Fantasy life 3ds New £19.96 toys r us instore and online

Fantasy life 3ds New £19.96 toys r us instore and online



Amazing game and good price.
Paid 25 secondhand. This price is a steal!
fiver delivery unfortunately...but great price if it can be found instore
cheapest i've seen but yeah grab it instore. Good spot op.
great price op, heat added
Such an amazing. I've put in 20 hours and I'm nowhere near even finished my first life - and there are 12! Then there is download content which gives you another 50 hours apparently!
I think I've played over 160 hours. Great game and still plenty to do. Online co-op too if you know other players. DLC is about 9 quid I think but adds a ridiculous amount of stuff.
I wanted to like it, but just can't get into it. Probs cos i'm a 25 year old guy , but eh
What do you do in this game

What do you do in this game

Have a life. That's fantasy based.
It is a great game. In fact I miss this game so much as I sold my XL last year but just discovered my wife still has her 3DS so will rebuy this
Loads of copies in the Merry Hill store, just grabbed one!
Still available at Hove. Great deal!
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