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electriQ 32" IPS FreeSync 144Hz Full HD Monitor £179.98 @ Laptops Direct
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Was looking for 144hz monitors and found this. Back in stock, check specifications in previous post:… Read more

I was only lightly mocking your lack of deals. It's easy to say a deal is no good and yet not provide another alternative that's all I was hinting at. I am aware of all the above points you make, I looked into this when buying a projector. But despite the charts I have not stuck to the charts, have gamed on a 29inch inch 1080p monitor it was fine, I have gamed on a 32inch at 1080p it was fine, I have gamed on a 50inch 1080p tv sitting close to it and this was fine and I have gamed on a 1080p 120inch projector and it was fine, heck I've even gamed on an 120 inch 1024x768 projector and it was a very cinematic experience and again was fine. My point is you can't tell anyone this is no Good, everyone has individual needs and requirements and one person's definition of a good experience is different to someone else's, it's subjective, and in my opinion and from my experience a 32 inch 1080p monitor is fine. Also your chart suggests 4k is only just sufficient on a 30 inch screen from 0.6 meters away and that a higher resolution would be better. Tell that to everyone who currently games on 32inch 4k screens or 1440p screens god forbid. I might add this is a budget monitor, but if you're on a budget and value screen size over greater pixel density (you are entitled to prefer this despite what nate dog says) this is s good buy.


You have to use all 3 variables. Screen size, distance, and density. Have a look around, there are some tools to reduce the confusion and simplify it. This is a rough estimate and from person to person this varies. But this shows my point fairly well. If you look at the 2 to 4 foot range and look at the 32 inch size, you can see the 'Ultra HD' (4k) is 'worth it'. Obviously this doesn't include the 1440p, which I am suggesting is best for 32 inch, but I can accept a 4k 32 inch as well.As you can see, 100 inch TVs (and bigger, extrapolate) has a much faster point of optimal. As you can see, at 9 feet, they recommend Ultra HD for 100 inch TVs, but it is not too far from the line. This is the key part to this. In short, if you sit too close to a large TV with a lower resolution, you risk seeing the screen’s individual pixels, which can ruin the movie-watching experience. Similarly, if you invest more money in a smaller 4K TV and sit too far away, you won’t be able to distinguish the extra pixels compared to the more affordable 1080p resolution. I see you attempted to turn this into some Trumpesque debate, I won't bite, I don't mind what my deals get, or what I post, I think it's a valuable discussion. I see no irony here, simply looking to make sure people don't get deceived into buying something that doesn't suit them. A 32 inch, 1080p gaming monitor is a bad idea. A 32 inch, 1080p, television that costs 180 quid is not cheap either. This brand is unheard of, I would suggest people avoid this monitor for gaming and for television. Also, it feels like a waste for consoles too, there are plenty better console based monitor options.


You actually hold a phone closer than you sit to the pc. One would therefore by your own logic suggest that the increased pixel density on phones is not a gimmick. 1080p is fine for gaming for me on my 32 inch monitor, 50 inch tv and 120inch projector screen from about 3 meters away. It's personal opinion you can't tell anyone it's Not! Oh and what's to stop people sitting back from their screen a bit when gaming? Most people use Xbox controllers to game on a pc anyway. If anything this would be better 1080p on a 32 inch screen than it would on a 50inch tv by your own logic. Maybe someone is sore there hottest deal is only 106 degrees. 1700 comments and 2 posted deals and yet you slag off deals. Quite ironic really. Feel free to post something better (popcorn) :) ;) (y)


No, I won't 'agree to disagree' on two awful points, if you don't want to discuss, we can stop, your choice though. 1080p on a 120 inch screen from how far away? Again, you are missing a KEY point here. Screen size, pixel count, distance from screen. A computer distance is shorter than a console or projector distance. You are missing a very simple, valid, reasonable point. If you sit 2-3 feet away from a monitor, your pixel size will vary. If you sit 10 feet away, it will vary, if you sit 20 feet away, it will vary. And your 4k 6 inch phone? You said sarcasm detected, but you already know the truth, this is just PR. There is no real purpose in that. Feel free to read/understand any of that, otherwise, you don't have to reply, it's a free forum.


