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electriq 27" QHD 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor "HDR 1000" "USB-C" £239.97 / £245.96 delivered @ Laptops Direct

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electriq - eiQ-27CVQHD165IFSGHLD

I know it's not a well known brand but it seems like a great deal because of the high brightness of 650nits and a peak HDR brightness of 1000nits especially at this price, compared to competitors having similar specs for +£400. Also it has USB-C so it can be connected to a MacBook. The only downside is that it's a VA Panel so there might be slight ghosting compared to an IPS Panel when playing high FPS games.

I've posted a link to a YouTube video review below of the same monitor but it's rebranded as (Sceptre NEBULA - C275B-QWN168W) which I believe is the American rebranded name of the same (electriq - eiQ-27CVQHD165IFSGHLD).


  • Native Resolution/Refresh Rate: 27"QHD 2560 x 1440@165Hz
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Curvature: 1000R Curve
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 650cd/m² | 1000cd/m² (Peak HDR)
  • Response Time: 1ms MPRT
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 | 1M:1 (Dynamic)
  • HDR Certification: VESA DisplayHDR™ 1000
  • Color Gamut: 99% sRGB
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology: Adaptive Sync, AMD FreeSync
  • Speakers: 4W x 2
  • VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm

Interfaces: 3 x HDMI 2.0 (QHD 144Hz, FreeSync) | 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 (QHD 165Hz, FreeSync) | 1 x USB-C (QHD 60Hz) | 1 x USB | Audio line-out
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years

Links Below:

User Manual - laptopsdirect.co.uk/fil…pdf

Video Review (Sceptre NEBULA - C275B-QWN168W) -

The Battle of the 1000R Curve! Samsung G5 vs G7 vs Sceptre C275B-QWN168W -

Laptops Direct More details at Laptops Direct
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  1. justjamming's avatar
    Had an electric 39" VA 165hz 1440p and the smearing was a nightmare. Otherwise a great screen, but it really took the shine off it
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    That's the issue with the majority of VA panels unfortunately 😔, that's why I prefer IPS but the biggest selling point of this Monitor is it's 650nits brightness with 1000nits HDR peak brightness and USB-C.
  2. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    Be very careful if you play games on two of these. It could send you round the bend
  3. ollefrolle's avatar
    Had this monitor for about a year (sold it for £150 on eBay few months ago)
    It was often around £200 last year but has risen a lot
    My panel had bad backlight bleed, watching dark scenes was pretty bad
    HDR is kind of a gimmick on this, I'm not an expert but most Xbox games with HDR on looked washed out as hell
    USB-C could charge my laptop at 65W while outputting 1440p 60hz, very nice
    The monitor's stand is MASSIVE. Also the rubber feet on my stand fell off. Highly recommend a VESA mount
    I'm not an expert on ghosting or smearing but I never noticed it so it can't have been that bad.
    Response time and 165hz obviously felt great
    Curve was weird at first, I got used to it quickly, but didn't really like it too much. It just made the monitor feel smaller to me.
    Built in speakers are rubbish but better than nothing
    Overall I liked it but wasn't as good as it looks on paper, I switched to a 1080p 240hz Dell IPS monitor and it's so much better to me.
    shayman1992's avatar
    Oh the reviews seem to favour this monitors HDR brightness, it's American branded name is (Sceptre NEBULA C275B-QWN168W) and apparently it holds up well against a monitor like the Samsung G7 which is like double the price and the HDR on this is better but I do agree with you IPS is the way forward especially that sweet spot QHD@165Hz

  4. bananabandana's avatar
    If you can get a code via e.g. student beans (I think some employee stuff do it too) could also go for Dell at about the same value Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor – S2722DGM dell.com/en-…ies

    I'm looking for a similar deal but was hoping sub £200 (edited)
    shayman1992's avatar
    Yeah they're similar but the main selling point on this Electriq monitor is how high the brightness goes up to, the Electriq has 650nits with peak HDR brightness of a 1000nits, compared to the average 350nits on the Dell, if you want similar brightness on a Dell or a named brand monitor it'll be like 3x the price compared to this. Also this has USB-C.
  5. Abi_Jaan's avatar
    Too much Ghosting
  6. LillLulu's avatar
    The HDR on this will not be good, doesn't seem to have any local diming zones, or if it does it doesn't list the number anywhere.
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    If you look up the monitor by its rebranded American name (SCEPTRE NEBULA C275B-QWN168W) you'd find quite a few YouTube videos & Reviews. Also according to the manufacturer it has "16 local dimming zones" (see image of Amazon response), and I also found a review online which mentions the same number (see link below).


  7. Aj_KNYT's avatar
    i have this monitor and its decent tbf, although it has a little lightbleed at the edge.
    No issues after a year of gaming

    my son has a 25" 165hz electriq too, no issues with that, and my work mate bought a 32" curved electriq too. (edited)
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