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Posted 25 June 2023

Digital Bread Maker £38.50 Free Collection @ Dunelm

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  • 2L Capacity
  • 550W
  • Spray Non-Stick Coating
  • Rectangular Bread Bucket
  • Transparent Observation Window
  • Electro-plating Buttons
  • LCD Liquid Crystal Display with Backlight
Perfect for all bread lovers, this fabulous digital bread maker allows you to easily bake a delicious loaf. With twelve kinds of bread on the menu: 1.Basic; 2.French; 3.Whole wheat; 4.Quick; 5.Sweet; 6.Dough; 7.Gluten free; 8. Cake; 9. Sandwich;10.Butter milk, the machine also has a kneading and bake setting for ease of use. The machine has a 10 minutes of power-off protection function, a 1 hour of heat preservation function and a 13 hours of delay function and uses a warm motor and stainless steel heating tube.
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  1. Popeye_the_Sailor's avatar
    As someone living alone, it takes me some time to get through a whole loaf. Often find either throwing some away due to mould forming or eating way beyond the expiry date if no mould is visible!
    Would something like this gadget be better for me? Assuming I can make whatever size I want? Does the bread taste better than shop bought bread?
    pibpob's avatar
    Mould will actually form more quickly because home-made bread doesn't have preservatives in it, so freeze.
  2. innocent's avatar
    Excellent price but not enough space in my kitchen cupboard, never mind the top. Much heat 🔥
    Cm_Down's avatar
    Put it in your bedroom
  3. DonOfDeals's avatar
    Anyone know how much this costs to make one loaf of bread?
    WelshWizz's avatar
    Costs me about 60p - less if I make dough and bake in the oven with other items all together. I don't have this model but should be about the same
  4. rbjim's avatar
    I made my first loaf last night, or should I say the machine did. I used a Tesco ready mix (£1.20) and it came out well, although I have nothing to compare it to.
    Now I've had a successful loaf I'll use my own mix.
    kokoroko's avatar
    You can even use the cheapest plain flour you can buy and it still will come out decent and way better then most of what you get in a supermarket.
  5. B1naryC0de's avatar
    Prefer my bread analogue tbh
    crazyraptor's avatar
    is this like “bite”coin ?
  6. F_2_2's avatar
    Debating whether to get this for my gluten free needs.
  7. winemart's avatar
    You can buy quite a few loaves for 38 quid.
    juptin's avatar
    A decent loaf, without all the additional crap they all put in, mostly only available from small family bakeries probably about 10-15.
  8. pibpob's avatar
    "Electro-plating Buttons"? Do they turn you into The Terminator when you press them, or does the bread just set your fillings on edge?

    Watching a YouTube video recently, it sounds like some cheap bread makers have a nasty noisy universal motor in them rather than the quiet induction motor of the Panasonics. (edited)
    rbjim's avatar
    It's £38! No pleasing some people. 😁
  9. rbjim's avatar
    Thanks I'll give it a go. I've been looking for the last few weeks.
  10. Gymbb's avatar
    Ordered thank you
  11. nablor's avatar
    Aldi bread flour is the best price on the high street if you can find it but just lately only white has been available.
    rbjim's avatar
    Do you remember how much it is? I think Tesco is £1.20 for 1kg.
  12. HottUKDealer's avatar
    Does the bread come out sliced ?
  13. ADADA's avatar
    Always wanted to try digital bread
    innocent's avatar
    Don't even try it. You will develop AI.
  14. johnnybgood's avatar
    This one or the Morphy Richards Homebake 502001 I am wondering? Which has reviewed that Morphy Richards one as the cheapest/best value Bread maker
's avatar