Tell that to the millions of gamers who play their PS4/Xbox games on 50 inch 1080P TV screens. Personally I don't know how you manage to game on a 32inch 4k screen, that pixel density is shocking compared to my 4k 6 inch mobile phone (Caution! Sarcasm detected. Caution! Sarcasm detected. Caution! Sarcasm detected). Edit: Also I have my PC hooked up to a 1080p projector, projecting onto a 120 inch screen and it is awesome! Lets just agree to disagree. (y)

Samsung LC32JG50QQUXEN 31.4-inch WQHD Monitor - Dark Silver - Curved 144hz - pre-order @ Amazon
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Amazing price for a 31.4" 144hz. Also exists in 27" for £219.99 Product DescriptionSamsung LC32JG50QQUXEN 32 Inch Curved WQHD 144Hz LED Gaming Monitor - 2560 x 1440, 2x HDM… Read more

It would run at 60Hz.


Hey guys can anyone help, i would like to get this monitor for my ps4 pro, but ive heard the ps4 is limited to 60hz, so if i was to use it with my ps4 pro, would the 144hz make any difference at all? Thanks in advance!


You think that the people that pre ordered will still get it?


It's disappeared, probably was a price error


This looked good but disappeared off amazon

Asus RoG Zephyrus Gaming Laptop - GTX 1080 / i7 / 16GB RAM / G-Sync / 512GB NVMe £1999.98  / 1070 Version £1,799.99 @ Scan [+ Freebies]
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Bit of a beast! Will nail about everything that you throw at it. Has that all important RBG Keyboard... Oh yeah and a GTX 1080 8GB / i7/ 16GB RAM Combo, which is also important :… Read more

Anything close to this spec wise around the £1500 price point? I'd take a 1070 model as I'm mainly wanting a portable video editing rig. This would of course smash it out of the part, but ideally a 1440p or 4K panel would be a bit more desirable.


I'd rather save a £1000 and game at 60Hz


120Hz my friend


2060 laptops will be very expensive when they come out, just like the 1060's were when they first dropped. 1080 laptops won't come down anywhere near the price of a 1060 laptop. 2050/2050ti laptops will be the ones to look at for those wanting good performance at a reasonable price imho. (At least initially)


Good job this is bundled in "Bullguard Internet Security 2018 3 User/1 year" Or i was OUT!

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17.3" ASUS ROG Strix SCAR Gaming Laptop - i7 / 16GB RAM / 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD  GTX 1060 6GB / G-Sync / 120Hz £1199.97 @ Box
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Nice looking machine with decent specs. Should run anything you throw at it. Also has a 17.3" Screen with G-Sync, 120Hz refresh rate and to go with that, there's a 6GB GTX 1060 in … Read more

If I find anything I'll let you know but I'm open to any budget for right machine for needs.


Thanks for the reply. I actually have a benq 24 2k monitor for home use at the moment so I'm open to what display it has. A Macbook pro is ideal but at £2400+ um not so sure. Luckily my computer works again as my search was accelerated when I thought it had gone (not worth me spending a single penny on that old thing) luckily it appears the graphics card died and the in board still works for now. Thanks for the info, I will have a look into it.


You’ll struggle with a ‘gaming’ laptop for £500. Are there any pre-requisites for the spec required to complete the game design degree?.


This is grey and black, the keyboard colour is RGB and can be any colour you want


Hi Can anyone point me to the best gaming laptop for around £500? Got a kid going to uni to study game design and thats about the level I'm willing to go. Thanks for any advice.

MSI Stealth Thin GS65 i7-8750H GTX 1070 144Hz at Currys for £1799.99
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
If you really want the best 8th gen gaming laptop this is a serious contender and curry's trade in deal makes it a lot more reasonable bringing it down nearly to par with 7th gen p… Read more
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I had the omen for a bit. The screen was amazing but battery life and thermals were terrible. Speakers were mediocre too. Ended up returning it in the end.


got any link pls? most of the omen I see don't come close to the screen quality or the low weight of this one.


link please. I am also after good laptop and thin as possible.


HP Omen is a similar spec to this and cheaper



LG 32GK850G-B 32" 2560X1440 VA G-SYNC 165HZ GAMING WIDESCREEN MONITOR - £599.99 @ Overclockers
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
LG 32GK850G-B 32"(31.5” Diagonal) 2560X1440 VA G-SYNC 165HZ. Flat panel not curved. Been looking for a new 32" g-sync monitor and it was either a VA panel or IPS, in the end decide… Read more

I don't find 32" too big for a monitor, although I do have a place to put mine which is just behind the desk. Might be a bit much only ~2 feet from the viewer. My issue with this is that it's twice the price of some other excellent VA 32" 1440P monitors to add G-Sync and 165Hz.


Is 32 inch too big for a montor ? Or better to stick to 27


The bigger the screen the bigger the panel lottery!


