EPC MiniBook, X Burst 400MHz, 128MB, 2GB, 7" Linux Netbook - £119.99 or less delivered @ Play.com!
EPC MiniBook,  X Burst 400MHz,  128MB,  2GB,  7" Linux Netbook - £119.99 or less delivered @ Play.com!

EPC MiniBook, X Burst 400MHz, 128MB, 2GB, 7" Linux Netbook - £119.99 or less delivered @ Play.com!

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You may be able to get it cheaper if using a varsity card ..

Whilst there may be hugely powerful laptops out there - you could be paying way over the odds for a lot of functionality that you will never benefit from. This lightweight, low-cost laptop does exactly as it says. There are very few if any laptops that match the minibook mini laptop for value; it''s the perfect micro laptop for surfing the web and undertaking word processing tasks on the move - or even if you just want to save space. One thing you instantly notice about this mini laptop is its size and weight; it is an excellent travel companion as well as perfect PC for carrying around the house. The outer casing has an attractive piano-black finish, the keyboard is tactile, the mouse pad easy to use and the 7-inch digital screen provides a perfectly clear image. If you want a laptop for powerful performance, such as for gaming or movie editing, we could recommend a long list of brands. But this is not what this mini laptop is about; it's about being compact, lightweight, well-built, functional and fantastic value for money. If you're looking for these features, then there are no rivals to the mini-book.


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* Processor: X Burst 400 MHz 32-bit
* Memory: 128MB
* HD Capacity: 2GB
* Display: 7"
* Operating System: Linux

Main Specification:

* Storage Drive Type: NAND Flash 2GB
* Display: 7" 800 x 480 ( WVGA )
* Processor: X Burst 400 MHz 32-bit
* System RAM: 128MB DDRII
* I/O ports: 2x USB sockets / 1 earphone/line_in socket
* Card slot: Push-Push SD card socket
* Wireless LAN supported: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g)
* Audio : Built-in microphone and dual speakers
* Software: Web browser / Flashplayer / Office / PDF viewer / email
* Battery: Lithium
* Battery life: 3 hours
* Mains power AC adaptor
* Web browser: Firefox
* Operating System: Linux
* Dimensions: 222(l) x 165(w) x 29.5(d) mm
* Weight: 650g

Maplin were selling refurb ones of these for about £95 last month and I foolishly bought one. Oh DEAR! even if they sold them for £50 I would think twice, they are painfully slow in web browsing and no flash player or proper youtube available. Needless to say I returned mine!

spec looks very basic, even more so than the low end netbooks. not voted

I strongly suspect that for most people this will be a false economy, even at this price - unless people are fully aware of the limitations and are happy that it is sufficient for the needs. Given the constraints of this device, most people would almost certainly get much better value by spending up to as much again (i.e. £200-250) on a proper netbook spec. machine. HTH.

It uses a mips based cpu so you are very limited in what you can do with it as it isn't x86 based. If you want something with mips in to fiddle with as you're a total geek then fair enough.

I'd say for most people avoid this, especially so if you don't know what the difference between x86 and mips is!

You might be better off with ]this one, which includes touch screen and mouse.

Ah a genuine ]Noddy computer.

Seriously though. This is a very limited device, should only be bought by someone who fully understands its limitations. 99% of buyers would be far better off spending another £30- £50 on a refurb Acer or Wind.
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