam from it is powerful enough for jeans and you get in a rhythm of ironing for a few seconds (generally feels like it was more than enough time), placing it back on the base, adjusting the item, and then reaching for the iron when you hear the click. I can use it with the base attached and it is then the exact same as a traditional iron, but it actually feels far less bothersome than traditional irons when using it as it is meant to be used as I no longer have to try to avoid a cable etc. I'm not saying it's completely groundbreaking, nor life-changing, but it has definitely made my life a little easier when ironing the few items I iron each week. It is also far smaller and easier to manage than the Tefal it replaced. I would replace this with the exact same model if it was to break.


I have just brought a cordless one not this brand though. You have to keep putting it back on the stand after around 8 seconds and it takes 6 again to charge. Not sure what I think of them wether its more of a hassle to keep waiting for it to charge. It would be interesting to see how long this stays charged for


Are these cordless ones any good or just a gimmick?

Ozito 3.6V 1.5Ah Li-ion Cordless Lock and Load Auto Screwdriver for £19.99 click & collect (+£4.95 delivery) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Handy little auto load electric screwdriver here for £19.99 with free click & collect. Looks somewhat like a phaser from Star Trek, and I'm sure some of you will pretend to stu… Read more

Bosch ixo can be found for nearly this price. Proven tool from renowned brand


I don't fancy your chances of plugging that charger into a UK socket.


'Looks somewhat like a phaser from Star Trek' maybe after a few too many Romulan Ales it does.

Salter Espressimo Barista Style Coffee Machine with Salter Electric Grinder £49.99 Delivered @ Robert Dyas
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
A simple espresso coffee machine setup with separate electric grinder. Don't forget to pickup a frothing jug if you're gonna be frothing milk.

Hi, No I have not tbh - was not expecting to & kept falling for Robert Dyas' assurances with all the stress of Covid/Lockdown etc. They really do have the very worst customer services - be aware of this if you order anything of high expense!


Have you tried contacting Salter instead?


HI All, I had one these bought from Robert Dyas which was supposed to replaced in Nov 2020. They sent the replacement to the wrong address & ever since I have been messed around time after time. They made assurance after assurance a new one would be sent but it never was. After the third promise weeks later, I was told I would have to wait another 28 days for delivery which came & went. I wrote to them last month asking for the Head Office Complaints department & they yet again replied the item would be sent out immediately & did not provide the details requested. True to form, it never arrived & then I get a message from them that it was out of stock & I would be getting a refund within 5 days - you guessed it, to date no refund has been made. 7 MONTHS & they still refuse to sort out properly - worst customer service I have ever had - does anyone here know the address & contact details for their Head Office as it is not shown on their website? Many Thanks!


Reviews I see are all "paid for" type. I think it is carefully worded to mislead, without actually saying it has a pump! If it has a pump, then it is the exact design of those without pumps. It says, "five bar pump pressure" which seems an odd way to describe it. Odd too there is no mention of a pump in the manual on their site. ( Barista Pro.pdf ) The manual does however refer to steam and pressure in the water container:


If it has no pump then they must be breaking the law by saying "5 bar pump pressure" in This review also mentions a pump: When I was at university I had one of those steam-pressure-only machines so I know what they are like, but I think this one is a bit different. Probably not much better though.

Draper 230V Tri-Palm Sander with 28 Accessories £19.99 (Free Click & Collect available or £4.95 P&P) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
This tri-palm sander from Draper is ideal for sanding into awkward areas and features a soft-grip handle and lightweight design for comfortable use. The hook and loop base pad m… Read more

Hi, M/S is the measurement they use to assess vibration. HSE has a calculator, but basically less is better :) For something sensibly priced, I would highly recommend the Makita M9204 Random Orbit. Random orbits give the best level of finish, but being circular means they cannot get into corners etc. It's low rating for vibration too (I think 3.5 m/s). If you specifically need to get into corners, go for a 1/4 or 1/3 sheet sander. The Makita M9203 is about £35 on Amazon, so again well priced. The Bosch green PSS 250 AE is another option and £45 from B&Q. Ideal world, you would have both - A random orbit and a sheet/finishing sander. But the red Makita stuff is generally good quality for the price - older Makita pro designs, but made in China rather than Japan.


Hello, what is m/s , just so as I know. And is there one You would recommend . not necessarily at this price ? Thanks (y)


It's a good price, but cheap sanders can are pretty unusable due to vibration. This is 9.6m/s which is probably the highest I have seen on a sander. A have a couple Bosch sanders - the random orbit is 2.5 m/s (admittedly, it's best in class) and the tri sander like this is 5 m/s. Worth being aware of - you shouldn't be using something like this for longer than 30 mins at a time.

Pro-Craft 18V Li-ion Cordless Drill Driver with 50-Piece Accessory Kit £34.99 (FREE Click & Collect is available or £4.95 P&P) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Supplied with one battery, a charger (with built–in battery indicator), and 50 different accessories, the Pro–Craft 18V Li–ion Cordless Drill Driver is built to handle all your dri… Read more

I thought I'd bought a holster sized cordless drill driver, but the seller had the wrong picture on the Ad (ebay) and sent me a Cordless, Keyless Performance Power FMTC30VCLD as new, in the case fer about £20...a couple of years ago now. Hardly gets used, but holds a good charge. A cracking piece of kit, but a bit of a beast, still I do like the spirit level on top. The ONLY thing missing is the 4 X 4 TER CARRY IT AROUND. XD


Yeah I was thinking the same as other main brands seem to be getting smaller as well. I remember back in my day you would need a 4x4 to cart your power drill around. Hope this helps.


hmmmmmm.... this one or the Amazon one posted yesterday....?


Small doesn't have to be a bad thing, it's what's under the bonnet that counts, as in does it pack a punch. Good spot on your part, that we'd have the option of 2 batteries, I like that idea (y)


Link plz ?

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