I think this is what I said - put into a guide :). In my case the Z35Ps black levels were hindered by its viewing angles, I had to sit right back to enjoy the benefits of the panel which kind of ruined the point of having an UW monitor. Again, I think it boils down to preference. It’s just a shame we have to play panel lottery these days!


You've won the lottery indeed if you have an IPS panel with zero bleed... it's virtually unheard of. As mentioned also, it depends on the envrionment and type of games you play. For some it will be a non-issue. It depends what you're requirements are, but VA and IPS do both have their superirorities. IPS has the edge in colour accuracy, so if that's your main usage (Photoshop, photography etc.), it's the way to go. VA has superior blacks though, so if you're mostly gaming or watching video content, it will be better in this regard. IPS has better viewing angles, but in most cases this is not an issue as it's just one person sat directly in front of it. Of course, if you move around your room or have the monitor off at an angle, then VA is going to lose out here. VA can suffer from smearing/blur in games, but the 32GK850G is excellent here, with very little evident... again, the reviews back this up. The glow and bleed issues certainly can be panel dependent when it comes to IPS, and it's a lottery for sure... VA doesn't have these issues though. There is always the chance you could get a duff panel with any tech, but you can't return IPS glow/bleed as a 'fault' in most cases as it's considered 'normal'... not that you can't return at all, but you'd likely have to cover the cost yourself, which won't be cheap for a monitor. Unless you buy from Amazon who have a very friendly return policy, and that would always be my advice for anyone considering an IPS monitor purchase!

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Samsung 27inch 2560x1440 144Hz 4ms GtG VA panel Monitor  pre-order £219.99 Amazon
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Maybe I am missing something blindingly obvious, but this seems like a good deal to me. As far as I can tell this monitor is almost exactly the same as the one posted in this link… Read more
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Amazon status is now unavailable. Hope it doesn't impact on pre-orders!


This would be contrary to the articles linked, amazon and Samsung's website.


i am looking at getting one of these i have been in contact with samsung live chat about the model differences and they said with regards to your enquiry, our C27JG50 & C27JG52 models are exactly the same, specifications are the same also. The difference is that the C27JG50 model is for personal use and the C27JG52 is for business use.


Will report back when it arrives.


I expect they have got that wrong, lifting the information from the 52 variation.

HP 24es (23.8 inch) Thin Full HD Technicolour PC Monitor £129.99 @ Argos
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Our thinnest LCD display yet; Stunning from edge-to-edge; True-to-life color. Our thinnest LCD display yet: pushing the limits of thin in an eye-catching design. With our innovat… Read more

That's what I thought when I posted the deal, great looking screen for a great price and cheaper than other stores.


These comments lol, I have this monitor and also have the previous version of it, it’s a great looking screen for the money and that’s the whole point here, it’s only £130 for a slick looking 1080p screen. i game on mine every night without all these above issues


In English please.


I've got news for you - you won't buy 4k at this price either! :D Plus a 4k monitor will need - if you're gaming - a monstrous graphics card to utilise it at anything approaching decent detail levels. People spending that kind of money on a video card are unlikely to be looking at £130 monitors. Finally, at 23.8" you're probably going to struggle to tell the difference between 1080p and 4k anyway.


They do, but it's a blanket mode that applies to everything on the screen so you don't get the benefit of it at all. I'd rather have a monitor designed for the best reproduction of the standard colour space from the start rather than enabling a secondary mode. HiDPI mode support is further along that wide colour gamut support but there are still programs that don't support it fully yet. Plus you don't have any choice at £130, the cheapest HiDPI screens (3840x2160, or 4K in television jargon) are twice the price of this.

AOC AG241QX 24-Inch Gaming Monitor,1440p, 1 ms, 144hz, Adaptive-Sync, TN panel at Amazon for £306.99
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Cheapest 1440p 144hz monitor currently on amazon Product Description This Full HD LED monitor with 50,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and HDMI interface is optimised for a fi… Read more

I have the 27" while it is an amazing screen it's my third one now where the pixels have died AOC customer service is shocking they said it's not there problem Amazon was happy to replace however


I have this and I'm happy with it. The only major flaw is the grainy anti-glare coating.


1440p at 24" just though i would say (horror)

Dell Alienware AW2518H 25" 240Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor £309 @
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Alienware AW2518H 24.5 Inch TN Gaming Monitor (Black Grey) (1 ms Response Time, Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 240 Hz, NVidia G-Sync, DP/HDMI, USB, Alienware FX Lighting). Lowest… Read more

Expired. Back to full price £449.


I thought he was lying, you saved me the time. Fanks.


I am getting a computer with 1070 graphics card, would the alienware be ok or am i better getting the 1440p 144hz G-sync monitor?


Cheapest 1440p 144hz G-sync monitor Link


Cheapest G-sync monitor Link

AOC AGON AG322QC4 31.5" QHD FreeSync 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor PRE-ORDER £400.81 @ BOX.CO.UK
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
31.5 Inch DisplayVA Panel QHD Resolution 2560x1440 FreeSync 4ms Response Time 144Hz Refresh Rate Curved VGA/HDMI/DisplayPort Connectivity SpeakersHeight AdjustableHeadphone Socket … Read more
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This Samsung with the same spec but 27" for £310 is a much better deal imo:


Price matched at Amazon (check other sellers listing). It was and has been around £399 for a while.

Asus MG278Q 144Hz WQHD Gaming Monitor (Open Box) £339 @ Box
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Brand new monitor, cheapest ive ever seen this monitor. Unfortunately TN Panel. The IPS version you can get for £450.
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No problem :)


Looks like I'm wrong, apologies.


Um, what? If we wanted the same amount of PPI with a 4k resolution, we can (as you say) opt for a 48" diagonal. That would be equivalent to 4 24" 1080P screens. Would you be saying that would only provide double the workspace area? Of course not. You even said yourself that 1080p would fit 4 times in that area... This argument isn't anything to do with PPI or screen size, those are variables that can be changed. This is all about resolution and how 1080p is a quarter of 4k, not half.




There are many aspect ratios, which is why the overall pixel count is completely irrelevant (and ultrawide monitors are a great example). An ultrawide (21:9) 1440p would have 1.3x more pixels than a standard 16:9 1440p monitor; that doesn’t change the resolution standard (1440p). PPI was just an example of measuring the difference, but a quick search would show that I’m correct. A 24-inch 3840x2160 screen would provide exactly double the workspace area than a 24-inch 1920x1080 screen (as the PPI is exactly double). Notice how 3840x2160 is double the diagonal length compared to 1920x1080 (thus, double the overall workspace). While 1920x1080 would fit into 3840x2160 four times, that's due to the aspect ratio (16:9) and not soley the overall pixel count.

Element Gaming 27" QHD 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor - £269.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Very good deal !
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Look at the previous monitor deal ;)


Here is your cheapest 1440p, 144hz, 27", IPS gaming monitor. It only has 4ms response time, but then again, it is IPS. It is £160 more, and not worth the extra imo.


So what? How else are you going to get 1ms response time and 144Hz Freesync? Sounds an awful lot like complaining just for the sake of it... The one thing I wouldn't care that much about on a gaming monitor is the viewing angle.


TN enough said


The only people who claim 4K isn't a waste are those who actually bought into it. I get that more detail is better, but how about running everything at full with no slowdown at 144Hz before looking to a resolution that brings improvements we don't really need right now.

ViewSonic XG2401 144Hz 1080p (TN panel) - Only 1 left in stock (more on the way) £182.99 PRIME ONLY @ Amazon
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Easily the best 1080p 144Hz TN non-g-sync monitor out there, fantastic deal for £182.99. There is a XG2402, but this version is considered to be better (more consistent contrast r… Read more

So you can't prove it. It seems obvious to me that you poorly set the overdrive settings. I haven't found a single user who also had ghosting issues (without it being related to the overdrive settings). If you are the only one with the issue, you're probably the issue.


Sure rebuy it for me and send me one i will prove it (highfive) There comes a time when you just need to ignore the red alert and move on, i think now is the time ;(


Any ghosting can be eliminated through properly configured overdrive settings. This monitor doesn't have a ghosting problem. If you think it does, please prove it.


Now listen up its nothing to do with the overdrive settings or how it was configured it was and is a poor monitor. If you don't notice any ghosting then that's all down to how people see things different there is no need to call someone a liar just because you disagree so i would suggest you learn to practice what you preach. Have a nice day.


Alright then, no need for the personal attack. Keep the discussion on topic. Fact: This monitor doesn't have a ghosting issue, unless you poorly configure the overdrive settings (which you most likely did).

Samsung 27" 2560x1440 144hz curved VA Panel 4ms(GtG) monitor £309.99 @ Amazon
31/08/2018Starts at 31/08/2018Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Cheapest 27" 1440p 144hz monitor I've ever seen me thinks.
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Ah probably so then, tho possibly it could be a quantum dot model? (More expensive if so)


Fairly sure. I got it from Newegg (US) so this might be its first time coming to the UK stores. My specs are exactly the same as this one.


Are you sure it's the same one? This one's available for pre-order so probably wasn't available a month ago? (:I


I bought this for 450 a month ago. This is an. Excellent monitor for the price.


Sure, ha. You are very intelligent sir.

ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27" Gaming Monitor - 2560x1440 / G-Sync 165Hz  / 1ms - £529.99 @ Box 3 Years Manufacturers Warranty
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Would love one of these, specs seem awesome and the price is the best around just now. Everyone is going to be after different things in a monitor and for me this is a nice place t… Read more

or get this for 400 mod: ahh, its VA not IPS. still a decentish deal.


Just go U L T R A W I D E You know it makes sense.


G sync is honestly not worth it, I'd rather have IPS than it as its barely even noticeable. If you absolutely need g sync get the XB271HU which has the exact same specs but IPS instead for around £500 or around £400 on sale.


1 year ago i got a 144hz fs 1440p VA 32" AOC for 500..i bet you could find the same for around £400 now....the gsync tax is steep man :(


Not bad but a TN panel for over £500 is quite insane. The ideal 27” 1440p monitors for around this price region are the ASUS PG279Q and the Samsung C27HG70. Panel lottery though.

Philips 246V5LHAB 24" LED Full HD Monitor £99.95 @ Ebuyer
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Dimensions & Weight Details With stand - width: 56.5 cm - depth: 23.8 cm - height: 43.5 cm - weight: 4.65 kg ¦ Without stand - width: 56.5 cm - depth: 6.3 cm - height: 35.4 cm … Read more
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Thanks for posting these, I do think the OPs screen is worth the few quid extra because of the 1ms response time, but it does depend what you are using the screen for


Thank you Hamza


Yes you can.


Can you use this monitor for an Xbox screen


Get 4k TV and still watch DVD/sattv :>

Acer XF240YU 24" QHD 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor £229.97  Laptops Direct
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Best price for a QHD monitor with a 144hz panel.
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To some making IPS comments, These monitors come up time and time again at this price. You know they are TN panels, we know they, even the mods do - can we ease off reminding us please implying its terrible now. Its a monitor designed for high refresh rates, where that is more important then the depth of a red shade. Not the best price we have seen (i think) but still impressive.


Any decent high spec pc deals to go with this monitor?


Freesync or g sync is honestly not worth it, especially for £150 more.


For the freesync tho


You're right, sorry I was a bit drunk when I wrote that. But I still stand by it being an awesome monitor!

LG 34UM69G-B 34" 2K Ultra HD IPS 1ms Monitor £382.22 @ More computers
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Cheapest it has ever been! (excited) Includes free delivery. UltraWide® Gaming with 1ms Motion Blur Reduction The Full HD UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio makes games more immersiv… Read more
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as I'm sure I've said somewhere else, 2K means 2048 * 1080 (DCI 2K), Ultra HD means 3840 x 2160, and "2K Ultra HD" is grossly misleading. Trust X by Y resolution numbers over all else.



I didnt think there were any 1ms IPS screens especially for that price? And 2K or do you mean just Full HD!!


2560 X 1080 for that don't know what 2k ultra HD means (i didn't ;( )

OMEN X by HP 35" UWQHD G-SYNC 100Hz Curved Gaming Monitor £749.99 Delivered at
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
An absolute beast of a monitor this. Ultra-wide, curved, with NVIDIA G-Sync, 4ms response time, 3440x1440 resolution, and a 100hz Refresh Rate. Had a look around this seems to be … Read more

Nowhere near.


I'd be using it for gaming and on the odd occasion a tiny bit of design work but not much these days. I loved my 4k monitor before but some things were just too small back then. I got a 4k monitor a long time ago. Things are a lot more supported these days but still not perfect. I also am obsessed with screen estate and space. I play MMORPG's a lot and RPGS so details, details details! I like to have a lot on my screen at once and my UI can get crazy sometimes so the better resolution and wider the better. Honestly, as much as I love the thought of an UW though I think just going 4k would be better even if I have to reduce a few things like shadows and AA. Hoping one day a GPU comes out that can really run 4k and I'd be happy with 60fps as I've never known anything more


It does


A 35" 3440x1440 resolution monitor has the same DPI as a 2560x1440 27" one. *edit* just run the numbers through sven's DPI calculator and apparently I'm wrong but not by much, 106 DPI for 35" vs 108 for 27". 4K gets a similar DPI on a 40" monitor.


porn would look great on this

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